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template<typename Tag, typename Step>
expression optimize_op(op<Tag, expression> const& e, int neutral, Step step)
int res = neutral;
std::vector<expression> subs;
for (expression const& sub: e.rands())
if (auto* i = get_as_cst(sub.get()))
res = step(res, *i);
if (subs.empty()) return cst(res);
if (res != neutral) subs.push_back(cst(res));
if (subs.size() == 1) return subs.front();
return expression(op<Tag, expression>(subs));
template<typename Range>
bool has_zero(Range const& subs)
return end(subs) != boost::find_if(subs, [](expression const& sub) {
auto* i = get_as_cst(sub.get());
return i && *i == 0;
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