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UnixLike Chat Info

UnixLike Discord and Matrix Chats

Welcome to the server, hopefully you enjoy.


  • Use common sense (obviously)
  • DO NOT ping @ sudo unless necessary (usually when a mod is online you only need to ping one of them), we are busy people
  • Be nice to other members, this applies to everyone NO exceptions
  • No shitposting, memes, or spam in channels other than #memes
  • No advertising unless permitted by someone in @ sudo
  • DO NOT ask for the sudo role because you won't get the answer you're looking for
  • No NSFW content NO exceptions
  • No prejudice or discrimination against other members for ANY reason
  • No stupid questions, Google or your preferred search engine is a great resource so use that instead, best thing to do is search on Google for the answer to your question to see if it gets answered before asking here
  • Look at channel descriptions and pinned messages, they will provide useful info and are good ways to know you're in the right place

Discord Specific Rules:

  • Post requests in #requests Requests as in requests for things to add and improve in the server
  • Bot commands belong in #bot-commands

If you want to friend request or message me, ask send you a friend request since my friend requests are disabled, I'll only send one to people I know and recognize

We have roles, ask react for one in #request-a-role. Roles you are allowed to react for are in the listask for are in the pinned list. Do not ask for a role not on the list otherwise you'll be denied.

Also be aware that I don't use discord often so I might not get your message for a while. Ask someone else in @ sudo if I'm not online. Back to using Discord regularly

#good-servers are not associated with this server, they are just servers I thought were cool to check out

Permanent invite:

Matrix channels:

Will add more with request

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