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On Mon, Oct 21, 2019 at 11:34:46AM EDT, Max Wittig wrote:
> [1]@derekschrock Hi. Could you elaborate why you need the testdata files
> in the distribution?
The FreeBSD Port Collection has an option to test the built software via
a make target test: make test. This will run the equivalent to `python test` [1] . Normally this is ran when ports are updated or
during CI. By default FreeBSD python ports use pypi as the source for
distribution files if the package is maintained there.
Running this test results in a failed test since todo.json is missing.
I assumed that gitlab/tests/data/todo.json was missing since the test
scripts are also included in the dist. file. If not including this data
was on purpose and you have no plans to include it , which I could
understand why you would exclude it, then we can close this issue.
The current work around is to just pull the data directly from a
different distribution source (github [2]).
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