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Last active Dec 17, 2015
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Example of a simple XQuery recursive typeswitch for simple data conversion
xquery version "1.0-ml";
@author derickson
@date 2013-05-22
Example of a Recursive Typeswitch for simple data conversion
Works in MarkLogic Server 6+
declare namespace a = "sample-ns-one";
declare namespace A = "sample-ns-two";
@param item -- thing to convert
@return converted thing
Converts data of format
<a:a key="whatever" changeMe="thing"><a:b>Whatever</a:b></a:a>
<A:A key="whatever" changed="thing"><A:B>Whatever</A:B></A:A>
declare function local:convertOneToTwo( $item as element(a:a) ) as element(A:A) {
This is the recurisve typeswitch.
Notice how this function calls itself inside the typeswitch cases
@param nodes -- sequence of text() or element() nodes to be converted
@return converted nodes
declare function local:rts( $nodes as node()*) as node()* {
for $node in $nodes
typeswitch ($node)
case text() return
case attribute(changeMe) return
attribute changed {fn:data($node)}
case attribute() return
case element(a:a) return
element A:A {
local:rts(($node/@*, $node/node()))
case element(a:b) return
element A:B {
local:rts(($node/@*, $node/node()))
default return
fn:error(xs:QName("ERROR"), "unmapped: " || xdmp:describe($node))
local:convertOneToTwo( <a:a key="whatever" changeMe="thing"><a:b>Whatever</a:b></a:a> )
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