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Last active Aug 15, 2017
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class Money {
Amount m_amount;
Currency m_currency;
Money(Amount const& amount, Currency const& currency)
: m_amount(amount)
, m_currency(currency)
Amount amount() const { return m_amount; }
Currency currency() const { return m_currency; }
bool operator==(Money const& lhs, Money const& rhs)
return lhs.amount() == rhs.amount() && lhs.currency() == rhs.currency();
bool operator!=(Money const& lhs, Money const& rhs)
return !(lhs == rhs);
Money add(Money const& lhs, Money const& rhs)
if (lhs.currency() != rhs.currency())
throw std::logic_error("Currency should be equal");
return Money(lhs.amount() + rhs.amount(), lhs.currency());
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