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Last active August 29, 2015 14:10
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A grant for testing NuBot


Custodian Desrever
Submission Date 21-Nov-2014
Revision 0.1
Related Proposals None
Requested Grant Amount 600 NBT
. .
NuBits Grant Address | BCustdn3aS3oU9FXKbjJ3mphcpru5dUxAh Vote Amount | 600 NBT Custodian: Desrever

#Rationale The aim of this grant is to operate NuBot along with other custodians on the same market/pair, while fine tuning the bot to avoiding wall collisions.


If elected I will operate NuBot with the equivalent of 1000 NBT of my own funds, both in dual-side and sell side mode, across different markets and pairs, collaborating with the current custodian operating in that pair.

Costs of the operation : This operation puts both my own funds and other custodians funds at risk of collision. However, the size of my walls will never be greater 1000 NBT. So each collision, if any, will cost approximately 2 NBT (0.2 % fee).

In case of a collision happens I will verify the causes, react, and revert the transaction where possible.

I will operate the bot in this mode for 20 days from the day of the election. At the end of the period I will produce a report of collisions .

#How the grant will be used

Upon receiving the 600 NBT of the grant, they will be parked for approx 20 days. When the unpark transaction happens the funds will be first used to refund custodians (including myself) in case they had to pay a fee on the collision. These fund is enough to cover ~ 300 collisions, 15 per day.

There are some cases where collision will be inevitable: if one bot loses connection to the exchange due to network problems, for instance, will likely cause a collision. This kind of collisions, along with other special cases out of NuBot reach, will not be refunded.

After refunding custodians, the remaining NBT will be donated to the Bounty Platform fund .

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