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import scala.reflect.macros.{Context => Ctx}
import scala.language.experimental.macros
trait Functionable[T]
object Functionable {
implicit def materialize[T]: Functionable[T] = macro materialize_impl[T]
def materialize_impl[T](c: Ctx)(implicit ttag: c.WeakTypeTag[T]): c.Expr[Functionable[T]] = {
val funcs = (0 to 22).map { c.universe.definitions.FunctionClass(_) }.toList
if (funcs.exists { ttag.tpe.typeSymbol == _ })
c.universe.reify { new Functionable[T] { } }
c.abort(c.macroApplication.pos, "not a function")
object Macro {
def apply[T](f: T)(implicit functionable: Functionable[T]) = macro impl[T]
def impl[T](c: Ctx)(f: c.Expr[T])(functionable: c.Expr[Functionable[T]])(implicit ttag: c.WeakTypeTag[T]): c.Expr[String] = c.literal(ttag.tpe.toString)
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