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This is a gist of the session abstract that I have been submitting to various conferences, all of which have been rejected. I've used variations of this one, and I can't find the exact one that I submitted to NDC, but it was basically this split in to two session. Tear it apart, tell me what I did wrong and why this isn't getting accepted anywhere.

Scaling JavaScript Apps With Backbone And Marionette

Nearly everyone understands how to build a simple JavaScript application these days. From the classic “Todo” JavaScript app, to simple forms-over-data jQuery apps, we’ve all been around that block a few times. With the recent explosion of JavaScript MV* tools and frameworks, though, many of us find ourselves in over our heads, looking at patterns and practices that work well for small applications and pages but fail when scaling to anything substantial.

In this session, Derick Bailey will give you an introduction and walk through of many of the patterns and practices that your JavaScript applications need to be scalable. You’ll learn why copying Ruby on Rails’ pattern of “Models”, “Views” and “Controllers” folder names is wrong for scaling JavaScript apps, and how to correct that . You’ll learn about the necessity of separating the various concerns of your application. You’ll learn about patterns that aggregate and coordinate functionality from other parts of the system, how and when to properly decouple disparate areas of your application through messaging patterns, and more. And all of this will be illustrated with Backbone, MarionetteJS and additional plugins and patterns that can give you an edge in creating scalable applications in JavaScript.


derickbailey commented Mar 15, 2013

To be fair, I have been invited to 3 conferences this year. But every submission I have made in the last 3 years has been flat out rejected for ... i have no idea why. No one ever provides feedback.

If you're interested in the slides, they are here:

jbogard commented Mar 15, 2013

What's weird is I've seen Marionette talks at conferences you've submitted to. And they sucked :/

Hmmm. Yeah it's a bit of a snoozer if you don't mind me saying. How about a single paragraph with a problem statement, then beginning middle end?

Taking The Suck Out of Javascript with MarionetteJS

Many have heard of Single Page Applications and, even though most of us in the room might not admit it, have experimented with the idea late at night... only to face the inevitable self-loathing and vacant, soulless feeling the next day. In this talk Derick Bailey will show you a happier path for building Single Page Applications, using Marionette together with BackboneJS.

Marionette helps to structure your Javascript applications - doing the things you don't want to do (or have tired of doing thousands of times over) - and it won't leave your code feeling bloated and lifeless.

jbogard commented Mar 15, 2013

when javascript hurts
in your backbone apps, bring in
marionnette's shine

YES Rob I said something similar on Twitter a couple of days ago.

I think that Derek shouldn't make Marionette the central selling point of his talk - it's not popularist enough, and when submitting to conferences you have to consider the wider aspect of things (unless you're trading on your name and reputation as an absolutely amazing speaker/exhibitionist)

You have to cater for the masses a little, and starting at the beginning of the story is a good way to do this. In software, Pain is a good starting point because there is sod all point in cutting code unless you're solving a pain.

Motion that all future abstracts be written in haiku form


derickbailey commented Mar 15, 2013

I second that motion! All in favor?

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