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Single Page App - Sammy with LoDash
(function (factory) {
if (typeof define === 'function' && define.amd) {
define(['jquery', 'sammy', 'underscore'], factory);
} else {
(window.Sammy = window.Sammy || {}).Tmpl =
factory(window.jQuery, window.Sammy, window._);
}(function ($, Sammy, _) {
// `Sammy.LoDash` is a wrapper around the underscore/lodash templating engine. //
Sammy.LoDash = function (app, method_alias) {
// *Helper:* Uses _.template to parse a template and interpolate // and work with the passed data
// * `template` A String template that will be compiled by _.template()
// * `data` An Object containing the replacement values for the template.
// data is extended with the <tt>EventContext</tt> allowing you to call // its methods within the template.
var template = function (template, data) {
data = $.extend({}, this, data);
var results = _.template(template, data);
return results;
// set the default method name/extension
if (!method_alias) { method_alias = 'lodash'; }
// create the helper at the method alias
app.helper(method_alias, template);
return Sammy.LoDash;
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