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const safeGet = (obj, key) => {
if (obj[key] == null) obj[key];
if (typeof obj[key] === 'function') {
throw new Error('Cannot safely get '+key+' since it a function. Use square bracket syntax to directly access instead.');
if (, key)) {
return obj[key];
} else {
// This console log could be rather buggy:
// console.debug('object', obj, 'has no key', key);
return undefined;
const safeSet = (obj, key, val) => {
if (typeof val === 'function') {
throw new Error('Cannot safely set '+key+' - supplied value is a function. Set directly via square bracket syntax.');
// propertyBlacklist (could be some sort of const declared at top)
if (key === 'constructor' || key === 'innerHTML' || key === 'src') {
throw new Error('Cannot safely set '+key+' - can lead to remote code execution');
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