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# NB: sys-apps/ and app-portage/
#sys-apps/portage -~amd64
app-portage/eix -~amd64
app-portage/layman -~amd64
media-gfx/gimp -~amd64
x11-base/xorg-server -~amd64
x11-base/xorg-drivers -~amd64
www-client/* -~amd64
# tmux-2 messed up its config again
app-misc/tmux -~amd64
media-libs/libbluray -~amd64
# gpg-2.1.6 cannot decrypt files
app-crypt/gnupg -~amd64
# Unstable always breaks libreoffice build
dev-libs/boost -~amd64
# Only stable toolchain, please.
#sys-devel/* -~amd64
sys-libs/glibc -~amd64
# >9.21 has broken mouse wheel support and fading
x11-terms/rxvt-unicode -~amd64
app-emulation/winetricks ~amd64 ~x86
gnome-extra/yad **
=media-video/ffmpeg-9999 **
=media-video/mpv-9999 **
net-print/foo2zjs **
perl-core/ExtUtils-Install **
perl-core/IO **
=dev-python/setuptools-9999 **
#www-client/firefox **
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