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derega /
Created Dec 6, 2009
Managing Django projects
from __future__ import with_statement
from fabric.api import *
def _read_config(conf_file=None):
import ConfigParser
CACHE_FILE = 'config.cache'
c = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()
if not conf_file:
View gist:406010
# to initialize the mq patch queue. Done only once.
hg qinit
# converts the tip changeset to patch
# refreshes the patch with work area content
# converts the patch back to changeset
hg qimport -r tip && hg qrefresh && hg qfinish -a
from subprocess import PIPE, Popen
import time
import codecs
import re
CLASS_RE = re.compile(r'WM_CLASS\(STRING\) = "([^"]+)", "([^"]+)"')
TITLE_RE = re.compile(r'WM_NAME\([A-Z_]+\) = "([^"]+)"')

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