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makeTransducer :
-> (Step s acc b -> Step s (s', acc) a)
-> (Step s acc b -> s' -> acc -> State s acc)
-> Transducer acc s (s', s) a b
makeTransducer initialState stepTf onComplete next =
MkReducer (initialState, state next) stepImpl completeImpl
completeImpl (s', s) acc =
let acc = evalState (onComplete (runStep next) s' acc) s
in complete next s acc
stepImpl acc x = do
(s1', s1) <- get
let (result, s2) = runState (stepTf (runStep next) (s1', acc) x) s1
case result of
Done (s2', acc) => do
put (s2', s2)
pure (Done acc)
Continue (s2', acc) => do
put (s2', s2)
pure (Continue acc)
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