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Last active May 26, 2018

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skypeweb troubleshooting flowchart
digraph {
graph [nodesep=0.1, pad="1,0"];
node [fontsize=9, fontname="DejaVu Sans", margin=0.01];
edge [fontsize=9, fontname="DejaVu Sans"];
start [label="I'm getting an error\ntrying to log in to skypeweb"];
using_latest [label="Are you using\nskypeweb 1.5 or newer?"];
using_latest_no [label="Upgrade to the\nlatest version"];
start -> using_latest;
using_latest -> check_website [label="Yes"];
using_latest -> using_latest_no [label="No"];
check_website [label="Try logging in to\nand/or from\nthe same computer using\nincognito / private browsing mode"];
did_it_work [label="Did it change anything?\n(sign TOS, security question, etc)"];
check_website -> did_it_work;
did_it_work -> yay2 [label="Yes"];
did_it_work -> what_error [label="Still not working"];
what_error [label="What error?"];
other [label="Failed getting Registration Token\nFailed getting Skype Token\n(or any other)"];
use_alt_login [label="Enable the 'alt login' checkbox\nin the advanced tab\n(no, not the empty checkbox)"];
//report_bug_2 [label="Report a bug / ask on IRC\n(Assuming you completed\nthe steps above)"]
what_error -> other -> use_alt_login [label="Yes"];
use_alt_login -> did_that_fix_it;
ticket_token [label="Failed getting Magic T value"];
ticket_token_2fa [label="Are you using\n2 factor authentication?"];
app_password [label="Use an app password"]
ticket_token_pass [label="Are you sure you typed your\n username/password correctly?"];
what_error -> ticket_token -> ticket_token_2fa;
ticket_token_2fa -> app_password [label="Yes"];
ticket_token_2fa -> ticket_token_pass [label="No"];
ticket_token_pass -> did_that_fix_it [label="Derp"];
app_password -> use_alt_login;
did_that_fix_it [label="Did that fix it?"];
report_bug [label="Report a bug\nor ask on IRC"];
yay [label="Yay."];
yay2 [label="Yay."];
did_that_fix_it -> yay [label="Yes"];
did_that_fix_it -> report_bug [label="No"];
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