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// Callbacks
// ---------
// A simple way of managing a collection of callbacks
// and executing them at a later point in time, using jQuery's
// `Deferred` object.
Marionette.Callbacks = function(){
this.deferred = $.Deferred();
this.promise = this.deferred.promise();
_.extend(Marionette.Callbacks.prototype, {
// Add a callback to be executed. Callbacks added here are
// guaranteed to execute, even if they are added after the
// `run` method is called.
add: function(callback){
this.promise.done(function(context, options){, options);
// Run all registered callbacks with the context specified.
// Additional callbacks can be added after this has been run
// and they will still be executed.
run: function(context, options){
this.deferred.resolve(context, options);

yethee commented Feb 7, 2012

In jQuery since 1.7 version has been added Callbacks plugin, which internally used in the Deferred. You can simplify the code, if use jQuery's Callbacks object directly.

I modified your gist, to use the Callbacks instead of the Deferred:

Thank you for your libraries for Backbone!

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