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Last active Mar 8, 2021
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2021-03-08T17:08:01Z Monday 17 1 micheleriva Haskell in the industry (and community) with Alexander Granin
2021-03-08T15:34:14Z Monday 15 1 mihaela_workshub Higher Order Functions: Lambda calculus, Currying, Maps
2021-03-08T03:10:08Z Monday 3 1 Glittering_Squash_33 Point-free
2021-03-08T01:38:13Z Monday 1 1 Tricky_Celebration37 Entering : by itself in GHCi will run the most recent command you've used
2021-03-05T01:01:52Z Friday 1 8 stanislavb Haskell LibHunt - discover popular Haskell projects based on their mentions on Reddit
2021-03-04T23:18:56Z Thursday 23 7 mitbull420 Would anyone like to read 'Thinking with types' (type level programming book by Sandy Maguire) with me?
2021-03-04T22:57:33Z Thursday 22 3 RingularCirc Typeclasses and similar constructs in languages
2021-03-04T21:26:55Z Thursday 21 98 hsyl20 [Haskell-cafe] Serious bug with Natural in GHC 9.0.1
2021-03-04T21:03:05Z Thursday 21 10 flatmapcatmap Heap object de-duplication for memory savings
2021-03-04T20:54:44Z Thursday 20 1 nsfw_celbs I got ya homie!
2021-03-04T17:14:54Z Thursday 17 2 Tricky_Celebration37 What is it called when we define infix operators? Such as `x/=y = not (x==y)`
2021-03-04T16:12:24Z Thursday 16 3 vishmehta30 Building REST from GraphQL - A story of engineering in Haskell
2021-03-04T15:53:52Z Thursday 15 13 mihaela_workshub Tutorial: Cellular Automata And Comonads
2021-03-04T15:51:05Z Thursday 15 1 nsfw_celbs Yo, get your free skin with code "free100cc"
2021-03-04T15:40:35Z Thursday 15 46 tongue_depression [GHC Proposal] (No)RecursiveLet: Prevent accidental recursion in let bindings
2021-03-04T15:03:05Z Thursday 15 0 KarieNewsom [HIRING] 2 Jobs in haskell Hiring Now!
2021-03-04T15:00:43Z Thursday 15 16 cacplate Announcing hindent-elm
2021-03-04T12:49:41Z Thursday 12 0 PretendSpread6 HUMBLE SOFTWARE BUNDLE: LEARN FRONT-END WEB DEVELOPMENT (pay what you want and help charity)
2021-03-04T09:40:00Z Thursday 9 7 Outrageous_Stomach_8 Standard library for pure scripting
2021-03-04T05:49:09Z Thursday 5 1 vdoubleu1 package conflicts when install cabal static
2021-03-04T01:20:40Z Thursday 1 7 sinoTrinity Can matched patterns be grouped?
2021-03-03T22:50:07Z Wednesday 22 14 sinoTrinity How to generate random but valid source programs?
2021-03-03T21:43:54Z Wednesday 21 40 ludat [ANN] Conferer, a configuration library for Haskell
2021-03-03T20:45:34Z Wednesday 20 2 workin_j Dependency Build Cache
2021-03-03T15:26:11Z Wednesday 15 3 jopinr Help me work with inconsistent types
2021-03-03T15:06:14Z Wednesday 15 7 bxsx0074 Is there a way to parse data constructors to string?..some kind of metaprogramming?
2021-03-03T12:41:54Z Wednesday 12 1 dotCoder876 How do I use Aeson to parse leaves in a JSON tree?
2021-03-03T12:25:03Z Wednesday 12 15 PraveenWeb Building REST from GraphQL - an story of engineering in Haskell
2021-03-03T12:00:28Z Wednesday 12 0 [deleted] LEARN YOU A HASKELL FOR GREAT GOOD. HELP
2021-03-03T08:05:57Z Wednesday 8 64 nomeata Infinite and cyclic lists explained with ghc-vis
2021-03-03T06:10:36Z Wednesday 6 1 nomeata Infinite and cyclic lists explained with ghc-vis
2021-03-02T18:37:13Z Tuesday 18 1 sheshanaag [ANN] nginx-haskell-module version 2.8.0 released
2021-03-02T17:18:36Z Tuesday 17 1 tashlaybourne Haskell job in Munich, Germany at conversational AI company, e-bot7 🚀
2021-03-02T15:33:57Z Tuesday 15 1 arybczak [ANN] optics-0.4 released (with lenses/prisms as labels via generics)
2021-03-02T15:29:04Z Tuesday 15 1 joncol79 Using Nix for Haskell development in Emacs with LSP
2021-03-02T15:28:23Z Tuesday 15 1 wassup369 Is it possible to code in haskell language on the new M1 macs?
2021-02-28T01:34:09Z Sunday 1 0 [deleted] Anyone know Scala? I know this shouldn't go here.
2021-02-28T00:31:02Z Sunday 0 10 skivvey New to Haskell wanting to know what is inhibiting this from working
2021-02-28T00:29:27Z Sunday 0 3 NieDzejkob Is it possible to get a REPL in a state monad?
2021-02-27T22:39:00Z Saturday 22 8 pcjftw are there any libraries to interop with WASM?
2021-02-27T21:52:59Z Saturday 21 19 evincarofautumn “Backtracking” Alternative with ExceptT?
2021-02-27T14:14:44Z Saturday 14 6 NorfairKing2 CS SYD - Watching changes in Yesod
2021-02-27T13:36:30Z Saturday 13 3 mihaela_workshub Working at EMURGO - Meet the Team Taking Cardano Mainstream
2021-02-27T12:02:09Z Saturday 12 32 qqwy Clojure-like persistent vectors for Haskell?
2021-02-27T10:10:08Z Saturday 10 7 CoopsSnoop How I use dante (Emacs Haskell IDE)
2021-02-26T20:58:41Z Friday 20 1 SubatomninjaMK Problems installing ghc-static (Arch)
2021-02-26T20:47:52Z Friday 20 1 Burntes PRYME CYCLE SERIES
2021-02-26T20:32:47Z Friday 20 1 HateRedditCantQuitit Does haskell have an equivalent of python's dataclass?
2021-02-26T18:28:52Z Friday 18 26 z3ndo Flipstone is hiring
2021-02-26T17:53:01Z Friday 17 43 darchon Linear types for circuit design in Haskell/Clash
2021-02-26T17:24:50Z Friday 17 61 _query [ANN] IHP v0.9 has been released 🎉
2021-02-26T14:51:16Z Friday 14 39 maerwald [ANN] GHCup-0.1.13 release (experimental ARM support)
2021-02-26T12:23:07Z Friday 12 18 matsumonkie Building a Web app with FP - Part I - Servant
2021-02-26T11:00:41Z Friday 11 47 csabahruska DEMO: GHC 9 running in the External STG Interpreter
2021-02-25T23:05:29Z Thursday 23 4 patferraggi Any Haskell sticker?
2021-02-25T21:17:48Z Thursday 21 13 dfith Haskell Database Implementation - Part 3, Indexes and Performance
2021-02-25T18:01:43Z Thursday 18 26 haskellweekly Issue 252 :: Haskell Weekly newsletter
2021-02-25T16:24:38Z Thursday 16 64 BeYuu Good resources for writing compiler in Haskell
2021-02-25T13:02:36Z Thursday 13 0 complyue It makes me longing for algebraic effects & handlers even more
2021-02-25T07:10:56Z Thursday 7 24 angerman Experiment: Can we improve GHC's CI with a stake pool?
2021-02-25T05:26:22Z Thursday 5 0 ChampionGames How do I change the path?
2021-02-25T01:23:27Z Thursday 1 42 mlitchard What are the currently active Haskell podcasts?
2021-02-24T18:15:19Z Wednesday 18 48 drewolson PureScript and Haskell
2021-02-24T17:50:49Z Wednesday 17 19 lowderdev Beginner learns monads! [fp-course part 5]
2021-02-24T17:30:19Z Wednesday 17 2 guygastineau allow-newer not working in .cabal file
2021-02-24T15:12:15Z Wednesday 15 7 mihaela_workshub [Book Review] Why Every Developer Should Learn Data Oriented Programming
2021-02-24T12:17:37Z Wednesday 12 1 testoasarapida Stack SDK is in a hidden folder and IntelliJ can't access it
2021-02-24T07:42:56Z Wednesday 7 225 runeks [ANN] haskell-language-server v1.0.0
2021-02-24T01:18:42Z Wednesday 1 1 [deleted] I have a really specific question about Haskell.
2021-02-23T23:25:53Z Tuesday 23 42 emilypii [ANN] cabal-install-
2021-02-23T18:21:02Z Tuesday 18 1 tominated Resources on compiling polymorphic lambda calculus?
2021-02-23T15:05:12Z Tuesday 15 22 suntzusartofarse Saw a Tweet about Haskell+Servant being replaced with NodeJS in a project due to compile times - will compile times ever get better?
2021-02-23T14:26:18Z Tuesday 14 43 egonSchiele Salty, a language written with Parsec that compiles to PHP, JavaScript, and JSX
2021-02-23T13:30:14Z Tuesday 13 4 complyue Seeking wider attention to this cabal issue: Run okay with profiling enabled, but installed exe has NO profiling enabled
2021-02-23T08:42:22Z Tuesday 8 60 Brinker59 Job opportunity- Haskell Software Engineer
2021-02-23T06:17:40Z Tuesday 6 11 imsekun Servant resources?
2021-02-22T22:47:16Z Monday 22 1 the_real_count Best place to start for beginner newbies.
2021-02-22T20:55:59Z Monday 20 1 lowderdev Beginner Haskeller learns about Applicatives
2021-02-22T18:53:27Z Monday 18 1 vlatri Need help creating a haskell development environment for simple projects
2021-02-22T18:43:22Z Monday 18 1 haskellweekly GHC 9.0.1 :: Haskell Weekly podcast
2021-02-22T16:24:21Z Monday 16 1 qqwy Applicative/LR parser combinators?
2021-02-22T14:20:31Z Monday 14 1 n00bomb Screencast: The Haskell heap and the infinite list of primes
2021-02-22T12:59:29Z Monday 12 1 r0ck0 Typed string literals in Haskell? (similar to TypeScript)
2021-02-22T10:52:06Z Monday 10 1 robertf686a81d-7a6a What's up with the negativity and self hate?
2021-02-22T09:41:09Z Monday 9 1 Eastern_Pen9221 Need help to install Haskell
2021-02-22T00:05:45Z Monday 0 1 271828183 Type constraint question
2021-02-21T22:52:59Z Sunday 22 1 JeEmGu Matching two instances for the data type constructor within a custom parser.
2021-02-21T22:48:05Z Sunday 22 1 SadGuarantee2947 Queue to List?
2021-02-21T20:01:32Z Sunday 20 1 synchronitown Find the duplicates for a traversable
2021-02-21T19:17:39Z Sunday 19 1 SadGuarantee2947 How to add a list of elements one by one to something?
2021-02-21T18:36:10Z Sunday 18 1 emilypii [ANN] zlib-
2021-02-21T12:51:54Z Sunday 12 1 OwnChannel1 HUMBLE SOFTWARE BUNDLE: FRESH START GAME DEV ASSETS BUNDLE (pay what you want and help charity)
2021-02-21T10:51:47Z Sunday 10 1 SadGuarantee2947 Trouble Implementing Function in Separate File
2021-02-21T09:13:48Z Sunday 9 1 frasertweedale Dyre 0.9 release candidate
2021-02-21T04:34:37Z Sunday 4 1 n00bomb Release cabal-install-
2021-02-21T01:00:41Z Sunday 1 1 DetriusXii Why doesn't Vector have any IO signature?
2021-02-20T23:04:31Z Saturday 23 2 Evthestrike 2-Dimensional Algebraic Data Type
2021-02-20T19:54:27Z Saturday 19 1 simpl3t0n Playlist: Haskell for Imperative Programmers
2021-02-20T15:21:21Z Saturday 15 1 crygnusproductions Treating Lists as Monads
2021-02-20T13:49:46Z Saturday 13 1 lepdelete What is this data structure
2021-02-20T07:49:02Z Saturday 7 1 sinoTrinity Operator precedence issue when parsing with Megaparsec
2021-02-20T00:17:33Z Saturday 0 1 eeg_bert Pernosco for "Timeless" Haskell Debugging
2021-02-19T15:18:37Z Friday 15 1 pavelpotocek How to represent state in non-trivial applications?
2021-02-19T15:04:52Z Friday 15 1 DowellAmple Issue 199 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2021-02-19T14:23:35Z Friday 14 1 haskellweekly Issue 251 :: Haskell Weekly newsletter
2021-02-19T12:16:58Z Friday 12 1 maxigit How to pass the result of a before hook to a spec Hspec
2021-02-19T07:31:34Z Friday 7 1 NeutrinoX3 Changing type signature to Int -> Int in my function causes a division by zero exception. Any idea why?
2021-02-19T04:14:18Z Friday 4 1 fumieval Implementation of NoFieldSelectors is merged
2021-02-19T03:59:38Z Friday 3 1 n00bomb Haskell Database Implementation - Part 2, Domain Specific Language and Transactionality
2021-02-19T01:16:23Z Friday 1 1 dfith Haskell Database Implementation - Part 2, Domain Specific Language and Transactionality
2021-02-18T18:43:36Z Thursday 18 1 Bodigrim tasty-bench-0.2: turn your benchmarks into performance regression tests
2021-02-18T17:01:24Z Thursday 17 1 feidujiujia Can't get things to work. It is normal to learn haskell with plain vim?
2021-02-18T16:23:42Z Thursday 16 1 mihaela_workshub 10 Ways to Get Better at Bug-Fixing
2021-02-18T16:02:26Z Thursday 16 1 Martinsos We got into YCombinator with our DSL written in Haskell!
2021-02-18T12:15:04Z Thursday 12 1 jamhob Servant Client over ssh
2021-02-17T22:26:53Z Wednesday 22 1 bigshortymac Unionizing two Lists of Lists
2021-02-17T21:08:47Z Wednesday 21 1 mcmrp Functional Programming Opening
2021-02-17T09:02:05Z Wednesday 9 1 TechnoEmpress Didn't have to wait long on that one
2021-02-17T07:58:12Z Wednesday 7 1 ddlk Naming strategy for words with identical plural and singular form
2021-02-17T07:14:07Z Wednesday 7 1 dissonantloos We Made ChatWisely With Haskell
2021-02-16T08:46:54Z Tuesday 8 1 serras "Haskell Fundamentals" course (8-9 March)
2021-02-16T07:40:23Z Tuesday 7 1 georgemen01 fold function for general trees
2021-02-16T03:42:44Z Tuesday 3 1 dfith Haskell Database Implementation - Part 1, Growing a Tree
2021-02-16T00:12:37Z Tuesday 0 1 phatsossage How could I implement a breadth first search which performs some check on 'a' and, when this condition is satisfied, outputs the sequence of nodes that lead to that node?
2021-02-15T21:59:50Z Monday 21 1 NixOverSlicedBread Are things (Stack,"Haskell" vscode extension, homebrew) 100% working on macOS 11 Big Sur?
2021-02-15T21:47:11Z Monday 21 1 tagunov [2021, noob] How to Build/Run Haskell app in VSCodium? Debugger?
2021-02-15T20:19:37Z Monday 20 1 serras - experiment with pattern matching
2021-02-15T19:51:43Z Monday 19 1 the-coot Asynchronous exceptions and uninterruptible operations
2021-02-15T18:42:11Z Monday 18 1 Mamkubs Process manager for an API
2021-02-15T14:41:10Z Monday 14 1 csabahruska Would you be interested in a weekly show & tell video meeting (topic: Haskell & compilers)?
2021-02-15T08:16:36Z Monday 8 1 Neck-Mindless In a weird spot with learning Haskell
2021-02-15T06:18:38Z Monday 6 1 isovector Would you pay a small monthly fee for excellent Haskell code completion?
2021-02-15T01:33:09Z Monday 1 1 Miterio100 I need some help for an assignment
2021-02-14T20:23:27Z Sunday 20 1 herklowl data bt = Tree Int Int compiles, but :t Tree says no constructor named tree?
2021-02-14T19:47:21Z Sunday 19 1 qSOLid CS Grad School Admissions Committee -- Excerpts
2021-02-14T16:18:53Z Sunday 16 1 nomeata Request for Nominations to the GHC Steering Committee
2021-02-14T15:24:43Z Sunday 15 1 maxigit help compiling X11 and X11-xtf package (for XMonad)
2021-02-14T08:10:32Z Sunday 8 1 mkDoku Hi, as a long time lurker, I finally want to give back to this wonderful community. Here is my second blog post about coordinate systems and variables in reanimate.
2021-02-14T03:28:43Z Sunday 3 1 Puzzleheaded_News647 Not sure if thus has been here before. Loved the vid.
2021-02-14T01:06:38Z Sunday 1 1 nagashi660 Order a list
2021-02-13T21:13:22Z Saturday 21 1 pwmosquito Nixkell - Get your Haskell projects up and running with no fuss using Nix
2021-02-13T21:01:44Z Saturday 21 1 MWatson my Haskell book is available as a free download
2021-02-13T19:26:30Z Saturday 19 1 crygnusproductions Haskell Basics - Looping / Iterating
2021-02-13T18:52:54Z Saturday 18 1 lerkok [ANN] New version of SBV (v8.10) available
2021-02-13T16:51:44Z Saturday 16 1 zac_wood Differences between Data.Data and GHC.Generics?
2021-02-13T16:33:26Z Saturday 16 1 doctahFoX Megaparsec, makeExprParser and precedence
2021-02-13T16:17:27Z Saturday 16 1 RobertPeszek Is Alternative a Wrong Abstraction for Handling Failures? - Criticism of the typeclass and instances
2021-02-13T15:57:30Z Saturday 15 1 ysangkok Adjunctions in Everyday Life - Rúnar Bjarnason
2021-02-13T15:29:24Z Saturday 15 1 lowderdev Beginner Haskell Stream
2021-02-13T13:31:30Z Saturday 13 1 Hadse Who here is working or has been working with the Cardano Project?
2021-02-13T12:04:14Z Saturday 12 1 maxigit Explicit import falacy
2021-02-13T10:55:38Z Saturday 10 1 Fit-Ad-6291 import Network.Wai
2021-02-13T09:41:57Z Saturday 9 1 cuffia_azzurra_2 The Most Popular Programming Languages - 1965/2020 - New update
2021-02-13T09:35:25Z Saturday 9 1 nomeata Does ghc-vis work on OSX and/or in WSL?
2021-02-13T08:24:40Z Saturday 8 1 Brinker59 Cardano will need as much Haskell developers as possible!! This might not seem a lot of money but the fund increases every 6-8 weeks.
2021-02-13T06:17:35Z Saturday 6 1 RangerHere Who here uses any kind of Haskell to JS tool in production?
2021-02-13T02:12:12Z Saturday 2 1 mirovarga Single binary static blog generator with a REST API
2021-02-12T22:31:51Z Friday 22 1 cescobaz GHC.Generics how to know with Type is Rec0 value?
2021-02-12T22:23:50Z Friday 22 1 Bodigrim bytestring- RC
2021-02-12T21:56:46Z Friday 21 1 TechnoEmpress [GHC Proposal] Cleanup lexical structure of numbers and identifiers
2021-02-12T19:37:39Z Friday 19 1 nesqi How is do notation locked to Monad?
2021-02-12T19:18:46Z Friday 19 1 slicxx What are classic Problems which should be solved using Haskell?
2021-02-12T16:12:48Z Friday 16 1 drninjabatman Proposal for parametric modules like Coq's?
2021-02-12T12:12:46Z Friday 12 1 timlee126 What is the granularity of specifying applicative or normal evaluation order in lambda calculus (and functional languages)?
2021-02-12T11:59:05Z Friday 11 1 paranoidMonoid Is anyone usinf HaskellR?
2021-02-12T11:54:18Z Friday 11 1 phatsossage Implementing sequence with just list comprehension and recursion.
2021-02-12T02:40:48Z Friday 2 1 heisenbug403 Partner Up for Learning
2021-02-12T00:05:01Z Friday 0 1 phatsossage Monads but without monads
2021-02-11T21:26:42Z Thursday 21 1 jose_zap Is anyone using SafeHaskell?
2021-02-11T19:07:46Z Thursday 19 1 ysangkok Rewritten Data.Foldable documentation now available
2021-02-11T17:15:00Z Thursday 17 1 haskellweekly Issue 250 :: Haskell Weekly newsletter
2021-02-11T15:47:31Z Thursday 15 1 dhruvasagar HaskellRank - A series for introducing haskell to non-functional devs
2021-02-11T14:55:38Z Thursday 14 1 frasertweedale Haskell is vulnerable to dependency confusion
2021-02-11T14:23:39Z Thursday 14 1 grahamhutton 10 PhD studentships in Nottingham
2021-02-11T09:46:33Z Thursday 9 1 n00bomb Tweag - linear-base makes writing Linear Haskell easy and fun
2021-02-10T16:13:32Z Wednesday 16 29 bgamari [Well-Typed Blog] GHC activities report for December–January 2020/2021
2021-02-10T14:10:34Z Wednesday 14 1 kackwurstsalamander Obelisk or Reflex Platform? Where to start
2021-02-09T17:46:22Z Tuesday 17 1 hourLong_arnould Funny interaction I had on youtube (not sure where to post this)
2021-02-09T14:25:08Z Tuesday 14 1 justabunchofbs Consuming JSON API Data with Haskell
2021-02-09T11:01:10Z Tuesday 11 1 emilypii Haskell Foundation Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer
2021-02-09T10:27:33Z Tuesday 10 1 kholantasamy CABAL 2 US/NA Full Client
2021-02-09T03:24:02Z Tuesday 3 1 bigshortymac Trouble Implementing Relations in Haskell
2021-02-08T23:38:09Z Monday 23 1 aveltras Carbon, integrate IBM design system with your Haskell packages
2021-02-08T22:13:17Z Monday 22 1 sinoTrinity Issue when parsing array[1][2] using Megaparsec
2021-02-08T21:41:58Z Monday 21 1 crygnusproductions Dynamic Programming using Lazy Evaluation
2021-02-08T21:23:45Z Monday 21 1 ChrisWohlert Setting up Reflex with VS Code in WSL
2021-02-08T18:23:22Z Monday 18 1 azhenley Rust for Haskell Programmers!
2021-02-08T16:35:31Z Monday 16 1 dexterleng How should I represent a tree that can timeout resulting in a partial tree?
2021-02-08T01:46:27Z Monday 1 1 theKGS Mutable vectors have me dumbfounded
2021-02-04T20:55:47Z Thursday 20 3 Competitive-Ad2437 Stuck with SplitOn
2021-02-04T20:12:27Z Thursday 20 4 herklowl Understanding type signature of flip
2021-02-04T20:07:33Z Thursday 20 15 BobbyTabless Haskell On Google Cloud Is Great
2021-02-04T18:48:13Z Thursday 18 7 sinoTrinity updated LLVM Haskell tutorial
2021-02-04T18:38:49Z Thursday 18 5 cooperth How to show that there are many Haskell developers on the job market?
2021-02-04T18:02:21Z Thursday 18 206 bgamari [ANNOUNCE] GHC 9.0.1 released
2021-02-04T12:10:50Z Thursday 12 1 Significant-Prior-26 Fans Want to Know Who Singer Trey Songz Is Dating Amid Alleged Sex Tape
2021-02-04T11:35:17Z Thursday 11 56 yaxu Weaving with Haskell
2021-02-03T20:57:58Z Wednesday 20 5 leduin Data Types and Functions Visualization
2021-02-03T20:09:44Z Wednesday 20 38 _query Haskell's @ symbol - Type Application
2021-02-03T14:32:08Z Wednesday 14 1 BlindBandit97 How to insert array using postgresql simple
2021-02-03T10:58:27Z Wednesday 10 11 sheshanaag Online documentation with examples for nginx-haskell-module
2021-02-03T09:44:42Z Wednesday 9 36 oguimbal Haskell as a first timer - Am I missing something ?
2021-02-03T04:21:05Z Wednesday 4 12 Brinker59 Plutus Tx: compiling Haskell into Plutus Core
2021-02-03T02:34:49Z Wednesday 2 0 Brinker59 Thoughts on this??? Not my tweeter account.
2021-02-02T21:38:07Z Tuesday 21 0 badboyseaurchin Jesus Murphy How Do You Install It
2021-02-02T16:49:19Z Tuesday 16 27 rampion Check for interest: Concrete Kinds
2021-02-02T13:40:32Z Tuesday 13 0 Hadse Haskell suddenly disappeared from Path. How do i add it again?
2021-02-02T12:49:27Z Tuesday 12 15 taylorfausak Monthly Hask Anything (February 2021)
2021-02-02T10:23:50Z Tuesday 10 15 frasertweedale Prototyping a plugin system for Purebred
2021-02-02T03:52:26Z Tuesday 3 3 OphioukhosUnbound Learn You a Haskell & Haskell School of Music -- good Intros?
2021-02-02T00:49:11Z Tuesday 0 0 BCSN1 I need some help for an assignment
2021-02-01T20:45:23Z Monday 20 125 emilypii Announcing the Haskell Foundation Board - Haskell Foundation
2021-02-01T18:48:42Z Monday 18 1 theKGS Most practical way to operate on these enum lists
2021-02-01T18:28:32Z Monday 18 1 davidfeuer Challenge: incremental quicksort for sequences
2021-02-01T16:26:42Z Monday 16 8 mmaruseacph2 [ANN] hindent 5.3.2 released
2021-02-01T16:10:21Z Monday 16 29 kuribas named-servant
2021-02-01T15:19:08Z Monday 15 36 tilk-the-cyborg Vocoder, a library for frequency domain signal processing - request for comments
2021-02-01T13:15:01Z Monday 13 30 thma32 Proving me wrong — How QuickCheck destroyed my favourite theory
2021-02-01T13:10:32Z Monday 13 96 libeako Richard Eisenberg: Update on Dependent Haskell
2021-02-01T12:55:10Z Monday 12 20 haskellweekly Production Haskell with Matt Parsons :: Haskell Weekly podcast
2021-02-01T08:35:02Z Monday 8 54 Lossy Well-Typed - Memory Fragmentation: A Deeper Look With ghc-debug
2021-02-01T03:44:18Z Monday 3 6 viebel Data-Oriented programming by Yehonathan Sharvit
2021-02-01T01:39:16Z Monday 1 3 Ugi032 Why is my roughlyPI function wrong?
2021-02-01T00:59:21Z Monday 0 1 [deleted] Challenge: incremental sequence sorting
2021-01-31T23:38:56Z Sunday 23 19 Laser_Plasma Pip-like package management for Haskell
2021-01-31T20:59:20Z Sunday 20 0 ChrisWohlert Nix - WSL - no C compiler provided for this platform
2021-01-31T20:09:45Z Sunday 20 10 crmills_2000 After action report on GHC2021
2021-01-31T15:10:41Z Sunday 15 2 VihaaWagh Curried function
2021-01-31T14:18:43Z Sunday 14 1 Sotxri Create a list of "good" prime numbers
2021-01-31T09:18:16Z Sunday 9 27 r0ck0 Can you share a real-world anecdote of when laziness helped simplify your code/project structure?
2021-01-31T05:33:35Z Sunday 5 1 n00bomb Edward Kmett - Cadenza Building Fast Functional Languages Fast
2021-01-31T04:25:47Z Sunday 4 1 LeSUTHU The right way to learn Haskell
2021-01-31T02:56:17Z Sunday 2 1 zeta_00 Miso Nix configuration issue, callCabal2Nix is returning errors when trying to configure Miso with (direnv+nix-direnv+emacs-direnv) setup:
2021-01-30T22:51:33Z Saturday 22 1 LeSUTHU What can Haskell teach me?
2021-01-30T20:38:28Z Saturday 20 1 instantdoctor Haskell's new random package interface - Alexey Kuleshevich
2021-01-30T14:50:11Z Saturday 14 3 jneira [ANN] haskell-language-server-0.9.0 has been released!
2021-01-30T14:36:32Z Saturday 14 1 Bodigrim tasty-bench: featherlight benchmark framework
2021-01-30T14:08:41Z Saturday 14 1 elkotrade The Haskell server crashed 5 times in the last 3 minutes.
2021-01-30T10:04:53Z Saturday 10 1 Luchtverfrisser Would anyone be interested in a Haskell hook handler for Dredd?
2021-01-30T01:17:17Z Saturday 1 1 r0ck0 Mixing letters and emojis in Haskell function names
2021-01-29T21:33:52Z Friday 21 1 codygman Make all of Haskell in IO by default? Why? Why not?
2021-01-29T20:15:46Z Friday 20 1 NixOverSlicedBread Are macOS/Windows largely afterthoughts for the creators of GHC, Stack, and/or other popular Haskell tools/libraries?
2021-01-29T19:33:24Z Friday 19 1 Metastate_Team Announcing Dactylobiotus
2021-01-29T17:18:00Z Friday 17 1 wannabefine Beginner question
2021-01-29T15:35:31Z Friday 15 1 haskellweekly Issue 248 :: Haskell Weekly newsletter
2021-01-29T14:33:55Z Friday 14 1 n00bomb Tweag - Intern opening to improve GHC performance
2021-01-29T11:11:51Z Friday 11 1 PestoDiRucola Using Scotty in production
2021-01-29T06:21:55Z Friday 6 1 timoffex Anamorphism + previous seeds
2021-01-29T03:17:20Z Friday 3 1 kuleshevich New monadic interface introduced in random-1.2.0
2021-01-28T23:34:40Z Thursday 23 1 mlitchard we made a miniblog in haskell, ChatWisely.
2021-01-28T22:33:18Z Thursday 22 1 synchronitown How to implement Sudoku solver using Conor McBride's Applicative / Traversable model?
2021-01-28T16:06:29Z Thursday 16 1 Sh4rPEYE Which one of Purescript, Elm and Reason is most suited for teaching a project-based FP course?
2021-01-28T15:08:17Z Thursday 15 1 kuleshevich Talk about new random's interface
2021-01-28T12:39:20Z Thursday 12 1 WorldsBegin Lenses and self balancing datastructures
2021-01-28T11:37:22Z Thursday 11 1 blackSwan08 How to get body from a request?
2021-01-28T10:47:17Z Thursday 10 1 HybridMaxwell [Review a beginner] RL with Haskell
2021-01-28T10:21:43Z Thursday 10 1 kbruen Is it a good idea to use non-standard operators?
2021-01-27T22:29:34Z Wednesday 22 2 Iceland_jack DataBy — newtype Validation a b = Success a | Failure b by Either a b
2021-01-27T21:02:52Z Wednesday 21 1 theKGS Nicest way to do this list operation
2021-01-27T20:13:09Z Wednesday 20 4 69_BABATUNDE_ Running external programs with haskell
2021-01-26T16:29:35Z Tuesday 16 1 Iceland_jack Representing datatypes generically, opt-in
2021-01-26T16:17:17Z Tuesday 16 1 Iceland_jack On Adding Pattern Matching to Haskell-based Deeply Embedded Domain Specific Languages
2021-01-26T14:15:08Z Tuesday 14 1 Brinker59 Introducing the new Plutus Playground
2021-01-26T13:42:47Z Tuesday 13 1 haskellweekly Maybe Either :: Haskell Weekly podcast
2021-01-26T13:18:30Z Tuesday 13 1 Ugi032 Define functions in GHCI (Haskell), but how?
2021-01-26T12:59:50Z Tuesday 12 1 theeJoker11 An advice for a beginner in Haskell.
2021-01-26T05:17:52Z Tuesday 5 1 Outrageous-Outside36 Which framework does co-star use for haskell backend?
2021-01-26T01:24:45Z Tuesday 1 1 theKGS What's the fastest way to find duplicates given these special circumstances?
2021-01-25T19:42:02Z Monday 19 1 HaskellAmsterdam Haskell Study Group with Alejandro Serrano: Final QA Session
2021-01-25T19:04:06Z Monday 19 1 lepaincestbon [Question] Do notation to map a [Maybe Int]
2021-01-25T16:14:07Z Monday 16 1 leveling-up-everyday How do I close the rift between textbook exercises and real world application? Also please recommend some easy resources for monoids, semi groups and monads.
2021-01-25T14:43:48Z Monday 14 1 sseneca How do I install packages from Hackage with Stack?
2021-01-25T01:37:44Z Monday 1 1 effectfully Challenge: transform a function stored in an existential
2021-01-24T23:26:02Z Sunday 23 1 lepaincestbon [Question] How to create a new data which take a type with Eq constraint and is a Monad instance
2021-01-24T16:59:37Z Sunday 16 1 Iceland_jack Haskell ghost knowledge; difficult to access, not written down
2021-01-24T16:54:55Z Sunday 16 1 gusbicalho What's up with all these extensible sum libraries?
2021-01-24T16:46:33Z Sunday 16 1 binaryfor Console 37 includes a Haskell framework for fronting a Postgres database with a REST API that I thought /r/haskell might be interested in :)
2021-01-24T16:32:07Z Sunday 16 1 aru-hackZ Installing Xmonad via Stack, alsa-mixer> c2hs: Prelude.head: empty list
2021-01-24T14:28:41Z Sunday 14 1 effectfully Transform a function stored in an existential
2021-01-24T09:34:57Z Sunday 9 1 ChrisWohlert Can I embed Reflex-FRP in a larger site?
2021-01-24T04:37:43Z Sunday 4 1 circleglyph Active Haskell projects
2021-01-24T03:16:18Z Sunday 3 1 zeta_00 How do you get IHaskell's built-in auto-completion functionality to work with Emacs-IPython-Notebook:
2021-01-24T01:59:15Z Sunday 1 1 ltr_ My first 130 lines of haskell
2021-01-23T19:12:01Z Saturday 19 1 Faucelme dep-t and dep-t-advice: spruce up your records-of-functions!
2021-01-23T18:22:22Z Saturday 18 1 doctahFoX Modify environment with local on a looping REPL
2021-01-23T18:09:55Z Saturday 18 1 Aloys1us_Bl00m Are threads needed to execute a non-deterministic program or can the List Monad handle it?
2021-01-23T15:49:30Z Saturday 15 1 ChrisWohlert Reflex-FRP development on windows
2021-01-23T00:44:09Z Saturday 0 1 k33ler4pp Latency for haskell
2021-01-22T22:40:09Z Friday 22 1 circleglyph chart-svg-0.2.0
2021-01-22T18:26:55Z Friday 18 1 mansetta Get a list of points with Manhattan Distance of x?
2021-01-22T15:29:47Z Friday 15 1 taylorfausak Post flair
2021-01-22T15:00:59Z Friday 15 1 Rake1124 Which TP-Link router is the best Model this year secret tips The best tp-link is going to tell you about Which TP-Link router. The best Model this year secret tips, in this post. The complete information about the setting, set up, and review is going to be given. Do you want to know which Router
2021-01-22T14:17:27Z Friday 14 1 haskellweekly Production Haskell :: Haskell Weekly podcast
2021-01-22T12:54:23Z Friday 12 1 gasacchi Haskell to JS
2021-01-22T04:41:28Z Friday 4 1 yanhu F-Algebras consuming their catamorphisms
2021-01-22T00:31:56Z Friday 0 1 zezocas1232 Programming Pacman
2021-01-21T23:49:18Z Thursday 23 1 leoriviera 200 Excellent Programming Companions Need a Home!
2021-01-21T22:45:58Z Thursday 22 1 rollovertherainbow How do I use "where" properly?
2021-01-21T20:44:29Z Thursday 20 1 notamusejustadrug Wannabe Data Scientist Learning Haskell
2021-01-21T19:33:44Z Thursday 19 1 djdlc Software Engineer: CodeQL Language Analysis (Remote: Europe and US)
2021-01-21T17:45:50Z Thursday 17 1 haskellweekly Issue 247 :: Haskell Weekly newsletter
2021-01-21T15:59:12Z Thursday 15 1 logan-diamond 🤯 data Fold I O = (Monoid m) ​=>​ ​Fold​ (​i​ ​->​ ​m​) (​m​ ​->​ ​o​)
2021-01-21T15:49:41Z Thursday 15 1 CoBuddha What's the difference between the primitive unit types Void# and (# #)?
2021-01-21T14:16:03Z Thursday 14 1 snoyberg Stack Governance - initial proposal and call for participants
2021-01-21T13:04:25Z Thursday 13 1 alfrym Best resource to learn Haskell?
2021-01-21T09:50:08Z Thursday 9 1 fpdabbler Help with ExceptT/StateT transformers
2021-01-20T20:45:13Z Wednesday 20 1 ysangkok Streamly: Declarative Concurrency And Dataflow Programming
2021-01-20T17:39:55Z Wednesday 17 1 alexeyr Don't think, just defunctionalize
2021-01-20T16:06:35Z Wednesday 16 1 maksbotan Capturing call stack with Haskell exceptions
2021-01-20T13:30:23Z Wednesday 13 1 Ok-Attorney-2653 How to read a list of files from a file, then read those files
2021-01-20T13:12:46Z Wednesday 13 1 beaszt_nix Beginner friendly Haskell Open Source projects?
2021-01-20T02:54:49Z Wednesday 2 1 [deleted] -XGHC2021 proposal accepted yesterday
2021-01-19T18:46:06Z Tuesday 18 3 ozataman Choosing Haskell isn’t a stand-in for good software design
2021-01-19T17:44:57Z Tuesday 17 2 le_epic_reditor Is there any way to take advantage of an Ord instance when one exists?
2021-01-19T10:02:16Z Tuesday 10 1 _cmdv_ What was your experience learning an FP language?
2021-01-19T07:20:40Z Tuesday 7 1 OwnChannel1 HUMBLE BOOK BUNDLE: PROGRAMMING FUNDAMENTALS BY MERCURY (pay what you want and help charity)
2021-01-19T07:17:02Z Tuesday 7 1 Brain-Master Gadts in haskell
2021-01-19T04:31:12Z Tuesday 4 1 ysangkok Persisting Haskell ADTs The Relational Way
2021-01-19T02:30:49Z Tuesday 2 1 ysangkok GHC 2021!
2021-01-18T23:50:55Z Monday 23 1 NukePangaea Abstract Data Types - Making a List that can have any type for elements
2021-01-18T20:28:19Z Monday 20 1 peargreen An introduction to 'ede', a little-known but powerful Jinja-like templating library
2021-01-18T16:46:50Z Monday 16 1 mn15104 How does one use different forks of GHC?
2021-01-18T16:20:32Z Monday 16 1 nomeata GHC 2021!
2021-01-18T16:01:20Z Monday 16 1 zulrah_is_not_nice Help with implementing monad in Haskell
2021-01-18T15:50:50Z Monday 15 1 libeako Richard Eisenberg: How whitespace works in Haskell
2021-01-18T14:00:38Z Monday 14 1 buritomath Towards Hoare logic for a small imperative language in Haskell
2021-01-18T09:28:43Z Monday 9 1 mlopes The Gruvbox team is looking for someone to PR haskell-vim highlight groups
2021-01-17T13:53:44Z Sunday 13 1 effectfully Challenge: Inspect what a function forces
2021-01-17T13:52:17Z Sunday 13 1 monadic_mx Usage List for Packages on Hackage / Stackage
2021-01-17T01:34:09Z Sunday 1 1 HXSC How to debug Haskell?
2021-01-16T21:20:38Z Saturday 21 1 Rustalt Machine learning?
2021-01-16T19:41:37Z Saturday 19 1 Time0o AnyDice in Haskell
2021-01-16T18:19:11Z Saturday 18 0 RobertPeszek Maybe Considered Harmful
2021-01-15T20:34:59Z Friday 20 1 sordina Advent of Code Problem 19b - Nondeterministic parsing with Yoctoparsec ~ Bows and Arrows
2021-01-15T19:17:27Z Friday 19 1 nomeata Concurrent programming puzzle (debouncing events)
2021-01-15T19:05:16Z Friday 19 2 jaspervdj [GSoC 2021]: Call for Ideas
2021-01-15T18:03:36Z Friday 18 2 sridca- IPFS on Hackage
2021-01-15T13:22:33Z Friday 13 1 SchroedingersTroll is Haskell a just a circlejerk?
2021-01-15T06:53:48Z Friday 6 1 superstar64 Applicatives where (a -> m c) -> m (a -> c) is sensible?
2021-01-15T02:32:27Z Friday 2 1 DareInformal3077 Convert adjacency list (Data.Map) to graph (Data.Graph)?
2021-01-14T21:49:24Z Thursday 21 1 sfg dons on Haskell instability problem
2021-01-14T19:57:27Z Thursday 19 1 brandonchinn178 Do you hate how haskell requires functions to be pure? Do you wish you could write python code in haskell? Have no fear, here’s an example of write haskell code that looks like python!
2021-01-14T16:06:31Z Thursday 16 1 haskellweekly Issue 246 :: Haskell Weekly newsletter
2021-01-14T15:54:44Z Thursday 15 1 fuonb The Haskell Language Server - new episode
2021-01-14T15:45:48Z Thursday 15 2 Brinker59 New Job Opening! EMURGO is seeking Developers to work on Cardano
2021-01-14T09:53:52Z Thursday 9 1 skilzmatee Are all curried function higher order functions?
2021-01-14T00:03:54Z Thursday 0 2 largeminicake Why is Haskell described as statically typed? I never have to declare types?
2021-01-13T21:10:02Z Wednesday 21 4 pepegg Matthew Pickering and Zubin Duggal: ghc-debug livestream
2021-01-13T18:22:19Z Wednesday 18 1 JustJokingTrump Raspberry Pi Image?
2021-01-13T18:08:06Z Wednesday 18 1 fluz1994 Generate PureScript data types from Haskell data types
2021-01-13T17:13:13Z Wednesday 17 1 ysangkok An introduction to ghc-debug: precise memory analysis for Haskell programs
2021-01-13T16:24:25Z Wednesday 16 1 zac_wood Basic Data Scraping in Haskell Part 2: Transforming Data and Storing with IHP
2021-01-13T12:03:13Z Wednesday 12 1 Arkh4m Permutate parsers, don't validate
2021-01-13T11:02:50Z Wednesday 11 1 instantdoctor Leverage the Power of Logic Programming With Souffle-haskell
2021-01-13T00:03:33Z Wednesday 0 1 loa_in_ Beginner Code Review: Haskell basic typeclass primer (quadratic equations)
2021-01-12T22:11:16Z Tuesday 22 1 libeako New Clean Configuration Language
2021-01-12T21:12:44Z Tuesday 21 0 artworklife Big Hard Nipples
2021-01-12T20:57:35Z Tuesday 20 2 ltielen Calling C++ from Haskell
2021-01-12T18:49:23Z Tuesday 18 1 iElectric Nix Workshop
2021-01-12T17:27:50Z Tuesday 17 1 Fanaro009 Resources for Learning How to Organize a Project
2021-01-12T15:20:22Z Tuesday 15 1 pure_x01 Are similar effects system like in Scalas ex: Cats Effects, ZIO etc also available in Haskell?
2021-01-12T14:24:30Z Tuesday 14 1 y_halo_thar Best practices for semantic numeric types
2021-01-12T10:01:27Z Tuesday 10 1 unkg Optimization
2021-01-12T07:56:49Z Tuesday 7 1 unkg What does this function do?
2021-01-12T00:20:17Z Tuesday 0 1 -Kanera- Backslash question
2021-01-11T22:50:54Z Monday 22 1 markusl2ll Anyone actively using dhall-to-cabal or hpack-dhall?
2021-01-11T20:57:52Z Monday 20 1 Deadpool0312 how can i print a list of tuples if the function i have for it is not IO()
2021-01-11T19:10:03Z Monday 19 1 Deadpool0312 Given a list of String and a list of Index, return the values in the list of index positions?
2021-01-11T18:10:45Z Monday 18 0 ebenjamingb Philosophies of Rust and Haskell
2021-01-11T17:50:08Z Monday 17 1 [deleted] VSCode server crashed 5 times in the last 3 minutes
2021-01-11T17:15:37Z Monday 17 1 Deadpool0312 how can i return params out of a string ?
2021-01-11T16:30:51Z Monday 16 1 suntzusartofarse What are Tweets like ‘FP Winter is coming’ supposed to mean?
2021-01-11T15:37:18Z Monday 15 1 Deadpool0312 how can i create a key value list?
2021-01-11T15:27:02Z Monday 15 1 k33ler4pp Is it better to teach noobs about `darcs` or let them stick with `git`?
2021-01-11T14:12:20Z Monday 14 1 Suchtinator Ambigous Type in instance
2021-01-11T14:07:20Z Monday 14 1 haskellweekly 2020 Retrospective :: Haskell Weekly podcast
2021-01-11T11:07:00Z Monday 11 1 monadic_mx stack install: download of ghc very slow
2021-01-11T09:22:46Z Monday 9 1 charukiewicz Why Haskell is our first choice for building production software systems
2021-01-11T08:21:03Z Monday 8 1 mr_delphi I cannot believe how large the .cabal directory gets. 55Gb which is half of my SSD space
2021-01-11T08:04:14Z Monday 8 1 frasertweedale Fancy title formatting - Hakyll how-to
2021-01-11T02:34:57Z Monday 2 1 mithunsarker2111 how to make running car animation using html and css
2021-01-10T23:36:19Z Sunday 23 1 effectfully Challenge: `forceElems` for any `Traversable`
2021-01-10T22:01:39Z Sunday 22 1 GlitteringDivide1366 Stalin Sort in Haskell
2021-01-10T16:48:29Z Sunday 16 1 skypatcher QuickCheck the properties x>-100
2021-01-10T16:38:54Z Sunday 16 1 emilypii Last Call: Haskell Foundation Board Nominations
2021-01-10T15:43:58Z Sunday 15 1 skilzmatee Reading the TS as curry and uncurry
2021-01-10T14:58:13Z Sunday 14 1 Deadpool0312 why do i get an error saying the key doesn t have any value ?
2021-01-10T12:16:10Z Sunday 12 1 bubble_blast Haskell Question about map function
2021-01-10T01:54:17Z Sunday 1 1 mithunsarker2111 html css full project
2021-01-09T23:54:36Z Saturday 23 1 Revolutionary-Sock88 Code review/Critique
2021-01-09T23:22:37Z Saturday 23 1 Ticondrogo Getting a job programming Haskell
2021-01-09T23:20:44Z Saturday 23 1 csabahruska Next-gen Haskell Compilation Techniques
2021-01-09T22:41:46Z Saturday 22 1 luiggy-silva Problem with lists
2021-01-09T21:38:36Z Saturday 21 1 Deadpool0312 why is this function always non-exhaustive ?
2021-01-09T20:42:05Z Saturday 20 1 peargreen Why exactly I want Boring Haskell to happen
2021-01-09T14:49:37Z Saturday 14 1 Deadpool0312 how can i sum a float with a value from a map [key] [value] ?
2021-01-09T14:18:54Z Saturday 14 1 _query Haskell is a Bad Programming Language
2021-01-09T13:35:04Z Saturday 13 1 wardhsa2 A question on Haskell types.
2021-01-09T11:59:40Z Saturday 11 1 gergoerdi Template Haskell-based API design
2021-01-09T11:15:18Z Saturday 11 1 effectfully Trouble in paradise: Fibonacci
2021-01-08T23:36:46Z Friday 23 1 hackerbby Hacking with Haskell - Using Haskell to Develop Offensive Tools
2021-01-08T23:07:45Z Friday 23 1 ysangkok Bind the Gap - Monthly Digital Functional Programming Magazine
2021-01-08T20:54:31Z Friday 20 1 seditiousseals Some dumb questions about Haskell's internals
2021-01-08T19:22:41Z Friday 19 1 finlaydotweber A very frank take on Haskell's maturity and community
2021-01-08T19:14:45Z Friday 19 1 ExplosiveFist Need help creating an Arbitrary instance (QuickCheck)
2021-01-08T18:20:31Z Friday 18 1 veydar_ Haskell Twitch Streams From Gabriel Gonzalez
2021-01-08T16:49:10Z Friday 16 1 pure_x01 Ide support with stack scripts?
2021-01-08T14:57:58Z Friday 14 1 SmarterInvader Haskell Project suggestions
2021-01-08T14:48:21Z Friday 14 1 DetriusXii Happstack web framework and session state
2021-01-08T12:15:00Z Friday 12 1 complyue How to get dwarf stack trace of all live threads (HECs) on demand (e.g. SIGQUIT)?
2021-01-08T11:01:04Z Friday 11 1 r0ck0 How portable are Haskell binaries compared to Rust & Go?
2021-01-08T09:47:52Z Friday 9 1 AshleyYakeley Anyone using an old GHC with a newer time library?
2021-01-07T18:24:38Z Thursday 18 1 jkrmnj [ANN] Xest Window Manager for Linux
2021-01-07T18:15:10Z Thursday 18 1 Deadpool0312 How can i identify diferent functions in a user input?
2021-01-07T15:59:25Z Thursday 15 1 unkg Recurrence and run-time cost.
2021-01-07T13:47:46Z Thursday 13 1 n00bomb HASKELL DARK ARTS, PART I: IMPORTING HIDDEN VALUES
2021-01-07T13:01:24Z Thursday 13 1 slgard Simple, elegant code examples to demonstrate Haskell benefits?
2021-01-07T11:18:48Z Thursday 11 1 AlbVx Noob: N-ari tree
2021-01-07T11:17:22Z Thursday 11 1 AlbVx NOOB: N-ary i Tree haskell
2021-01-07T08:34:31Z Thursday 8 1 melkornemesis foldMap written as foldr
2021-01-07T08:18:16Z Thursday 8 1 k33ler4pp Best UI Toolkit for generating UI elements at runtime
2021-01-07T04:34:43Z Thursday 4 1 Lemmih Want to get better at Haskell? Try HGeometry!
2021-01-07T03:31:48Z Thursday 3 1 Deadpool0312 How can i make a list have its own key?
2021-01-06T22:40:20Z Wednesday 22 0 cironoric Interested in building a prototype Solidity -> Cairo compiler for the ethereum ecosystem?
2021-01-06T17:27:58Z Wednesday 17 1 zac_wood Basic Data Scraping in Haskell Part 1: HTTP and JSON
2021-01-06T17:03:26Z Wednesday 17 2 Philoustic Search for abstraction...
2021-01-06T16:28:41Z Wednesday 16 1 PennyMaysok305 DPG Media Privacy Gate
2021-01-06T09:18:04Z Wednesday 9 1 pure_x01 Noob: What does purely functional language really mean in a Haskell context and does it make sense?
2021-01-06T09:13:26Z Wednesday 9 1 veydar_ How to create `co-log` instance for Scotty?
2021-01-06T02:54:36Z Wednesday 2 1 ExtantWord Question regarding types and recursive functions.
2021-01-05T16:18:01Z Tuesday 16 1 Deadpool0312 How can i create a groupby in haskell ?
2021-01-05T16:13:37Z Tuesday 16 1 chrisdoner How exactly ExceptT differs to EarlyDo
2021-01-05T14:15:11Z Tuesday 14 1 Serokell Compile-Time Evaluation in Haskell
2021-01-05T12:54:31Z Tuesday 12 1 Rustalt Function help
2021-01-05T12:35:32Z Tuesday 12 1 sibip Applied Haskell video training - typed-process library
2021-01-05T12:30:22Z Tuesday 12 1 n00bomb Hacking Haskell in a Scottish castle
2021-01-05T11:31:30Z Tuesday 11 1 _query 100 Days Of Haskell/IHP Day 1, Live on Twitch right now
2021-01-05T07:20:52Z Tuesday 7 1 iokasimovm Trying to compose non-composable: monads
2021-01-04T23:28:41Z Monday 23 1 KittyIsKing Haskell function to estimate the integral of a function, help sought
2021-01-04T20:45:17Z Monday 20 1 yaxu Live coding the voice with Haskell
2021-01-04T20:24:47Z Monday 20 1 theKGS Question about Depth First Search and lazy evaluation
2021-01-04T19:25:07Z Monday 19 1 Rustalt Haskell is useless video comment?
2021-01-04T19:02:53Z Monday 19 1 DareInformal3077 My first Haskell program: Semantic Distance Visualizer (would love feedback!)
2021-01-04T18:57:20Z Monday 18 1 philip_schwarz Function Applicative for Great Good of Palindrome Checker Function - Polyglot FP for Fun and Profit - Haskell and Scala
2021-01-04T18:01:02Z Monday 18 1 jose_zap A new upcoming method to debug memory leaks
2021-01-04T17:56:21Z Monday 17 1 jneira [ANN] Release of haskell-language-server-0.8.0
2021-01-04T17:52:39Z Monday 17 1 Deadpool0312 How can i group results by colums ?
2021-01-04T16:36:34Z Monday 16 1 CrazyMind-102 Simple base converter
2021-01-04T16:34:40Z Monday 16 1 CrazyMind-102 Simple Turing Machine simulator
2021-01-04T16:32:49Z Monday 16 1 abhin4v Solving Advent of Code “Handy Haversacks” in Type-level Haskell
2021-01-04T16:32:15Z Monday 16 1 n00bomb The visitor pattern is essentially the same thing as Church encoding
2021-01-04T16:01:57Z Monday 16 1 ronbarakbackal Symbolic algebra in Haskell
2021-01-04T15:54:54Z Monday 15 1 n00bomb Well-Typed - The Haskell Consultants: A First Look at Info Table Profiling
2021-01-04T15:26:52Z Monday 15 1 DavidEichmann Well-Typed - A First Look at Info Table Profiling
2021-01-04T13:51:20Z Monday 13 1 abilya Object-Oriented Programming Will Make You Suffer
2021-01-04T12:04:34Z Monday 12 1 wardhsa2 Can someone explain how this function works?
2021-01-04T11:57:19Z Monday 11 1 phadej Coindexed optics
2021-01-04T09:24:39Z Monday 9 1 pure_x01 Why is the prelude function return named the way it is?
2021-01-04T01:03:55Z Monday 1 1 frasertweedale Fixing System.Environment.getExecutablePath on FreeBSD
2021-01-03T21:34:42Z Sunday 21 1 CrazyMind-102 Easy to remember passwords app
2021-01-03T20:53:16Z Sunday 20 1 rustout Ambiguous names in ghci
2021-01-03T20:14:12Z Sunday 20 1 rigidSkolem Lessons Learned From A Year Of Writing Haskell
2021-01-03T18:30:22Z Sunday 18 1 binaryfor Console 34 includes a Haskell web framework that I thought /r/haskell might be interested in. We also got an interview with the developer!
2021-01-03T17:16:57Z Sunday 17 1 largeminicake When does haskell consider something a duplicate function instead of pattern matching?
2021-01-03T15:40:34Z Sunday 15 1 CurrentCouple4108 Why we had to build our own logging framework
2021-01-03T14:34:34Z Sunday 14 1 denlillakakan Why does the cabal 3.4 documentation running commands with “cabal init --cabal-version=2.4”?
2021-01-03T14:18:24Z Sunday 14 1 weeezes Unable to cross-compile to 32-bit architecture with Nix and haskell.nix,"unknown symbol `_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_'"
2021-01-03T00:38:51Z Sunday 0 1 peargreen Artyom's Haskell toolbox — a long list of tools/libraries I use
2021-01-02T21:51:57Z Saturday 21 1 guygastineau Apply git patch to package listed in extra-deps in stack build
2021-01-02T17:08:57Z Saturday 17 1 The_Power_That_B how to add type constraint in the middle of function type signature
2021-01-02T15:17:39Z Saturday 15 1 t4ccer Idea for reducing build time
2021-01-02T15:14:34Z Saturday 15 1 Rustalt Explanation
2021-01-02T15:03:11Z Saturday 15 1 doctahFoX Pretty-printing an expression with a given context
2021-01-02T15:02:48Z Saturday 15 1 chrisdoner Syntax for early return in do-notation (GHC plug-in)
2021-01-02T14:06:38Z Saturday 14 1 Anthony_L_ Do i use state monad or Mvar?
2021-01-02T10:11:49Z Saturday 10 1 akshay-nair How do I assert a value wrapped in an IO with HSpec?
2021-01-02T04:29:28Z Saturday 4 1 PromiseCommercial Setting up haskell
2021-01-01T22:44:39Z Friday 22 1 peargreen My setup for messing about with Haskell scripts, 2021 edition
2021-01-01T06:59:11Z Friday 6 1 baktix Cabal project for scripts with no build artifacts
2021-01-01T06:58:05Z Friday 6 1 rCadeJava Is Haskell Dynamic Programming Hard?
2020-12-31T22:24:18Z Thursday 22 1 andrewthad Novel Garbage Collection Technique for Immutable Cycle-Free Data
2020-12-31T18:40:26Z Thursday 18 1 mstksg Advent of Code 2020: Haskell Solution Reflections for all 25 Days
2020-12-31T17:05:20Z Thursday 17 1 AutoModerator Monthly Hask Anything (January 2021)
2020-12-31T16:51:50Z Thursday 16 1 haskellweekly Issue 244 :: Haskell Weekly newsletter
2020-12-31T10:01:25Z Thursday 10 1 nomeata StateT vs IORef: a benchmark
2020-12-31T09:59:43Z Thursday 9 1 huanhulan How can I express changeable JSON structures in Haskell
2020-12-31T09:41:47Z Thursday 9 1 juhp stack-clean-old: cli tool to recover diskspace
2020-12-31T08:47:38Z Thursday 8 1 alexeyr Objects in Functional Languages
2020-12-31T04:53:32Z Thursday 4 1 B3R5ERKER thock: A modern TUI typing test featuring online racing against friends.
2020-12-30T22:44:42Z Wednesday 22 1 roxven Generative art written in Haskell
2020-12-30T15:17:06Z Wednesday 15 1 bgamari [ANNOUNCE] Glasgow Haskell Compiler 9.0.1-rc1 now available!
2020-12-30T11:16:53Z Wednesday 11 1 _query Working with Dates in IHP and Haskell
2020-12-30T08:17:29Z Wednesday 8 1 complyue An idea of a simplified backend for easy cross platform binary builds
2020-12-29T23:09:30Z Tuesday 23 1 aldaeepoundston Del Mar, CA Office Space for Lease | The Bungalows at Del Mar | Offices for Rent
2020-12-29T15:26:56Z Tuesday 15 1 chrisdoner Haskell doesn't have macros
2020-12-29T08:23:39Z Tuesday 8 1 norm2782 Standard Chartered is hiring Haskell devs!
2020-12-29T07:06:36Z Tuesday 7 1 Risheehat Symbols for dynamically decided values.
2020-12-29T01:05:32Z Tuesday 1 1 ysangkok Refactoring Reflected with Simon Thompson
2020-12-28T21:20:56Z Monday 21 1 Hamiro89 Noob questions
2020-12-28T19:13:53Z Monday 19 1 cescobaz Working with Generics I discovered something I can't understand about basic Haskell I think
2020-12-28T18:10:39Z Monday 18 1 nicuveo Type-level programming in Haskell: a quick tour of required language extensions.
2020-12-28T17:39:28Z Monday 17 1 nicuveo Type-level programming in Haskell: a quick tour of required language extensions.
2020-12-28T17:23:54Z Monday 17 1 Majestic_Mushroom_64 Haskell MArray of Maybes
2020-12-28T16:26:42Z Monday 16 1 kakkun61 Ephemeral Purely Functional Data Structure and Linear Type
2020-12-28T16:22:08Z Monday 16 1 nicuveo Type-level programming in Haskell: a tour of the required language extensions.
2020-12-28T15:41:39Z Monday 15 1 abhin4v Learnings from Solving Advent of Code 2020 in Haskell
2020-12-28T14:41:20Z Monday 14 1 KittyIsKing Making a function that takes an integer (positive) and returns True if the number is the square of an integer number.
2020-12-28T13:50:59Z Monday 13 1 ChrisWohlert Diagrams-Cairo installation - addDLL: libcairo-2 or dependencies not loaded
2020-12-28T13:03:28Z Monday 13 1 elbeem Total map with codomain in a monoid, and with default value being the identity element?
2020-12-28T12:46:37Z Monday 12 1 blackSwan08 Should I upload the binary or build the code on the server?
2020-12-28T11:42:14Z Monday 11 1 Foo-Baa Is there tooling to fix module names?
2020-12-28T09:30:12Z Monday 9 1 Rustalt Ever tried lekash IDE?
2020-12-26T18:24:43Z Saturday 18 1 sinoTrinity How to recover from error in type checking?
2020-12-26T18:11:28Z Saturday 18 1 ColonelC00l unexpected megaparsec behaviour
2020-12-26T15:34:10Z Saturday 15 1 epoberezkin Any Haskell single-file database similar to SQLLite but with strict types?
2020-12-26T14:46:56Z Saturday 14 1 Bodigrim quote-quot: how to divide without division
2020-12-26T14:43:43Z Saturday 14 1 effectfully Enumerating type variables
2020-12-26T05:02:07Z Saturday 5 1 rgh [Ann] Parochial
2020-12-26T02:47:24Z Saturday 2 1 Faucelme Abstracting monad stacks with Backpack
2020-12-25T22:01:46Z Friday 22 1 backtracking_rec Need some help with backtracking in Haskell
2020-12-25T14:27:50Z Friday 14 1 peargreen Learn just enough about linear types
2020-12-25T14:09:01Z Friday 14 1 pwmosquito Advent of Code 2020, Day 25 [Spoilers]
2020-12-24T22:53:36Z Thursday 22 1 ethicszen "Borland Turbo Haskell"
2020-12-24T22:41:24Z Thursday 22 1 ExtantWord How to construct a function f such that f :: a -> a -> a? (with no typeclasses)
2020-12-24T19:58:57Z Thursday 19 1 absz What's the best way to render bitmap animations in Haskell?
2020-12-24T15:23:02Z Thursday 15 1 n00bomb Is it that is dangerous?
2020-12-24T14:53:28Z Thursday 14 1 pwmosquito Advent of Code 2020, Day 24 [Spoilers]
2020-12-24T14:48:01Z Thursday 14 1 czapp_arpad I know is not too erotic for you, but it is honest work. Please subscribe if you appreciate my effort. Have a beautiful day. Stay safe! [f]
2020-12-24T14:39:16Z Thursday 14 1 Poscat0x04 hinit: Generic project initialization tool
2020-12-24T14:12:48Z Thursday 14 1 eightthirty7 Here is the funniest video you'll ever see about 2020
2020-12-24T12:35:51Z Thursday 12 1 ocharles Monad Transformers and Effects with Backpack
2020-12-24T11:41:15Z Thursday 11 1 iElectric Postmortem of outage on 20th December
2020-12-24T07:21:26Z Thursday 7 1 effectfully is dangerous
2020-12-24T02:21:31Z Thursday 2 1 Rookie___Cookie Implementation of backtracking in Haskell
2020-12-24T00:33:06Z Thursday 0 1 kyohei_u stack: error while loading shared libraries
2020-12-23T21:39:38Z Wednesday 21 1 categorical-girl Is there an encoding for Prisms as simple as the van Laarhoven encoding for Lenses?
2020-12-23T21:10:02Z Wednesday 21 1 sridca- directory-contents: Recursively build, navigate, and operate on a tree of directory contents
2020-12-23T16:05:46Z Wednesday 16 1 miyakohouou Supporting
2020-12-23T14:10:47Z Wednesday 14 1 n00bomb Haskell-language-server is looking for a logo
2020-12-23T12:08:19Z Wednesday 12 1 gilgamec Advent of Code 2020, Day 23 [Spoilers]
2020-12-23T04:40:14Z Wednesday 4 1 darthminimall Why Doesn't Data.Foldable Export foldl1' or foldr1'?
2020-12-23T03:16:51Z Wednesday 3 1 theaceshinigami What is the relationship between free monads and F-Algebras
2020-12-23T03:03:01Z Wednesday 3 1 HXSC Chess in Haskell
2020-12-22T23:32:17Z Tuesday 23 1 unqualified_redditor Modular Arithmetic with Fin in Idris
2020-12-22T22:31:58Z Tuesday 22 1 modustollensiscool Why does one need brackets in (\x -> x*2) (\y -> y-2) 5 ?
2020-12-22T21:15:31Z Tuesday 21 1 NorfairKing2 Which package tries to close `/dev/random` and why?
2020-12-22T13:41:25Z Tuesday 13 1 Hadse Trying to understand the relationship between Int and Num. Which is highest in the hierarchy?
2020-12-22T13:10:09Z Tuesday 13 1 pwmosquito Advent of Code, Day 22 [Spoilers]
2020-12-22T09:28:12Z Tuesday 9 1 fumieval data-vector-growable: Dynamic growable resizable mutable generic vector
2020-12-22T08:47:56Z Tuesday 8 1 circleglyph lower case haskell
2020-12-22T00:16:27Z Tuesday 0 1 ysangkok Alejandro Serrano: A Quick Look at Impredicativity (ICFP 2020)
2020-12-21T23:39:37Z Monday 23 1 vivshaw Has anybody here successfully set up VS Code's Haskell extension one Windows Subsystem for Linux? If not, have you found any alternative Haskell IDE solution that works with WSL?
2020-12-21T21:33:18Z Monday 21 1 yairchu Silly Haskell code formatting is prevalent
2020-12-21T18:04:12Z Monday 18 1 Deadpool0312 how can i keep adding filters to a list that has been filtered ?
2020-12-21T16:00:52Z Monday 16 1 chrisdoner for recoverable errors in Haskell
2020-12-21T14:57:58Z Monday 14 1 Deadpool0312 How can i filter a file by keywords ?
2020-12-21T09:31:30Z Monday 9 1 adamgundry Haskell development job with Well-Typed
2020-12-21T08:45:26Z Monday 8 1 nomeata Applicative Interpolation?
2020-12-21T03:44:31Z Monday 3 1 ghiliweld analogous function to response.write in haskell?
2020-12-21T02:19:06Z Monday 2 1 modustollensiscool [Syntax question] 7 'mod' 2 VS mod 7 2
2020-12-20T23:53:15Z Sunday 23 1 frasertweedale Refactoring using type classes and optics
2020-12-20T20:58:08Z Sunday 20 1 thma32 Reconciling concepts from FP and OOP
2020-12-20T20:31:44Z Sunday 20 1 ChrisWohlert Serving a Diagrams SVG from Servant
2020-12-20T15:00:33Z Sunday 15 1 _query Improving Haskell (GHC) Error Messages
2020-12-20T14:28:33Z Sunday 14 1 binaryfor Console 32 includes a Haskell based web framework that I thought this group might be interested in :)
2020-12-20T09:37:47Z Sunday 9 1 effectfully Automatically detecting and instantiating polymorphism
2020-12-20T07:17:34Z Sunday 7 1 n00bomb GHC 8.10.3 released - The Glasgow Haskell Compiler
2020-12-19T22:23:07Z Saturday 22 1 emilypii Reminder: Haskell Foundation Board Nominations
2020-12-19T19:55:24Z Saturday 19 0 pdr77 Advent of Code, Day 19 [Spoilers]
2020-12-19T19:23:29Z Saturday 19 2 usernameabone Can I use guards with if-then-else-do blocks in Haskell?
2020-12-19T09:55:40Z Saturday 9 2 ironchicken83 Using recent wxHaskell with stack
2020-12-19T02:35:29Z Saturday 2 6 AppropriateNothing List of remote Haskell meetups and learning groups
2020-12-19T02:27:14Z Saturday 2 1 [deleted] Remote Haskell meetups?
2020-12-18T23:43:02Z Friday 23 11 jefmantis10 Can you detect plagiarism in Haskell?
2020-12-18T23:42:10Z Friday 23 1 [deleted] Can you detect plagiarism in Haskell?
2020-12-18T23:09:39Z Friday 23 2 GeneralPoxter rmhs - what does everyone think?
2020-12-18T18:20:17Z Friday 18 4 NukePangaea Servant API call with JSON - how do I make a datatype when the object name in the JSON is unknown?
2020-12-18T12:58:24Z Friday 12 0 Hadse What would be the Pros and Cons for Solidity vs. Haskell?
2020-12-18T12:21:47Z Friday 12 2 pwmosquito Advent of Code, Day 18 [Spoilers]
2020-12-18T09:56:31Z Friday 9 22 RecDep Beauty and the Bytestring
2020-12-18T04:10:55Z Friday 4 2 largeminicake Haskell textbook that doesn't get too into the weeds for someone experienced with imperative programming?
2020-12-18T02:39:44Z Friday 2 0 georgemen01 How can I remove an item from a list I created?
2020-12-18T02:22:49Z Friday 2 0 Adador How Do I Create Keyboard Shortcuts With Haskell
2020-12-18T01:49:05Z Friday 1 1 rampion Advent of Code, Day 17 [Spoilers]
2020-12-18T00:10:45Z Friday 0 5 HXSC Hoogle is down!
2020-12-17T21:59:42Z Thursday 21 1 Miyaor Pattern matching help
2020-12-17T21:23:36Z Thursday 21 0 RUThrowaway-21 [REQEST] need someone for college level Haskell help
2020-12-17T18:13:07Z Thursday 18 2 phadej Jesper Cockx - An introduction to property-based testing with QuickCheck
2020-12-17T17:28:45Z Thursday 17 2 g_difolco [Job] Freelance needed
2020-12-17T17:03:26Z Thursday 17 1 Smoke_Max A (mostly) guideline compliant Tetris made with SDL2
2020-12-17T15:04:06Z Thursday 15 1 leduin monad-bayes package
2020-12-17T14:42:23Z Thursday 14 1 spaubleit Problems with gi-gtk-declarative in Nix environment
2020-12-17T14:34:35Z Thursday 14 1 rizary TodoMVC example written in full-stack Haskell using Nix (Flakes feature)
2020-12-17T11:50:04Z Thursday 11 1 Hadse List containing different data types, how do you get around this?
2020-12-17T11:31:26Z Thursday 11 1 ZeckieChan Can't install System.Random
2020-12-17T11:01:34Z Thursday 11 1 MilkroTik Is functional reactive programming better with reactive values?
2020-12-17T10:08:50Z Thursday 10 1 georgemen01 how to find an item from a list I created
2020-12-17T09:51:37Z Thursday 9 1 georgemen01 Nth element in a Snoc list
2020-12-17T09:00:29Z Thursday 9 1 georgemen01 Help, Obtaining and removing the Nth element in a Snoc list
2020-12-17T06:58:56Z Thursday 6 1 georgemen01 I try to do a recursion to get my list without the first item
2020-12-17T06:47:42Z Thursday 6 2 [deleted] intento hacer una recursion para obtener mi lista sin el primer elemento
2020-12-17T03:49:12Z Thursday 3 1 r0ck0 Recommend packages for interactive terminal menus in Haskell?
2020-12-17T03:06:43Z Thursday 3 1 SevenxWasly Understand Haskell Monad from zero to one
2020-12-17T01:11:48Z Thursday 1 2 d0pamane [ANN] serialport under new maintenance and 0.5.0 release
2020-12-17T00:50:52Z Thursday 0 1 pdr77 Advent of Code, Day 16 [Spoilers]
2020-12-16T12:21:13Z Wednesday 12 1 i_lack_chromosomes Overloading record accessor names?
2020-12-16T10:26:25Z Wednesday 10 1 DarkMagic29200 Partition lists into sublists based on condition in haskell?
2020-12-16T08:11:04Z Wednesday 8 1 georgemen01 Problems getting the first element of a class made by me
2020-12-16T06:43:53Z Wednesday 6 1 weichain Implementing set to list
2020-12-16T05:52:10Z Wednesday 5 1 dvthai89 Where can I find the names of the functions in Functor, Applicative, Monad..?
2020-12-15T23:29:53Z Tuesday 23 1 georgemen01 help to make an instance of the Show method
2020-12-15T23:26:18Z Tuesday 23 1 natefaubion UI Developer Position at Awake Security (acquired by Arista)
2020-12-14T18:26:41Z Monday 18 1 CrazyMind-102 Dotfiles manager in Haskell
2020-12-14T17:49:56Z Monday 17 1 AlexKingstonsGigolo Do you prefer Darcs or Git for VCS? (Note: not "which do you use" but "which do you prefer") And why do you prefer it?
2020-12-14T15:58:49Z Monday 15 1 tikhonjelvis Structure your Errors [Advent of Haskell]
2020-12-14T14:58:44Z Monday 14 1 pwmosquito Advent of Code, Day 14 [Spoilers]
2020-12-14T14:06:18Z Monday 14 1 thetimujin Is there a guide, tutorial, or an example on how to handle user registration and authentication using Servant?
2020-12-14T13:27:20Z Monday 13 1 Swordlash State of logging in Haskell, revisited
2020-12-14T13:00:46Z Monday 13 1 snoyberg Pattern matching - details I initially missed, with Haskell and Rust examples
2020-12-14T09:25:57Z Monday 9 1 dvthai89 Name of this theme in Hackage?
2020-12-14T07:07:19Z Monday 7 1 _query How to setup IHP with Elm
2020-12-14T06:43:25Z Monday 6 1 n00bomb Kowainik - Foo to Bar: Naming Conventions in Haskell
2020-12-13T23:18:49Z Sunday 23 1 augustoperes Understanding the State Monad
2020-12-13T22:59:03Z Sunday 22 1 BigDog1920 Taken a few courses in python and am starting to study algorithm design but ive heard about this language called Haskell where the mathematical aspect of design is not separated from the code itself. Could someone explain what this means? Is the code itself a proof?
2020-12-13T22:22:35Z Sunday 22 1 taylorfausak Day 13 - Advent of Code 2020
2020-12-13T21:41:04Z Sunday 21 1 bruhIcant1 Haskell help!!!
2020-12-13T20:48:22Z Sunday 20 1 pavelpotocek Precise Typing implies Functional Programming
2020-12-13T19:57:11Z Sunday 19 1 cartazio My Polished template for cabalized haskell build matrix ci using github actions
2020-12-13T18:27:10Z Sunday 18 1 finlaydotweber Recommendation for Diff-ing library in Haskell
2020-12-13T16:37:13Z Sunday 16 1 RobertPeszek Type safe text programming - library
2020-12-13T12:20:45Z Sunday 12 1 NukePangaea Does anyone have a good analogy for understanding foldl and foldr for infinite lists?
2020-12-13T11:32:42Z Sunday 11 1 dooygoy day 86: a semigroup of haskellers and a logician walks into a bar
2020-12-13T08:53:46Z Sunday 8 1 lsunds People don't seem to use stack anymore?
2020-12-13T03:18:58Z Sunday 3 1 its_not_monarrk Splt By String Except When In Quotes
2020-12-13T01:36:08Z Sunday 1 1 mstksg [Advent of Haskell 2020] Roll your own Holly Jolly streaming combinators with Free
2020-12-13T00:53:16Z Sunday 0 1 simaffdeleofff6 DEA Compliance Consultants & Attorneys - Oberheiden, P.C.
2020-12-12T19:12:18Z Saturday 19 1 fnysfnys Removing duplicates without the Eq or Ord type
2020-12-12T18:09:21Z Saturday 18 1 federalopening [PROJECT] Need a Haskell developer for a small game (Gloss library for graphics)
2020-12-12T13:36:48Z Saturday 13 1 bss03 Advent of Code, Day 12 [Spoilers]
2020-12-12T01:05:57Z Saturday 1 1 Miterio100 [Help] Can someone help me get a snoc list of the n firts elements of a snoc list.
2020-12-11T22:56:40Z Friday 22 1 throwawayAcc16777216 Anyone willing to collaborate with an intermediate haskeller?
2020-12-11T21:14:21Z Friday 21 1 Miterio100 haskell list to snoc list and snoc list to a haskell list function [help me with the code]
2020-12-11T20:45:56Z Friday 20 1 pareidolist Is Safe Haskell still being developed?
2020-12-11T19:43:41Z Friday 19 1 yakesadam Code review: what do you think of this way to generate a list conditionally?
2020-12-11T19:05:26Z Friday 19 1 ibieyeo Deducing the type of f=f x x
2020-12-11T18:20:51Z Friday 18 1 Big_Cronokirby (Haskell in Haskell) 2. Lexing
2020-12-11T15:12:20Z Friday 15 1 matsumonkie izuna - Haskell type annotation on Github
2020-12-11T14:02:59Z Friday 14 1 buritomath Haskell memoization and evaluation model
2020-12-11T12:38:13Z Friday 12 1 Boris_666 Haskell problem!
2020-12-11T12:00:37Z Friday 12 1 steadylearner_p Can you share your experience with CLI and Haskell packages for it?
2020-12-11T10:00:27Z Friday 10 1 PeterDolland ghc -e multi threaded?
2020-12-11T08:52:32Z Friday 8 1 pwmosquito Advent of Code, Day 11 [Spoilers]
2020-12-10T23:49:16Z Thursday 23 1 iltallo How to instance Data.list to my own data type?
2020-12-10T22:46:06Z Thursday 22 1 NorfairKing2 CS SYD - NorfairKing/sydtest
2020-12-10T22:35:26Z Thursday 22 1 ChrisPenner Simpler and safer API design using GADTs
2020-12-10T20:19:04Z Thursday 20 1 buritomath Advent of Code #8
2020-12-10T20:13:34Z Thursday 20 1 leafiest Implementing tee in Haskell
2020-12-10T17:52:28Z Thursday 17 1 brunocad Advent of Code, Day 10 [Spoilers]
2020-12-10T16:43:11Z Thursday 16 1 haskellweekly Issue 241 :: Haskell Weekly newsletter
2020-12-10T15:19:00Z Thursday 15 1 binarycat64 Is there any way to get exact results like 2π or 5√2/7 in haskell?
2020-12-10T14:47:46Z Thursday 14 1 graninas On hiring Haskellers
2020-12-10T14:16:29Z Thursday 14 1 kindaro [Haskell-cafe] Do something about Cabal?
2020-12-10T07:55:51Z Thursday 7 1 mbrc12 Need a way to `coroutineize` effects on two transformer stacks above IO
2020-12-10T03:34:42Z Thursday 3 1 taylorfausak Brittany version with support for GHC 8.10
2020-12-10T01:54:02Z Thursday 1 1 frasertweedale Adding section links to Hakyll articles with Text.Pandoc.Walk
2020-12-10T01:45:17Z Thursday 1 1 taylorfausak Advent of Code 2020
2020-12-09T17:28:49Z Wednesday 17 1 larugula Need professional Haskell exp to get professional Haskell exp
2020-12-09T17:14:20Z Wednesday 17 1 wardhsa2 Can someone explain how the generalisation of trees work?
2020-12-09T16:43:04Z Wednesday 16 1 sjshuck Introducing pcre2
2020-12-09T16:27:09Z Wednesday 16 1 Rhemsuda Will Haskell surpass other languages like JavaScript in terms of popularity?
2020-12-09T16:10:45Z Wednesday 16 1 NomDeiX Installing Haskell Quickcheck resulted in a fail. Why?
2020-12-09T14:47:21Z Wednesday 14 1 pdr77 Haskelling the Advent of Code 2020 Video Series
2020-12-09T13:22:00Z Wednesday 13 1 EqualOwl Haskell Tutor
2020-12-09T12:34:17Z Wednesday 12 1 yairchu Workaround for Haskell woes on macOS 11 (Big Sur)
2020-12-09T11:43:00Z Wednesday 11 1 snoyberg Haskell: The Bad Parts, part 3
2020-12-09T06:36:16Z Wednesday 6 1 Bill---Door Advent of Code, Day 9 [Spoilers]
2020-12-09T05:18:07Z Wednesday 5 1 steadylearner_p I have several questions for experienced Haskell developers
2020-12-09T05:15:47Z Wednesday 5 1 steadylearner_p Several questions for Haskell experts
2020-12-09T02:48:51Z Wednesday 2 1 -Kanera- Beginner question on lists
2020-12-09T02:36:12Z Wednesday 2 1 modustollensiscool Why are brackets required around the "a:_" in "let (_,(a:_)) = (10,"abc") in a"?
2020-12-09T01:51:08Z Wednesday 1 1 DidMartinGetAHitBot Haskell from 0
2020-12-08T22:30:27Z Tuesday 22 1 fredefox Modular arithmetic using singletons
2020-12-08T19:59:31Z Tuesday 19 1 Miterio100 Pls help me understand this.
2020-12-08T18:30:02Z Tuesday 18 1 beansandbeams Looking for a commissioned project
2020-12-08T18:15:14Z Tuesday 18 1 xwinus Can I download GHC Nightly builds from anywhere?
2020-12-08T17:18:09Z Tuesday 17 1 Mo_STARTHack ***HACKATHON HACKERS ALERT***
2020-12-08T15:47:51Z Tuesday 15 1 charankumar Nested Loops
2020-12-08T15:46:52Z Tuesday 15 1 chshersh [Job] Executive Director at the Haskell Foundation
2020-12-08T15:40:52Z Tuesday 15 1 steadylearner_p Help me to solve the path problem for haskell ihp web framework
2020-12-08T15:20:18Z Tuesday 15 1 eIisus Lambda Calculus
2020-12-08T12:59:48Z Tuesday 12 1 Snoo-35440 Megaparsec Haskell style grammar don't parse tabs
2020-12-08T10:10:24Z Tuesday 10 1 mgoszcz2 Advent of Code, Day 8 [Spoilers]
2020-12-08T07:50:28Z Tuesday 7 1 Brinker59 Writing Your First Plutus Smart Contract - PLUTUS IS A LANGUAGE DEVELOPED INSPIRED BY HASKELL
2020-12-08T04:57:02Z Tuesday 4 1 darthminimall GHC on Windows
2020-12-08T00:36:53Z Tuesday 0 1 Endicy password- / Password Validation
2020-12-08T00:01:16Z Tuesday 0 1 sansboarders The Halting Problem for Haskellers
2020-12-07T20:26:47Z Monday 20 1 Evthestrike Can someone explain category theory to me like I'm five?
2020-12-07T19:10:45Z Monday 19 1 zspitz Meaning of property names in aeson serialized values
2020-12-07T16:52:50Z Monday 16 1 veydar_ Weird problem with `fgl` not showing all incoming edges
2020-12-07T14:05:16Z Monday 14 1 Iceland_jack @rae: DeriveAnyClass considered dangerous
2020-12-07T13:26:07Z Monday 13 1 ilya_ca These Modern Programming Languages Will Make You Suffer.
2020-12-07T10:35:25Z Monday 10 1 n00bomb Kowainik - Haskell Documentation with Haddock: Wishes'n'Tips
2020-12-07T10:30:52Z Monday 10 1 rak810 I think Stack ruined my entire system
2020-12-07T09:11:05Z Monday 9 1 tritlo Advent of Code 2020 Livestream
2020-12-07T06:27:03Z Monday 6 1 schooloffp_co Whirlwind Tour Of Stack For Beginners
2020-12-07T06:19:27Z Monday 6 1 2SmoothForYou Advent of Code, Day 7 [SPOILERS]
2020-12-07T04:16:15Z Monday 4 1 incertia instead of spamming with a multitude of posts per day, here's a short summary blog for each day of advent of code
2020-12-07T03:40:03Z Monday 3 1 KuldeepSinhC Advent of Code : Day 6
2020-12-07T03:27:58Z Monday 3 1 brandonchinn178 [ANN] persistent-mtl released, request for beta-testers
2020-12-07T03:18:26Z Monday 3 1 snoyberg Monads and GATs in nightly Rust
2020-12-07T00:14:05Z Monday 0 1 KuldeepSinhC Advent Of Code : Day 5
2020-12-06T23:18:49Z Sunday 23 1 clahey DynaViz?
2020-12-02T17:25:41Z Wednesday 17 1 KuldeepSinhC Advent of code (day 2)
2020-12-02T17:06:19Z Wednesday 17 1 AwesomeGuy1990 Setting up haskell on visual studio code, macos in december 2020
2020-12-02T17:02:29Z Wednesday 17 1 CoastBig7293 Whats the hex color used in the Nav or this Sub.
2020-12-02T15:31:24Z Wednesday 15 1 Hadse The mystery of pattern matching
2020-12-02T15:31:07Z Wednesday 15 1 BlackIshDynamite I think I broke cabal
2020-12-02T15:17:04Z Wednesday 15 1 investinor Simon Peyton Jones - Haskell developer talk
2020-12-02T14:13:03Z Wednesday 14 1 Cfres_ Big projects ideas
2020-12-02T11:42:51Z Wednesday 11 1 danielkruger Looking for Haskell test cases to evaluate my thesis work on a tool for reducing Haskell programs
2020-12-02T11:19:13Z Wednesday 11 1 Hadse Case of. Let..In. If-then-else
2020-12-02T10:09:39Z Wednesday 10 1 danielkruger looking for Haskell test cases
2020-12-02T10:01:36Z Wednesday 10 1 danielkruger looking for Haskell test cases
2020-12-02T07:01:52Z Wednesday 7 1 NateReinarWindwood Why is (Num a => a) narrowed down to Integer on initialization?
2020-12-02T03:29:38Z Wednesday 3 1 KuldeepSinhC Advent of code (day 1)
2020-12-02T03:27:57Z Wednesday 3 1 KuldeepSinhC Advent of code
2020-12-02T00:04:12Z Wednesday 0 1 DemonInAJar GHC: XRec usage and Located stripping
2020-12-01T20:22:42Z Tuesday 20 1 RedTachyon A simple Haskell solution for Advent of Code 2020, Day 1
2020-12-01T17:35:42Z Tuesday 17 1 itzmysound Merry Monads!
2020-12-01T15:28:31Z Tuesday 15 1 StrongAirport Big advice needed for learning haskell/functional programming
2020-12-01T11:16:48Z Tuesday 11 1 eIisus New to Haskell
2020-12-01T06:46:44Z Tuesday 6 1 pdr77 Advent of Code 2020 Solution Video Series
2020-12-01T06:34:50Z Tuesday 6 1 runeks Does GHC's code generator for ARM exploit its weaker memory model?
2020-11-30T21:21:19Z Monday 21 1 Deadpool0312 how can i decied what supporter won given a list ?
2020-11-30T18:53:41Z Monday 18 1 nomeata CodeCulture podcast talks about Haskell (in German)
2020-11-30T17:31:03Z Monday 17 1 NeilNjae Infinite Store Comonads with Representable
2020-11-30T17:29:15Z Monday 17 1 grdaka Logical Equivalence Check Syntax
2020-11-30T17:06:17Z Monday 17 1 AutoModerator Monthly Hask Anything (December 2020)
2020-11-30T15:39:28Z Monday 15 1 srendomi Type conversion - Fractional to double
2020-11-30T13:55:02Z Monday 13 1 donnsomnia Module automatically generated by stack seems to be duplicated?
2020-11-30T12:33:49Z Monday 12 1 artjuna_0900 What blockchains are there written in Haskell?
2020-11-30T11:34:56Z Monday 11 1 pawurb pg-extras - My first Haskell package providing PostgreSQL database performance insights
2020-11-30T11:05:08Z Monday 11 1 thetonystark7 Recursive function
2020-11-30T10:46:07Z Monday 10 1 samcoy Advent of Code Template
2020-11-30T08:14:19Z Monday 8 1 snoyberg Error handling is hard
2020-11-30T07:58:57Z Monday 7 1 bss03 How to abandon a package on hackage?
2020-11-30T03:36:48Z Monday 3 1 ysangkok Richard Eisenberg on Simplifying Constraint Solving in GHC
2020-11-29T21:15:51Z Sunday 21 1 grahamhutton Program correctness [computerphile]
2020-11-29T20:14:19Z Sunday 20 1 Deadpool0312 Why this map function doesn`t work ?
2020-11-29T18:30:20Z Sunday 18 1 MagicpotterFirstHit How would I create a recursive function that returns the division with reminder of two input numbers?
2020-11-29T14:08:12Z Sunday 14 1 Volsand Help with this Aeson instance
2020-11-29T09:57:52Z Sunday 9 1 finlaydotweber Does "Functional" Require an Advance Type System?
2020-11-29T09:18:23Z Sunday 9 1 _xavo automatically freeing SDL2 objects on garbage collection?
2020-11-29T01:05:44Z Sunday 1 1 _breadless Why does it keep spilling memory?
2020-11-28T18:10:30Z Saturday 18 1 Deadpool0312 Why can`t i sum an Int into something inside a type ?
2020-11-28T09:19:21Z Saturday 9 1 xX_c4Rl-pH1l1P_Xx High precision decimal
2020-11-28T05:11:35Z Saturday 5 1 ibizaman Template github project using nix with haddock, ghcide, emacs integration, github action
2020-11-28T03:30:43Z Saturday 3 1 LAX-Airport Glance Livestream #3 - Haskell Coding!
2020-11-28T03:27:29Z Saturday 3 1 [deleted] Glance Livestream #3 - Haskell Coding!
2020-11-28T00:08:57Z Saturday 0 1 Kriplina Is it possible to filter a list of custom constructors by a specific one argument from a similar list
2020-11-27T23:32:34Z Friday 23 1 jodak932 [ANN] new release: nuha-
2020-11-27T20:29:05Z Friday 20 1 weichain Textbooks or sources to learn recommendations
2020-11-27T19:47:12Z Friday 19 1 Borkdude Stash: a CLI for storing encrypted text with APIs for Clojure and Python via babashka pod protocol
2020-11-27T17:30:52Z Friday 17 1 Deadpool0312 How can i get a "person" out of a list "family" by their name ?
2020-11-27T16:36:58Z Friday 16 1 xX_c4Rl-pH1l1P_Xx Subtracting a whole number from a decimal number
2020-11-27T16:27:41Z Friday 16 1 NixOverSlicedBread Is everything (Stack,"Haskell" vscode extension, homebrew) 100% working on macOS 11 Big Sur?
2020-11-27T09:14:44Z Friday 9 1 arinc9 I'm giving away $50 worth of Bitcoin/ETH to anyone who can cross-compile this Haskell project for aarch64 ios and arm architecture.
2020-11-27T06:45:34Z Friday 6 1 Then-Confidence6831 Trouble with haskell function implementation
2020-11-27T02:35:46Z Friday 2 1 aaron-allen [ANN] Typson - Type-safe PostgreSQL Json Querying
2020-11-27T02:22:19Z Friday 2 1 AlexKingstonsGigolo Is there a recommended format for non-code text files in a Haskell project?
2020-11-26T23:25:52Z Thursday 23 1 jefmantis10 [Small Job] Need a Haskell developer for a small concurrent application
2020-11-26T22:07:36Z Thursday 22 1 Surfer7466 How's Apple Silicon Support?
2020-11-26T20:02:02Z Thursday 20 1 unkg Function counting pairs in list of tuples
2020-11-26T18:53:23Z Thursday 18 1 a_simple_man_ Web framework with docker
2020-11-26T18:16:39Z Thursday 18 1 srid- Edit XMonad configuration with IDE support
2020-11-26T16:45:59Z Thursday 16 1 kc3w Type signature to Type class
2020-11-26T15:16:51Z Thursday 15 1 haskellweekly Issue 239 :: Haskell Weekly newsletter
2020-11-26T13:37:35Z Thursday 13 1 HaskellAmsterdam Haskell Study Group: QA Session (IV)
2020-11-26T12:16:50Z Thursday 12 1 StillerHarpo haskell-language-server + nix-shell + spacemacs
2020-11-26T11:56:12Z Thursday 11 1 Worttonn0 How To Build An Effective Business Intelligence Dashboard In React?
2020-11-26T11:11:31Z Thursday 11 1 tomejaguar Surprising unused variable warnings
2020-11-26T07:29:34Z Thursday 7 1 ch1bo [ANN] servant-exceptions 0.2.1
2020-11-26T05:55:48Z Thursday 5 1 notooth1 Error: hGetContents: invalid argument
2020-11-26T02:30:40Z Thursday 2 1 ChrisPenner Virtual Record Fields Using Lenses
2020-11-26T00:47:03Z Thursday 0 1 Evthestrike GHCi had a stroke
2020-11-26T00:42:21Z Thursday 0 1 Deadpool0312 create a type that is a list of types ?
2020-11-26T00:25:42Z Thursday 0 1 marochan442 Issues with newtype
2020-11-25T23:57:18Z Wednesday 23 1 sordina Meetup - Souffle: The Power of Logic Programming - Luc Tielen - MHUG/FP-Syd
2020-11-25T17:32:06Z Wednesday 17 1 n00bomb Existential Haskell
2020-11-25T16:45:40Z Wednesday 16 1 Dasher38 Are dependency cost centers expected with stack --executable-profiling ?
2020-11-25T16:27:40Z Wednesday 16 1 ysangkok Quantitative Types in Idris 2
2020-11-25T15:34:53Z Wednesday 15 1 halbGefressen Since there is no rule against memes here and I can't find a proper subreddit, I am gonna leave this here.
2020-11-25T11:51:43Z Wednesday 11 1 n00bomb A tale of Template Haskell and cross compilation
2020-11-25T06:58:43Z Wednesday 6 1 seditiousseals ghcide and GHC version issues
2020-11-24T23:25:18Z Tuesday 23 1 kxra Sidebar suggestions: Places to practice!
2020-11-24T23:10:57Z Tuesday 23 1 snawster Filesystem abstraction options? (local, network, cloud, in-memory, ...)
2020-11-24T18:39:39Z Tuesday 18 1 daredevildas Understanding pattern matching declaration
2020-11-24T17:30:29Z Tuesday 17 1 Phantom569 I wrote my first real haskell project - an interpreter for the aoc2019 intcode esolang!
2020-11-24T12:30:33Z Tuesday 12 1 barischrooneyj Encoding of HTML Void element
2020-11-24T04:44:34Z Tuesday 4 1 barefoot_cherokee extensible records or how to make postgresql-simple nicer to work with
2020-11-24T03:13:38Z Tuesday 3 1 cannabis_detox_ The Most Motivational Experience of Your Life - Programming Podcast
2020-11-24T02:39:04Z Tuesday 2 1 binaryfor IHP – A Haskell web framework
2020-11-23T23:53:08Z Monday 23 1 FoxhoundSystems Reducing the pain of grouping SQL query results using Haskell
2020-11-23T18:37:18Z Monday 18 1 Mrsolider Apply every function in list to a variable with (.)
2020-11-23T16:23:45Z Monday 16 1 arybczak [GHC proposal] DYSFUNCTIONAL per-instance pragma for selective lifting of the coverage condition
2020-11-23T14:51:44Z Monday 14 1 Bulters Advent of Code preparations, part 2
2020-11-23T13:29:01Z Monday 13 1 espadantskg Why Choose Node.js
2020-11-23T11:24:53Z Monday 11 1 CynicalAndGoofy How long should it take a programmer to learn basic Haskell programming?
2020-11-23T11:09:09Z Monday 11 1 weichain help with a simple question
2020-11-22T23:32:16Z Sunday 23 1 Miyaor Help with recursion on lists
2020-11-22T20:45:10Z Sunday 20 1 Then-Confidence6831 Trouble with implementing regex in haskell
2020-11-22T17:39:23Z Sunday 17 1 taylorfausak 2020 State of Haskell Survey results
2020-11-20T11:09:53Z Friday 11 1 Campaign_Savings Advent of Code 2020(looking for newbies)
2020-11-20T10:43:43Z Friday 10 1 quitarleum How To Build Custom Project Management Platform From Scratch
2020-11-19T22:51:56Z Thursday 22 1 haskellweekly Issue 238 :: Haskell Weekly newsletter
2020-11-19T20:51:29Z Thursday 20 1 swamp-agr Experience report: contributing to servant
2020-11-19T19:38:20Z Thursday 19 1 zspitz Basic guide to reading Haskell type definition
2020-11-19T19:07:02Z Thursday 19 1 yairchu Trying to create Syntax Optics
2020-11-19T18:56:40Z Thursday 18 6 nstevnc77 Installing a Haskell compiler on MacOS with M1 chip
2020-11-19T16:17:44Z Thursday 16 1 natys_10 Using subdomain with yesod app
2020-11-19T10:21:08Z Thursday 10 0 neulupanuwe How To Hire React.js Developers
2020-11-19T09:53:07Z Thursday 9 1 graninas Juspay is hiring experienced Purescript developers remote worldwide
2020-11-19T05:07:24Z Thursday 5 1 monica_b1998 Pure destination-passing style in linear Haskell
2020-11-19T02:41:06Z Thursday 2 2 eeg_bert Emacs Plugin to Rename Symbols?
2020-11-18T20:43:21Z Wednesday 20 12 ObsidianSys Announcing haveibeenpwned: A haskell library for checking passwords against the HIBP database
2020-11-18T18:27:26Z Wednesday 18 22 mstksg Shuffling Things Up: Solving Advent of Code with the help of Group Theory, and how Haskell helps nudge us to the solution
2020-11-18T17:50:45Z Wednesday 17 1 Ooscaaar Question about pattern matching
2020-11-18T17:39:09Z Wednesday 17 1 eeg_bert Emacs Plugin Which Shows Outline/Overview of Module?
2020-11-18T16:42:17Z Wednesday 16 1 TezIL Free Tezos Blockchain Developer Course!
2020-11-18T14:22:49Z Wednesday 14 13 Desperate_Agent9892 Remote Haskell Specialist position (US based)
2020-11-18T14:10:52Z Wednesday 14 0 miamivicemami How to Safely Store Your Crypto + Trezor Hardware Wallet Review
2020-11-18T13:46:15Z Wednesday 13 1 yzarcima Beginner to Haskell
2020-11-18T11:18:06Z Wednesday 11 0 jaygray0919 rationale for reddit
2020-11-18T07:56:06Z Wednesday 7 0 thematdev Haskell IDE Engine fails to start
2020-11-18T02:23:45Z Wednesday 2 9 grdvnl Question: About definition of Continuation Monad
2020-11-17T22:04:46Z Tuesday 22 2 haskellThrowaway5 What to learn about Haskell in 23 days?
2020-11-17T20:44:04Z Tuesday 20 5 haskellweekly Simplifying Deriving :: Haskell Weekly podcast episode 31
2020-11-17T18:05:41Z Tuesday 18 0 NorfairKing2 CS Syd Haskell Templates - New template released: Yesod Web Server
2020-11-17T17:00:37Z Tuesday 17 13 chiraagnataraj Hilariously useless operators
2020-11-17T16:42:44Z Tuesday 16 13 adwolesi Perspec 0.1.3 released 🎉
2020-11-17T16:36:09Z Tuesday 16 55 lbseale Migrating A Small Company to Haskell
2020-11-17T13:20:04Z Tuesday 13 17 CGenie Guix anyone?
2020-11-17T07:51:19Z Tuesday 7 29 gergoerdi A tiny computer for Tiny BASIC
2020-11-16T23:59:43Z Monday 23 1 barabaraoostemm 24/7 Crypto News, Memes and Blockchain Research - BtcPro
2020-11-16T21:57:48Z Monday 21 0 wardhsa2 Non exhuative pattern, can someone help me figre this out?
2020-11-16T19:35:20Z Monday 19 1 [deleted] Why doesn't this work?
2020-11-16T18:47:16Z Monday 18 1 wardhsa2 How can i use filter on list of lists?
2020-11-16T18:14:08Z Monday 18 54 emilypii PSA: Maintainers Should Think About Migrating Off Travis CI
2020-11-16T17:37:07Z Monday 17 1 wardhsa2 How to use the filter function on list of lists?
2020-11-16T17:18:20Z Monday 17 1 J-Hack Sorting a 2D list by (n,1) element
2020-11-15T21:25:26Z Sunday 21 0 OsumaKinguin Help with code
2020-11-15T21:23:56Z Sunday 21 8 philip_schwarz Folding Unfolded - Polyglot FP for Fun and Profit - Haskell and Scala - Part 5
2020-11-15T21:13:30Z Sunday 21 14 Evthestrike Compile Haskell to C
2020-11-15T18:46:43Z Sunday 18 39 emilypii [ANN] base64-bytestring- + future plans
2020-11-15T17:20:59Z Sunday 17 45 nomeata GHC Comittee: Statistics on extension use on hackage
2020-11-15T03:08:26Z Sunday 3 1 cateroxl Which one should I stick to?
2020-11-14T11:58:56Z Saturday 11 1 MajorConstruction9 Haskell IDE support (for Emacs)
2020-11-14T09:12:45Z Saturday 9 1 tkx68 ConZone Hires Haskell Developers in EU, UK, ...
2020-11-14T04:01:34Z Saturday 4 1 goldfirere Should GHC support ergonomic dependent types?
2020-11-14T04:00:04Z Saturday 4 1 daughtrymom Parsec Help
2020-11-14T00:49:45Z Saturday 0 1 salfkvoje Checking back about cabal and blah blah
2020-11-13T22:01:25Z Friday 22 1 tiag09 I'm really new into this and idk if this was already answered but i need help to print a list
2020-11-13T17:46:59Z Friday 17 1 Niclerosis Help checking for each element in list
2020-11-13T17:38:33Z Friday 17 1 ObsidianSys beam-automigrate: automatic migration library for beam, targeting Postgres.
2020-11-13T17:36:53Z Friday 17 1 [deleted] [ANN] beam-automigrate: Automatic migrations for beam databases!
2020-11-13T17:00:03Z Friday 17 1 d0pamane Where Lions Roam: Haskell & Hardware on the VELDT
2020-11-13T16:46:17Z Friday 16 1 Camolet3488 Help to define a general function that splits a list into a list of lists.
2020-11-13T15:07:20Z Friday 15 3 PacoVelobs I did a thing : Hakyll with Internationalization
2020-11-13T13:05:31Z Friday 13 1 taylorfausak Issue 237 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-11-12T22:51:57Z Thursday 22 1 tageborg Looking for 20+ Haskell developers in EU
2020-11-12T20:01:46Z Thursday 20 1 _mr_alderson_ VSCode Haskell Language Server weird error
2020-11-12T18:29:14Z Thursday 18 1 wardhsa2 What are accumulators in haskell?
2020-11-12T18:12:58Z Thursday 18 1 SrPeixinho Should we try making a string type with JS String's asymptotics?
2020-11-12T17:49:56Z Thursday 17 1 ephrion [RFC] ExceptT and StateT can be given instances of UnliftIO
2020-11-12T17:06:41Z Thursday 17 1 t4ccer Hoogle syntax highlighting
2020-11-12T13:57:25Z Thursday 13 1 Faucelme Pure destination-passing style in linear Haskell
2020-11-12T11:51:18Z Thursday 11 1 Pritster5 Trouble Understanding Type Class Syntax
2020-11-12T11:35:55Z Thursday 11 1 nikita-volkov Announcing a focused domain model declaration toolkit
2020-11-12T11:09:24Z Thursday 11 1 perkasaaa How To Integrate Video Conferencing API to Your Application
2020-11-12T06:15:29Z Thursday 6 1 ysangkok Digging for Fold: Synthesis-Aided API Discovery for Haskell
2020-11-12T05:17:44Z Thursday 5 1 xpika2 Haskell and Rust
2020-11-12T04:38:03Z Thursday 4 1 zeta_00 Command "hie-wrapper --lsp" is not present on the path.
2020-11-12T04:36:52Z Thursday 4 1 CGatlin00 Help with writing a function
2020-11-12T04:32:02Z Thursday 4 1 zeta_00 what is the default/correct way to setup the .emacs configuration so that haskell-language-server works out-of-the-box:
2020-11-12T03:49:50Z Thursday 3 1 fcktheworld587 Haskell's use, from the perspective of a noob?
2020-11-12T02:19:08Z Thursday 2 1 Spiritual-Neck3145 Using GHCi debugger with foreign-library Haskell program?
2020-11-12T00:46:21Z Thursday 0 1 eeg_bert Printing Values inside an IO function with GDB?
2020-11-11T20:11:45Z Wednesday 20 1 jneira [ANN] haskell-language-server-0.6.0 has been released
2020-11-11T19:03:21Z Wednesday 19 1 mastarija Generic product nesting order.
2020-11-11T18:40:15Z Wednesday 18 1 Ok-Bed7273 Project ideas for ABSOLUTE newbie
2020-11-11T18:23:33Z Wednesday 18 1 varosi V-Ray 5 Benchmark Released - a multi-OS GUI app, API service and a site written in Haskell and Elm.
2020-11-11T17:41:19Z Wednesday 17 1 spaghetti_toaster Pattern matching equivalent of `elem` for types that don't derive Eq?
2020-11-11T16:49:14Z Wednesday 16 1 Tekmo [Haskell Job] Awake Security is hiring two senior engineers
2020-11-11T16:12:27Z Wednesday 16 1 InDaysOfYore Could anyone please explain how this works to me
2020-11-11T16:00:37Z Wednesday 16 1 nomeata How dangerous is forkProcess
2020-11-11T15:56:55Z Wednesday 15 1 MitchellSalad [ANN] ki, a structured-concurrency library
2020-11-11T15:24:12Z Wednesday 15 1 timlee126 Does a memory transaction have ACID properties?
2020-11-11T14:07:49Z Wednesday 14 1 wardhsa2 Can someone explain this function step by step? Im new to Haskell
2020-11-11T13:55:57Z Wednesday 13 1 barischrooneyj Determine TypeRep of empty list if annotated
2020-11-11T13:16:27Z Wednesday 13 1 NorfairKing2 CS SYD - Declarative Spaced Repetition
2020-11-11T11:59:23Z Wednesday 11 1 reverbndelay Converting custom data Types problem
2020-11-11T11:46:17Z Wednesday 11 1 grdaka A function that splits lists into its non-empty sub lists
2020-11-11T10:56:09Z Wednesday 10 1 Pritster5 Accessing fields within a custom data type?
2020-11-11T03:08:51Z Wednesday 3 1 Met4Zer0 Count lines inside of a text file?
2020-11-11T01:06:11Z Wednesday 1 1 Zibadsflkjsdflk A partial function typeclass for Data.Map, List, and "a -> Maybe b"
2020-11-10T23:27:35Z Tuesday 23 1 Evthestrike Re-using variable names
2020-11-10T23:26:03Z Tuesday 23 1 VaselineOnMyChest [Beginner] How does a function take in user input?
2020-11-10T22:42:38Z Tuesday 22 1 srid- reflex-gadt-api: Interact with a JSON-serialized API defined by a GADT in your reflex-dom application
2020-11-10T20:14:53Z Tuesday 20 1 agnishom How can I refactor this code so that the type guarantees are more obvious?
2020-11-10T19:53:04Z Tuesday 19 1 Jonas_SV [Help] ghcide version problems
2020-11-10T17:44:32Z Tuesday 17 1 fuonb Subsumption and impredicative types - new episode
2020-11-10T17:42:56Z Tuesday 17 1 gallais Pretty-print syntax trees with this one simple trick
2020-11-08T17:50:21Z Sunday 17 1 Lexingtonsteel3 Producing the first n Twin primes
2020-11-08T16:28:17Z Sunday 16 1 fknupfer [ANN] type-of-html-
2020-11-08T14:45:51Z Sunday 14 1 polgris Web framework guidance
2020-11-08T12:14:47Z Sunday 12 1 rookrooki needed some help
2020-11-08T04:04:46Z Sunday 4 1 ultrondud haskell error parse error on input ‘=’ Perhaps you need a 'let' in a 'do' block? e.g. 'let x = 5' instead of 'x = 5' i get this error but i dont know why can you help me
2020-11-07T18:49:06Z Saturday 18 3 NorfairKing2 CS Syd - Haskell Templates Launch
2020-11-07T17:13:11Z Saturday 17 2 slinchisl Encoding of a Coalgebra in algebra
2020-11-07T16:50:17Z Saturday 16 1 barischrooneyj Reflex-DOM: actions within an Event?
2020-11-07T14:42:10Z Saturday 14 1 jmorag How to collect modifications through a list of (Pretext' a b t) to return a new structure with all of the modifications applied?
2020-11-06T22:48:53Z Friday 22 1 arthurborisow Why does Applicative is required to be Functor?
2020-11-04T21:42:04Z Wednesday 21 1 srid- λauncher - (Linux) Launcher Written in Haskell
2020-11-04T20:28:09Z Wednesday 20 1 effectfully Inference in Agda
2020-11-04T17:12:17Z Wednesday 17 1 as-_hh how do you call the generation function in this code?
2020-11-04T17:09:11Z Wednesday 17 1 as-_hh How to call generation???
2020-11-04T17:08:27Z Wednesday 17 1 [deleted] How to call generation???
2020-11-04T16:56:03Z Wednesday 16 1 OmnipotentMug Scariest thing is not the monad, it's the ecosystem
2020-11-04T16:29:45Z Wednesday 16 1 as-_hh How to run this program??? I try calling "generation[ (0, 2), (1, 3), (2, 1), (2, 2), (2, 3) ])" in the main but it returns the error message "main.hs:13:17: error: * Couldn't match type `Set.Set (Integer, Integer)' with `[Char]' Expected type: String Actual type: Set.Set (Integer, Integer)*
2020-11-04T16:26:27Z Wednesday 16 1 as-_hh How to run the program???
2020-11-04T14:58:44Z Wednesday 14 1 AltAccount467344 How would I apply a function to a list recursively and then split that list in 2 for true and false?
2020-11-04T13:12:58Z Wednesday 13 1 emilypii Haskell Foundation AMA
2020-11-04T13:02:04Z Wednesday 13 1 betareduce The Haskell Language Foundation
2020-11-04T12:09:07Z Wednesday 12 1 reverbndelay Recursive parsing problem
2020-11-04T09:34:07Z Wednesday 9 1 HaskellAmsterdam Want to learn more intermediate/advanced concepts in Haskell? Join this study group
2020-11-04T09:04:29Z Wednesday 9 1 One_Photograph9158 splitOn recursive
2020-11-03T22:37:58Z Tuesday 22 1 ActualNeighborhood20 haskell equivalent to simple asyncio python program?
2020-11-03T22:23:15Z Tuesday 22 1 nomis6432 Using the list monad with monad transformers?
2020-11-03T22:01:01Z Tuesday 22 1 One_Photograph9158 splitOn
2020-11-03T19:40:41Z Tuesday 19 1 deepakkapiswe Looking for Haskellers For Collaboration
2020-11-03T19:16:37Z Tuesday 19 1 a13xndra Your opinion wanted! Join a research session and get free swag! :D
2020-11-03T14:29:37Z Tuesday 14 1 Athas Reproducible offline Haskell builds
2020-11-03T09:57:07Z Tuesday 9 1 grahamhutton Journal of Functional Programming - Call for PhD Abstracts
2020-11-03T09:36:35Z Tuesday 9 1 SevenxWasly Can we understand monads just as a type computation?
2020-11-03T03:59:44Z Tuesday 3 1 _jackdk_ Profunctor Decoders? Optical Decoders?
2020-11-03T03:48:23Z Tuesday 3 1 BeetrootEnthusiast Data structure for fast lookup of adjacency lists?
2020-11-03T03:10:25Z Tuesday 3 1 Camto I will be streaming playing programming puzzles with the audience in roughly 1 hr, at 12am ast
2020-11-02T23:57:11Z Monday 23 1 htuhola Is it possible to trim unit types away from a type?
2020-11-02T22:02:23Z Monday 22 1 kjanofficial mltype - Typing practice for Haskell and other languages
2020-11-02T19:24:26Z Monday 19 1 scdudes Composing a function from a list of functions
2020-11-02T18:42:11Z Monday 18 1 nisnol Any advice or comment to C++ guy to learn Haskell?
2020-11-02T18:29:41Z Monday 18 1 CrazyCrab Which "Write you a scheme" is better?
2020-11-02T17:51:29Z Monday 17 1 JeffreyBenjaminBrown Bank transactions in Haskell: Library recommendations?
2020-11-02T17:37:13Z Monday 17 1 dcast0 Couldn't match type variables
2020-11-02T16:29:00Z Monday 16 1 AshleyYakeley Whole Haskell is Best Haskell
2020-11-02T13:03:38Z Monday 13 1 haskellweekly Bad Parts :: Haskell Weekly -> Podcast -> Episode 29
2020-11-02T10:21:01Z Monday 10 1 n00bomb Haskell eXchange 2020: Opening Keynote (The launch of the Haskell Foundation)
2020-11-02T09:46:51Z Monday 9 1 daredevildas Cleaning up my Haskell installation
2020-11-02T08:23:26Z Monday 8 1 skilzmatee Comparing two elements in a list
2020-11-02T08:10:38Z Monday 8 1 aman5319 Help Needed to start a Study group?
2020-11-02T05:03:34Z Monday 5 1 iokasimovm A story of an arrow and a comma
2020-11-02T01:58:35Z Monday 1 1 fumieval deriving-show-simple: Derive a Show instance without field selector names
2020-11-02T00:11:12Z Monday 0 1 lexi-lambda Names are not type safety
2020-11-01T21:13:43Z Sunday 21 1 philip_schwarz The Functional Programming Triad of Folding, Scanning and Iteration - a first example in Scala and Haskell
2020-11-01T17:29:57Z Sunday 17 1 SpajkiPajki I'm starting Haskell
2020-11-01T13:00:47Z Sunday 13 1 taylorfausak 2020 State of Haskell Survey
2020-11-01T11:51:37Z Sunday 11 1 lccro Haskell LSP in 2020
2020-11-01T11:17:21Z Sunday 11 1 xpika2 Would Haskell be faster on a custom CPU that implemented the runtime in hardware?
2020-11-01T11:01:37Z Sunday 11 1 bergcm Beginner -> Intermediate
2020-10-31T22:37:13Z Saturday 22 1 SeekingSilmarils A simpler ecosystem?
2020-10-31T22:32:51Z Saturday 22 1 bergcm Another Glossy Game
2020-10-31T22:01:26Z Saturday 22 1 ChrisPenner [Blog] Composable filtering optics using Witherable
2020-10-31T18:18:45Z Saturday 18 1 jjeeb Possible to restrain element to certain types in heterogeneous list ?
2020-10-31T17:05:39Z Saturday 17 1 AutoModerator Monthly Hask Anything (November 2020)
2020-10-31T12:10:42Z Saturday 12 1 tomejaguar Why I prefer functional programming
2020-10-31T00:40:17Z Saturday 0 1 sinoTrinity Possible to make stack test fail if code coverage is below a threshold?
2020-10-30T23:17:42Z Friday 23 1 BobbyTabless Exhaustive return value GHC warning?
2020-10-30T15:29:18Z Friday 15 1 matsumonkie How to write an installer for your Haskell project on windows
2020-10-30T13:18:51Z Friday 13 1 takenobu-hs Haskell committee guidelines for respectful communication
2020-10-30T08:43:30Z Friday 8 1 Iceland_jack [discussion] What is next for `deriving'
2020-10-30T06:27:43Z Friday 6 1 d0pamane Where Lions Roam: Blinker with Clash on the VELDT
2020-10-29T19:52:15Z Thursday 19 1 Gigi14 Difference between Java's "Checked Exceptions" feature and an Either / Result ADT?
2020-10-29T16:05:53Z Thursday 16 1 _query Haskell: The Good Parts
2020-10-29T14:06:28Z Thursday 14 1 haskellweekly Issue 235 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-10-29T13:51:34Z Thursday 13 1 mewis1397 Haskell Postgress SSL Connection
2020-10-29T13:13:05Z Thursday 13 1 ashishpadman Confused newbie
2020-10-29T13:10:49Z Thursday 13 1 TeletabiesGang How can I unistall haskell
2020-10-29T08:36:21Z Thursday 8 1 snoyberg Transparency
2020-10-29T07:22:21Z Thursday 7 1 kowainik Advent of Haskell 2020
2020-10-29T04:54:02Z Thursday 4 1 FoxhoundSystems [ANN] Esqueleto v3.4.0.0: now with support for CTEs, Recursive CTEs, and Lateral Joins
2020-10-29T01:27:45Z Thursday 1 1 deepakkapiswe [JOB][CONTRACT][FOR HIRE] [REMOTE ONLY] [INDIA] [FULL STACK HASKELL DEVELOPER]
2020-10-28T22:41:07Z Wednesday 22 1 kaukaukau [ANN] Keycloak-hs V2
2020-10-28T21:43:42Z Wednesday 21 1 Sajomancer Best Haskell Courses for Newcomers
2020-10-28T18:50:57Z Wednesday 18 1 saurabhnanda How does GHC optimize curried (partially applied) functions?
2020-10-28T18:47:01Z Wednesday 18 1 hexagonal-sun Haskell chess engine update
2020-10-28T13:32:41Z Wednesday 13 1 Serokell Handling of Uncaught Exceptions in Haskell
2020-10-28T12:32:55Z Wednesday 12 1 goliatskipson The state of GHCJS?
2020-10-28T10:15:48Z Wednesday 10 1 snoyberg Haskell: The Bad Parts, part 1
2020-10-28T04:44:54Z Wednesday 4 1 Brinker59 Financial Smart Contracts now can be written in Haskell - Alpha version available
2020-10-28T03:21:09Z Wednesday 3 1 yanhu Traversal on Tree from Index Path
2020-10-27T14:18:18Z Tuesday 14 1 rlb53 Infix Order Reversal
2020-10-27T14:15:37Z Tuesday 14 1 dukerutledge Tagged is not a Newtype
2020-10-27T11:41:16Z Tuesday 11 1 KarieNewsom [HIRING] 1 Job in haskell Hiring Now!
2020-10-27T07:18:59Z Tuesday 7 1 dooygoy 90 days of code with Haskell: Identifying functoriality
2020-10-27T05:07:28Z Tuesday 5 1 jaz_min3 Finding second smallest element in a binary search tree
2020-10-27T02:03:32Z Tuesday 2 1 Cloud_cookie Haskell job prospects for recent grad?
2020-10-26T21:58:02Z Monday 21 1 Will01021 How to learn Haskell from scratch? HELP!!!
2020-10-26T19:16:08Z Monday 19 1 Findlaech ghc-devs mailing-list: [Proposal] Strict `sum` and `product`
2020-10-26T15:55:37Z Monday 15 1 SylvesterHazel cannot install on (Choco) Windows Platform
2020-10-26T14:34:55Z Monday 14 1 Dasher38 What is SYSTEM in heap retainer profile ?
2020-10-26T13:20:50Z Monday 13 1 haskellweekly GHC 2021 :: Haskell Weekly -> Podcast -> Episode 28
2020-10-26T11:33:28Z Monday 11 1 RikvanToor [JOB] Haskell Developer @Chordify
2020-10-26T09:24:44Z Monday 9 1 jaz_min3 ValidPreorder :: Ord a=>[a] -> Bool
2020-10-26T09:15:11Z Monday 9 1 cdep_illabout [Job] Cross Compass is hiring Haskell developers
2020-10-26T08:22:58Z Monday 8 1 HaskellAmsterdam Haskell Study Group, Question and Answer Session with Alejandro
2020-10-26T08:09:24Z Monday 8 1 asheshambasta Understanding cabal conflict messages.
2020-10-25T22:46:37Z Sunday 22 1 nSeagull How to properly parse indented block with megaparsec?
2020-10-25T19:55:21Z Sunday 19 1 mlz9 Isomorphism between tree representations
2020-10-25T19:12:19Z Sunday 19 1 shubham1172 Get current time in Servant
2020-10-25T12:25:26Z Sunday 12 1 notooth1 Failed installing tree-monad
2020-10-25T10:31:27Z Sunday 10 1 accappatoiviola Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages - Statistics and Data
2020-10-25T00:50:55Z Sunday 0 1 mlz9 Simple Haskell Algorithms Question
2020-10-24T19:26:19Z Saturday 19 1 crmills_2000 Contribution to GHC 202x - popular extensions
2020-10-24T18:32:33Z Saturday 18 1 mlz9 Issue with "cannot construct infinite type"
2020-10-24T16:35:33Z Saturday 16 1 null_was_a_mistake Error handling: MonadThrow and MonadIO
2020-10-24T15:46:50Z Saturday 15 1 notooth1 Lambda Prolog for Haskell?
2020-10-24T12:31:53Z Saturday 12 1 InDaysOfYore Could anyone tell me what's the problem here
2020-10-24T11:08:05Z Saturday 11 1 noi-gai Eliminating Bugs with Dependent Haskell - Experience at Facebook (Noam Zilberstein)
2020-10-24T11:02:31Z Saturday 11 1 noi-gai Eliminating Bugs with Dependent Haskell - Experience at Facebook
2020-10-24T09:17:01Z Saturday 9 1 wignersacquaintance Law-only typeclasses
2020-10-24T08:57:57Z Saturday 8 1 InDaysOfYore Max in a list and its index in Haskell — in the case of a tie, I need the element closest to the head
2020-10-24T08:12:20Z Saturday 8 1 fbn_ Wich web framework?
2020-10-24T02:25:02Z Saturday 2 1 _jackdk_ Accidentally-Quadratic HashMaps
2020-10-23T23:51:40Z Friday 23 1 One_Paleontologist78 How to use Haskell Language Server with Vim/ALE and Emacs/eglot?
2020-10-23T20:06:48Z Friday 20 1 Dasher38 Dump ByteString in files concurrently
2020-10-23T19:02:47Z Friday 19 1 OscarSouth More Algorithmic Orchestration in Haskell! Stravinsky! High quality audio!
2020-10-23T18:49:47Z Friday 18 1 NixOverSlicedBread Is Obelisk ready for production software?
2020-10-23T18:04:20Z Friday 18 1 throwaway_5465 Get line number of runtime exception
2020-10-23T17:28:26Z Friday 17 1 julek1024 Interview prep for programming languages researcher position at big 4 in Haskell
2020-10-23T09:11:06Z Friday 9 1 drninjabatman Is there a CofreeT with a more intuitive Applicative instance?
2020-10-23T07:47:31Z Friday 7 1 igrep The Current Plan for Haskell QUIC
2020-10-23T07:03:07Z Friday 7 1 n00bomb The Current Plan for Haskell QUIC
2020-10-23T00:19:40Z Friday 0 1 reynaldamaria Pill Identifier App for iOS and Android by PILLID.COM - YouTube
2020-10-22T21:49:37Z Thursday 21 1 blureglades What does "No [cradle] found for proceeding with implicit cradle" error means?
2020-10-22T21:17:17Z Thursday 21 1 manfrombenaki [ANN] Keep-Alive, A library for setting keep alive TCP options
2020-10-22T19:38:47Z Thursday 19 1 epoberezkin Simplex chat
2020-10-22T19:07:42Z Thursday 19 1 serras The GHC20XX Process
2020-10-22T18:36:11Z Thursday 18 1 ihazcoinohnomorecoin Unikernel Support?
2020-10-22T15:22:01Z Thursday 15 1 tobiodp12 Print matrix on one line
2020-10-22T14:42:01Z Thursday 14 1 haskellweekly Issue 234 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-10-21T23:51:58Z Wednesday 23 1 UnitedCanary Any open source ML compilers written in Haskell?
2020-10-21T14:24:58Z Wednesday 14 1 NorfairKing2 CS SYD: An automatic declarative ASCIInema recorder
2020-10-21T12:46:23Z Wednesday 12 1 matsumonkie How to create installable Haskell software on Windows
2020-10-20T23:16:57Z Tuesday 23 1 marybethgaileyp Tiare Room Service Massage – Massage and Spa Treatments … Room Service … Hawaii &
2020-10-20T16:39:02Z Tuesday 16 1 szpaceSZ Distinct operator for floating point arithmetic
2020-10-20T16:21:47Z Tuesday 16 1 szpaceSZ TopShell: Purely functional, reactive scripting language
2020-10-20T15:05:27Z Tuesday 15 1 fuonb Haskell's random library - first episode of new Compositional podcast
2020-10-20T15:01:44Z Tuesday 15 1 ar0nwith1a The coin change problem
2020-10-20T11:19:20Z Tuesday 11 1 nikita-volkov New JSON encoder that is up to 3x faster than "aeson"
2020-10-19T13:39:51Z Monday 13 1 nomeata Does the idea of -XGHC2021 excite you?
2020-10-19T12:32:11Z Monday 12 1 haskellweekly Haskell Weekly Podcast episode 27: Interview Questions
2020-10-19T11:57:43Z Monday 11 1 LPTK PhD positions at HKUST on programming languages and compilers (deadlines November 1st 2020 and June 1st 2021)
2020-10-19T10:19:31Z Monday 10 1 norhther Help trying to create infinite recursive lists
2020-10-19T10:04:32Z Monday 10 1 sjakobi [Haskell-cafe] Release a book about math and programming in Haskell
2020-10-19T08:44:12Z Monday 8 1 nikita-volkov New JSON encoder that is up to 3x faster than "aeson"
2020-10-19T04:17:31Z Monday 4 1 Deadpool0312 Can someone help me? Haskell, lists, recursion
2020-10-18T20:52:49Z Sunday 20 1 unqualified_redditor Implementing Cellular Automata with Comonads and Dependent Types
2020-10-18T16:35:27Z Sunday 16 1 Iceland_jack Universals to the right, Existentials to the left: the adjoint triple "Exists ⊣ Const ⊣ Forall"
2020-10-18T15:10:04Z Sunday 15 1 propjoe16 How hard is it to get a job in haskell?
2020-10-18T14:57:05Z Sunday 14 1 finlaydotweber How to have the executable Main module in cabal repl when there is also a library module?
2020-10-18T13:35:13Z Sunday 13 1 Umbranoturna Quickcheck cant be found.
2020-10-18T08:49:32Z Sunday 8 1 Hxfhjkl Set project context inside ghci
2020-10-18T05:18:55Z Sunday 5 1 skyb0rg Manual constraint solving
2020-10-18T00:48:36Z Sunday 0 1 aryzach Help with using a package to use Haskell in a Python project
2020-10-18T00:48:08Z Sunday 0 1 aryzach Help with using a package to use Haskell in a Python project
2020-10-17T21:02:11Z Saturday 21 1 nullable_fool My boss doesn't grok programming languages
2020-10-17T17:56:17Z Saturday 17 1 ItsVerdictus Help with Poly adding.
2020-10-17T16:38:54Z Saturday 16 1 jmorag How to get a list of lenses from a traversal?
2020-10-17T15:23:48Z Saturday 15 1 nSeagull Resources on writing type system with subtyping?
2020-10-17T10:53:26Z Saturday 10 1 szpaceSZ Specializing a generic `f :: (Class a, Class b) => a -> b`?
2020-10-17T10:36:41Z Saturday 10 1 cyphzr0 Haskell is amazing to flush my memory.
2020-10-16T23:10:13Z Friday 23 1 sordina [ANN] Churros - Chans + Arrows - Library for DAGs of Actors
2020-10-16T16:32:56Z Friday 16 1 rzeznik Can anything be auto derived for Rank2Type?
2020-10-16T16:17:41Z Friday 16 1 cY6NDLKG Stack Scripts and extra-deps
2020-10-16T15:06:02Z Friday 15 1 locallycompact Flashblast - A tool for creating language learning flashcards from video and subtitles.
2020-10-16T11:03:48Z Friday 11 1 nikita-volkov New JSON encoder that is up to 3x faster than "aeson"
2020-10-16T02:34:02Z Friday 2 1 hedgehog0 How to make sure Haskell Language Server correctly works in VS Code?
2020-10-15T22:51:30Z Thursday 22 1 NukePangaea [Beginner] "parse error on input '='" when declaring a function
2020-10-15T22:44:15Z Thursday 22 1 Robbfucius Help writing anonymous function
2020-10-15T19:00:13Z Thursday 19 1 abinaya_204 I curated all the remote job openings from Hacker News who is hiring - October
2020-10-15T17:16:47Z Thursday 17 1 Bodigrim [ANN] poly-0.5, now with multivariate polynomials
2020-10-15T16:16:09Z Thursday 16 1 haskellweekly Issue 233 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-10-15T15:09:02Z Thursday 15 1 MilkroTik What are different flavors of functional reactive programming?
2020-10-15T12:24:20Z Thursday 12 1 gergoerdi An Adventure in Symbolic Execution (Berlin FP Meetup)
2020-10-15T11:49:14Z Thursday 11 1 toastmeme70 Not to flex, but I just wrote 57 lines of Haskell that compiled and worked on the first try...
2020-10-15T11:32:22Z Thursday 11 1 NorfairKing2 CS SYD - Haskell Templates: The first template is now available!
2020-10-15T10:50:39Z Thursday 10 1 FPtje Bottlenecked on Haskell's Text library
2020-10-15T07:47:18Z Thursday 7 1 Niladrideb7 Haskell Problem
2020-10-15T02:51:54Z Thursday 2 1 ChrisPenner [Blog] Silly job interview questions in Haskell
2020-10-15T01:09:51Z Thursday 1 1 _wrunt_ [ANN] co-log-polysemy-formatting: A Polysemy logging effect
2020-10-14T18:52:46Z Wednesday 18 1 roelofwobben free front-end help wanted for a project displaying images
2020-10-14T17:54:22Z Wednesday 17 1 Tombolator Aeson - how to fail when parsing an object with unexpected fields?
2020-10-14T15:41:29Z Wednesday 15 1 SSchlesinger [ANNOUNCE] stm-incremental
2020-10-14T15:39:12Z Wednesday 15 1 FreeVariable Helping Haskell by helping FOSS developers and vice-versa: How about a devs-meet-devs platform?
2020-10-14T13:25:03Z Wednesday 13 1 Aloys1us_Bl00m Is there something like Lisps AMB in Haskell?
2020-10-14T08:42:58Z Wednesday 8 1 kowainik [Announcement] prolens — Lightweight profunctor optics
2020-10-14T05:32:48Z Wednesday 5 1 qualitywriters786 Need Haskell Expert
2020-10-13T19:34:08Z Tuesday 19 1 captjakk How do I optimize Free Applicative Programs?
2020-10-13T18:50:39Z Tuesday 18 1 null_was_a_mistake GADTs: Grouping type constructors (or polymorphic variants?)
2020-10-13T18:47:24Z Tuesday 18 1 char1zard4 Future careers using Haskell
2020-10-13T17:40:05Z Tuesday 17 1 sheshanaag ScopedTypeVariables to fix type safety flaws
2020-10-13T16:40:26Z Tuesday 16 1 phischer_h Haskell Extension for VS Code can't find GHC installed with nix-shell. Help!
2020-10-13T16:31:15Z Tuesday 16 1 bgamari [Well-Typed blog] GHC activities report: August-September 2020
2020-10-13T14:28:05Z Tuesday 14 1 winterland1989 Ann project-Z: Z-IO and Z-data
2020-10-13T11:57:34Z Tuesday 11 1 haskellweekly Recursive Monoids :: Haskell Weekly Podcast -> Episode 26
2020-10-13T08:53:04Z Tuesday 8 1 Fendor_ IDE 2020: Multiple Home Units for GHC
2020-10-13T05:12:44Z Tuesday 5 1 BobSanchez47 Why isn’t seq part of a type class?
2020-10-13T03:53:07Z Tuesday 3 1 _wrunt_ [ANN] formatting
2020-10-13T03:30:35Z Tuesday 3 1 aryzach List comprehension for arbitrarily long lists of lists
2020-10-13T01:02:47Z Tuesday 1 1 HXSC Haskell: Monads. A 5-minute introduction
2020-10-12T21:39:16Z Monday 21 1 phadej cabal-install- and Cabal- are now available
2020-10-12T18:07:59Z Monday 18 1 jaspervdj GSoC final results for 2020
2020-10-12T17:46:15Z Monday 17 1 isovector Towards Tactic Metaprogramming in Haskell :: Reasonably Polymorphic
2020-10-12T17:30:20Z Monday 17 1 Robbfucius HW help for Haskell
2020-10-12T16:54:09Z Monday 16 1 SylvesterHazel WSS client for Streaming WebSocket Data API
2020-10-12T16:37:15Z Monday 16 1 CoBuddha What's up with {Int,Word}{8,16}{#,Rep} in GHC.Prim?
2020-10-12T16:28:54Z Monday 16 1 TravisMWhitaker Normal Forms
2020-10-12T15:29:50Z Monday 15 1 SylvesterHazel wuss-client for bidirectional sreaming API
2020-10-12T13:15:50Z Monday 13 1 barischrooneyj WebSocket connection closes immediately
2020-10-12T01:08:34Z Monday 1 1 AshleyYakeley Torsors in the time library
2020-10-11T23:51:51Z Sunday 23 1 emilypii Delivering with Haskell
2020-10-11T22:28:57Z Sunday 22 1 ruby_object Now how can I run the main function that can read the input from a file? - Struggling with Hackerrank Haskell puzzles
2020-10-11T22:14:32Z Sunday 22 1 matijash Intro to type-level programming in Haskell
2020-10-11T19:41:30Z Sunday 19 1 dilawars pandoc 2.11 is released (inbuilt support for citation)
2020-10-11T19:17:44Z Sunday 19 1 philip_schwarz Part Four of the Folding Unfolded series
2020-10-11T19:08:30Z Sunday 19 1 diego_reddit What are Algebraic data types, anyway?
2020-10-11T17:38:23Z Sunday 17 1 PppKizBroutle Help with lists
2020-10-11T13:20:47Z Sunday 13 1 KarieNewsom [HIRING] 1 Job in haskell Hiring Now!
2020-10-11T09:00:11Z Sunday 9 1 snoyberg Force your code to break
2020-10-11T02:27:15Z Sunday 2 1 Oldpug- [ANN] oplang-
2020-10-11T02:08:33Z Sunday 2 1 Robbfucius Help Haskell Basic Question
2020-10-10T18:49:06Z Saturday 18 1 Munchnello Haskell Beginner
2020-10-10T15:12:01Z Saturday 15 1 Syrak Tutorial: Verify Haskell Programs with hs-to-coq
2020-10-10T14:39:22Z Saturday 14 1 ysangkok Oleg Grenrus - Shattered Lens
2020-10-10T14:11:48Z Saturday 14 1 Findlaech GHC Core by example, episode 2: Evaluation (2013)
2020-10-10T14:11:04Z Saturday 14 1 Findlaech GHC Core by example, episode 1: Hello, Core! (2013)
2020-10-10T13:22:49Z Saturday 13 1 King_of_the_Homeless [ANN] in-other-words: A higher-order effect system where the sky's the limit
2020-10-10T12:58:57Z Saturday 12 1 johnorford Idiomatic Haskell Answer to KaiTai
2020-10-10T07:22:27Z Saturday 7 1 philip_schwarz The Functional Programming Triad of fold, scan and iterate
2020-10-10T06:51:47Z Saturday 6 1 ihaveproblemswithpc Difference between Rust and Haskell
2020-10-10T04:44:52Z Saturday 4 1 wignersacquaintance Expressing "is in the image of this type constructor" as a constraint.
2020-10-10T00:52:40Z Saturday 0 1 mlz9 Issues with elementary haskell exercise
2020-10-09T17:21:02Z Friday 17 1 rzeznik Memoization (memoizing each level of a tree independently)
2020-10-09T12:39:25Z Friday 12 1 IgnorantPoster How can I scrape optional values using Scalpel?
2020-10-09T10:30:32Z Friday 10 1 metaconcept How do you get *any* part of Haskell to work?! Angry beginner.
2020-10-09T08:46:16Z Friday 8 1 Yonatochi Error in function - Expected a constraint, but ‘Integer’ has kind ‘*’
2020-10-08T23:40:52Z Thursday 23 1 dustingetz react.js is a dataflow monad, true or false?
2020-10-08T20:55:39Z Thursday 20 1 srid- Neuron 1.0 released (note-taking & static site publishing w/ static binary via Nix)
2020-10-08T20:14:52Z Thursday 20 1 enobayram [JOB] Elsen is hiring a remote Haskell engineer
2020-10-08T19:20:26Z Thursday 19 1 SSchlesinger [ANN] commander-cli-
2020-10-08T18:16:42Z Thursday 18 1 haskellweekly Episode 25 :: Haskell Weekly Podcast
2020-10-08T15:30:54Z Thursday 15 1 Niladrideb7 Help With Haskell Problem
2020-10-08T15:04:02Z Thursday 15 1 dfith SimFormat Released
2020-10-08T15:01:15Z Thursday 15 1 dfith
2020-10-08T14:56:40Z Thursday 14 1 NorfairKing2 CS Syd - Haskell Templates
2020-10-08T14:46:54Z Thursday 14 1 haskellweekly Issue 232 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-10-08T14:42:18Z Thursday 14 1 PieSync [JOB] Platform Engineer at HubSpot - Haskell (Ireland/Germany/Belgium remote)
2020-10-08T13:33:03Z Thursday 13 1 ChrisWohlert Elm vs React vs Purescript
2020-10-08T12:54:51Z Thursday 12 1 fiat650 Strategies/examples for making illegal states unrepresentable
2020-10-08T07:59:49Z Thursday 7 1 jozephLucas How do you debug ?
2020-10-08T06:45:33Z Thursday 6 1 b4zzl3 Haskell Exchange 2020 CFP is open
2020-10-07T22:57:22Z Wednesday 22 1 Rdonat0 Help with recursion in a list within a tuple
2020-10-07T21:49:14Z Wednesday 21 1 namestini please help me im crying
2020-10-07T20:14:10Z Wednesday 20 1 34798s7d98t6 Call for Contributions - BOB 2021 - due Nov 13
2020-10-07T18:37:08Z Wednesday 18 1 ephrion [ANN]: Production Haskell (alpha release)
2020-10-07T15:35:21Z Wednesday 15 1 n00bomb Making GHCIDE smarter and faster: a fellowship summary
2020-10-07T10:03:21Z Wednesday 10 1 LordPos how do I convert a bytestring's underlying int32 to an Int?
2020-10-07T07:49:02Z Wednesday 7 1 szpaceSZ Good rundown on Frege vs. Eta?
2020-10-07T06:21:09Z Wednesday 6 1 angerman A Native Code Generator for AArch64/ELF and AArch64/Mach-O (a.k.a. arm64) platforms.
2020-10-06T22:35:36Z Tuesday 22 1 yanhu Graduate Programs For Functional Programming / Programming Language Design
2020-10-06T21:32:42Z Tuesday 21 1 reverbndelay Pattern matching problem
2020-10-06T17:31:38Z Tuesday 17 1 moskovitz How do you model impure functions as morphisms in category theory?
2020-10-06T16:57:47Z Tuesday 16 1 Migeil VS Code plugin - server crashes
2020-10-06T14:30:36Z Tuesday 14 1 PieSync [JOB] Haskell Platform Engineer at HubSpot (PieSync) - remote Ireland/Germany/Belgium
2020-10-06T13:55:32Z Tuesday 13 1 finlaydotweber I don't get it! If Haskell Runtime is this great, how come it is not widely used/known for this?
2020-10-06T13:40:43Z Tuesday 13 1 sansboarders On Characterizing Nat in Agda
2020-10-06T13:38:40Z Tuesday 13 1 jpvillaisaza Let's build a Cloudflare Worker with WebAssembly and Haskell
2020-10-06T13:21:00Z Tuesday 13 1 logan-diamond If the runtime is the biggest predictor of popularity, what does that mean for haskell?
2020-10-06T11:55:11Z Tuesday 11 1 morphismatic Point free style
2020-10-06T11:47:40Z Tuesday 11 1 user18298375298759 ghcup bang line
2020-10-03T18:46:41Z Saturday 18 1 JeffreyBenjaminBrown Adding windows to my app makes my data not a tree (though still acyclic)
2020-10-03T18:19:02Z Saturday 18 1 zigra0018 What libraries are missing?
2020-10-03T17:47:10Z Saturday 17 1 runeks Time-limiting an expensive computation within STM -- why doesn't this approach work?
2020-10-03T05:51:00Z Saturday 5 1 Turdon Im getting a "Parse error in pattern: unconcatsTringWithDelimiter parser" can anyone help?
2020-10-03T05:49:46Z Saturday 5 1 Turdon Im getting a "Parse Error in Pattern" can anyone help?
2020-10-03T03:37:22Z Saturday 3 1 Brinker59 Come and build on Cardano !!! We need your great minds.
2020-10-03T00:22:10Z Saturday 0 1 ChrisPenner Vladimir Ciobanu interviews Chris Penner LIVE: Sunday Oct 4, 8pm GMT (topics include: Optics, Comonads, publishing a book)
2020-10-02T21:16:14Z Friday 21 1 yanhu Mutable Data + References In Haskell (or better methods)
2020-10-02T20:05:29Z Friday 20 1 Bill---Door [Servant + WarpTLS] Serve different content depending on client certificate
2020-10-02T19:53:24Z Friday 19 1 brian-parkinson Unable to register library with AMQP dependency
2020-10-02T16:49:47Z Friday 16 1 simonmic 100 days of Haskell (& IHP)
2020-10-02T12:47:59Z Friday 12 1 Yonatochi Help on Haskell :error: parse error on input `='
2020-10-02T11:04:14Z Friday 11 1 d86leader Any good haskell books/tutorials for programming newbies?
2020-10-02T07:58:05Z Friday 7 1 faebl99 TH name found but out of scope
2020-10-02T02:21:29Z Friday 2 1 jamesdbrock Behold, the Universal Data Structure
2020-10-02T00:04:41Z Friday 0 1 captjakk How do I get an intuition about how to USE laziness
2020-10-01T18:18:26Z Thursday 18 1 m_shaaban Haskell Rotation recursively
2020-10-01T17:12:44Z Thursday 17 1 suzzr0 List Access Question
2020-10-01T16:54:03Z Thursday 16 1 faebl99 Implementation of `reify` in TH
2020-10-01T16:42:01Z Thursday 16 1 NorfairKing2 CS Syd - Hacktoberfest 2020
2020-10-01T16:34:31Z Thursday 16 1 haskellweekly Issue 231 :: Haskell Weekly News
2020-10-01T14:58:48Z Thursday 14 1 JeffreyBenjaminBrown How to break the infinite loop
2020-10-01T14:58:25Z Thursday 14 1 ulfhorst1 generics-sop: Satisfying (All Top a) with a not in scope?
2020-10-01T14:52:41Z Thursday 14 1 dushiel Help with working with graphviz
2020-10-01T13:57:09Z Thursday 13 1 Serokell In 3 hours, you can watch a talk on GUI programming in Haskell!
2020-10-01T13:47:02Z Thursday 13 1 Niladrideb7 Help with Haskell Program
2020-10-01T12:31:51Z Thursday 12 1 Pythonen Could somebody help me with this exercise from haskell mooc?
2020-10-01T12:02:44Z Thursday 12 1 graninas New book started: Pragmatic type level design
2020-10-01T10:58:09Z Thursday 10 1 faebl99 How to use TH to make a list of all functions in a file?
2020-10-01T08:58:12Z Thursday 8 1 cairnival Is there a name for (f a -> f b) -> f (a -> b)?
2020-10-01T02:42:45Z Thursday 2 1 Basic_Hope_74 Can i do the potentiation of a float negative number? -- Haskell
2020-09-30T23:00:31Z Wednesday 23 1 mpodlasin 5 (practical) reasons why your next programming language to learn should be Haskell
2020-09-30T20:29:55Z Wednesday 20 1 Darmani Cubix: A Haskell Framework for "One Tool, Many Languages"
2020-09-30T20:27:09Z Wednesday 20 1 kowainik [Hacktoberfest] Learn4Haskell — Learn Haskell in 4 PRs
2020-09-30T20:11:50Z Wednesday 20 1 Bodigrim bytestring participates in Hacktoberfest
2020-09-30T19:48:59Z Wednesday 19 1 ephrion ANN: "Production Haskell" book email list
2020-09-30T17:06:00Z Wednesday 17 1 AutoModerator Monthly Hask Anything (October 2020)
2020-09-30T16:15:48Z Wednesday 16 1 repaj Actor Model in Haskell | panjaper
2020-09-30T16:07:24Z Wednesday 16 1 IAmOZRulez What must I add in the blanks so that the function works exactly like the function drop?
2020-09-30T15:16:53Z Wednesday 15 1 IAmOZRulez How to find the type of this list...
2020-09-30T10:29:01Z Wednesday 10 1 Ghost-Hunter4 HUMBLE BOOK BUNDLE: LEARN TO CODE THE FUN WAY BY NO STARCH PRESS Get Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! and more! US$634 WORTH OF AWESOME STUFF you can get 6 books for 1$
2020-09-30T04:11:31Z Wednesday 4 1 jeanqasaur Type-Checking your API for Data Format Bugs Before Your Program Runs
2020-09-29T23:35:59Z Tuesday 23 1 Robbfucius Help!
2020-09-29T22:48:46Z Tuesday 22 1 ObviousBank Is this a common ghc bug (slow linker)?
2020-09-29T22:47:25Z Tuesday 22 1 davidfeuer The unboxed uninhabited type
2020-09-29T20:56:55Z Tuesday 20 1 adamgundry GHC proposal: DuplicateRecordFields without ambiguous field access
2020-09-29T19:48:51Z Tuesday 19 1 BeYuu Question about types
2020-09-29T18:47:15Z Tuesday 18 1 Timely-Routine4340 A little help? ty!!
2020-09-29T17:50:11Z Tuesday 17 1 MichaelObvious Hearing Colours - Converting Images to PCM stream
2020-09-29T16:39:28Z Tuesday 16 1 dinkandenza Is `attempt`, `throwError` a valid minimal valid definition for `MonadError`?
2020-09-29T15:15:01Z Tuesday 15 1 NinjaPenguin54 Lens questions
2020-09-29T14:38:34Z Tuesday 14 1 FutileCheese28 What's the best way to convert string to numbers?
2020-09-29T13:59:15Z Tuesday 13 1 abhin4v JSON Parsing from Scratch in Haskell: Error Reporting
2020-09-29T07:22:58Z Tuesday 7 1 sibip fakedata-0.8.0: Haskell library for producing quality fake data
2020-09-29T06:36:37Z Tuesday 6 1 CrystalLord How to See Chez Scheme/Racket Style Trace Printing in Haskell? (xpost from /r/HaskellQuestions)
2020-09-29T04:33:06Z Tuesday 4 1 spopejoy Plating Scopes
2020-09-28T23:32:58Z Monday 23 1 ybit The User Wizard Scenario - We start with a Haskell type that models a feature very well. As the feature changes, the data model eventually evolves into something like Clojure’s hash maps.
2020-09-28T20:01:24Z Monday 20 1 ObviousBank HUnit without using a build system?
2020-09-28T19:59:12Z Monday 19 1 bgamari [ANNOUNCE] Glasgow Haskell Compiler 9.0.1-alpha1 released
2020-09-28T19:17:57Z Monday 19 1 BeYuu Help implementing Applictative (Haskell book)
2020-09-28T17:46:33Z Monday 17 1 CynicalAndGoofy I don't understand how the increment (++) operator violates Haskell's rules for functions. Can someone explain?
2020-09-28T17:38:39Z Monday 17 1 Ievlet What does :> mean? Moreover, what does (_ :> x) mean?
2020-09-28T14:49:00Z Monday 14 1 srid- Which monads Haskell developers use: An exploratory study
2020-09-28T12:57:24Z Monday 12 1 Vladc92 Vs Code or Intelij
2020-09-28T08:28:07Z Monday 8 1 sgraf812 Learn Haskell on CodeWorld writing Sokoban
2020-09-28T04:15:30Z Monday 4 1 NorfairKing2 CS Syd - Talk: Practical property testing
2020-09-27T23:46:54Z Sunday 23 1 ChrisPenner Generalized Traversal Systems like 'jq' using optics and monads
2020-09-27T21:04:57Z Sunday 21 1 SSchlesinger [ANN] mtl-uplift
2020-09-27T19:57:56Z Sunday 19 1 fp-throw What are your next language choices?
2020-09-27T18:33:09Z Sunday 18 1 SSchlesinger Haskell is not dying
2020-09-27T16:55:46Z Sunday 16 1 SSchlesinger Haskell is not dying
2020-09-27T14:19:41Z Sunday 14 1 phadej RFC: A plan to gradual removal of v1- commands
2020-09-27T10:28:18Z Sunday 10 1 jiiam Precise timer
2020-09-27T09:44:49Z Sunday 9 1 jamhob Advice wanted on library interface design
2020-09-27T09:05:55Z Sunday 9 1 rkaippully [Blog Post] HTTP APIs with WebGear
2020-09-27T07:02:56Z Sunday 7 1 kakkun61 Static site generator powered by Shake, Lucid, and Hint
2020-09-26T19:28:12Z Saturday 19 1 Dark_Carnage8055 someone help me finding Taylor Series in Haskell for cos(x) with the longrage error!
2020-09-26T14:28:05Z Saturday 14 1 throwaway1275409 Where to find module "Char"?
2020-09-26T10:31:11Z Saturday 10 1 AshleyYakeley Is it possible to get Chart to draw in a GTK window via haskell-gi?
2020-09-26T09:32:33Z Saturday 9 1 romaxie I was checking IHP and Leksah. How big is the download file for IHP, it's taking so long while trying to install, though I got legacy computer. And why not no one uses Leksah IDE? Is there any problem with that?
2020-09-26T04:41:04Z Saturday 4 1 zeta_00 how do i install the: Integrated Haskell Platform, and all of it's tools on my own local nixos machine:
2020-09-26T04:18:32Z Saturday 4 1 zeta_00 i'm looking for the simplest, easiest, and most user-friendly haskell-web-framework, to use in production in 2020:
2020-09-26T01:28:55Z Saturday 1 1 throwaway1275409 Could not find module 'Char' (GHC) when building kayac
2020-09-25T20:05:57Z Friday 20 1 throwaway1275409 Could not find module 'Char' (GHC) when building kayac
2020-09-25T18:23:29Z Friday 18 1 4rgento Hacktoberfest is starting soon. Any project-issue you would like to promote?
2020-09-25T17:22:57Z Friday 17 1 njaremko Servant: Is it possible to decode multiple headers into an ADT?
2020-09-25T13:47:05Z Friday 13 1 habshi24 Two instance of compare for two different datatypes
2020-09-25T12:39:23Z Friday 12 1 Blastxyz fmod
2020-09-25T11:26:36Z Friday 11 1 edsko Blogpost/announcement: new library for avoiding/debugging memory leaks
2020-09-24T22:09:25Z Thursday 22 1 haskellweekly Issue 230 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-09-24T19:59:26Z Thursday 19 1 finlaydotweber What is the (practical) difference between Applicative and MonadPlus?
2020-09-24T18:20:59Z Thursday 18 1 srid- Explicitly Comprehensible FRP (Elm compared to Reflex)
2020-09-24T14:58:08Z Thursday 14 1 pbrisbin Void Is a Smell
2020-09-24T14:12:50Z Thursday 14 1 pbrisbin Void Is a Smell
2020-09-24T10:47:03Z Thursday 10 1 FutileCheese28 Implement Haskell data types for JSON data. Is what I did correct?
2020-09-24T09:27:32Z Thursday 9 1 graninas “Functional Design and Architecture” book: prices are rising
2020-09-24T00:34:36Z Thursday 0 4 Bodigrim [ANN] bytestring-
2020-09-23T20:22:19Z Wednesday 20 1 rzeznik Profiling a stack script
2020-09-23T18:08:05Z Wednesday 18 1 Iceland_jack Constraining partially applied type constructor
2020-09-23T16:49:43Z Wednesday 16 1 finlaydotweber Tips on how to make sense of Haskell error's messages
2020-09-21T18:17:30Z Monday 18 1 nm_aa how can I read .off file as combinatorial map
2020-09-21T17:45:40Z Monday 17 1 SrPeixinho Can we derive Cubical Type Theory from Self Types?
2020-09-21T17:44:55Z Monday 17 1 [deleted] Can we derive Cubical Type Theory from Self Types?
2020-09-21T16:47:11Z Monday 16 1 accappatoiviola Most Popular Programming Languages on GitHub - 2011/2019
2020-09-21T15:52:23Z Monday 15 1 HaskellAmsterdam Haskell Study Group: QA Session (II)
2020-09-21T15:51:02Z Monday 15 1 hkailahi [Job] TVision is hiring a Senior Haskell Engineer!
2020-09-21T06:41:09Z Monday 6 1 kowainik [Blog Post] Strategic Deriving: Ultimate Deriving Guide
2020-09-21T05:58:25Z Monday 5 1 PoIAris6303 New user to Haskell question
2020-09-21T05:17:41Z Monday 5 1 SSchlesinger [ANN] stm-actor & stm-queue
2020-09-21T01:41:46Z Monday 1 1 ysangkok Type Your Matrices: A Library of Typed Matrices and Applications (Pearl) - Armando Santos
2020-09-21T00:41:01Z Monday 0 1 stoon123 Stuck on exercise.
2020-09-20T20:58:48Z Sunday 20 1 firecloth7 Stuck on functions with multiple input types
2020-09-20T19:12:02Z Sunday 19 1 philip_schwarz folding a list right and left using cons and nil results in the identity and reverse functions
2020-09-20T07:52:19Z Sunday 7 1 Lemicod Giving Unison a go: is this the programming language of the future?
2020-09-20T07:15:52Z Sunday 7 1 pimiddy LiquidHaskell-style integration for Python
2020-09-20T06:48:08Z Sunday 6 1 puntitoverde Count the number Haskell function is calls
2020-09-20T06:43:53Z Sunday 6 1 KOREANPUBLICSCHOOL Help with stepping through a list in Haskell
2020-09-20T06:15:19Z Sunday 6 1 Lemmih Reanimate v1.0
2020-09-20T02:21:13Z Sunday 2 1 SSchlesinger [ANN] stm-queue-
2020-09-20T01:15:11Z Sunday 1 1 PencilChant Help with comparing items in a list
2020-09-19T16:42:37Z Saturday 16 1 avanov Why `base` doesn't follow the same version as GHC itself?
2020-09-19T15:09:42Z Saturday 15 1 EncodePanda Introduction to Haskell execution and GC internals
2020-09-19T13:52:47Z Saturday 13 1 tomejaguar Who knows this final encoding of a tail recursion combinator?
2020-09-19T01:27:31Z Saturday 1 1 brandonchinn178 Help debugging quadratic runtime
2020-09-19T00:10:00Z Saturday 0 1 PencilChant Would like help with a 'Variable not in scope: [integer] -> t' Error
2020-09-18T23:47:21Z Friday 23 1 stolenmutex Which language do you feel most fluent in? which language best draws ideas right out of your mind onto the text editor?
2020-09-18T21:17:20Z Friday 21 1 UnsatisfiedAD I am trying to install quickcheck using cabal. But when I import it in the interpreter, it says could not find it. I tried to re-install cabal (and haskell) and even tried updating (upgrading as well) but still did not work. Can someone plz help me out?
2020-09-18T21:12:51Z Friday 21 1 UnsatisfiedAD I am trying to install quickcheck using cabal. But when I import it in the interpreter, it says could not find it. I tried to re-install cabal (and haskell) and even tried updating (upgrading as well) but still did not work. Can someone plz help me out?
2020-09-18T21:03:11Z Friday 21 1 womble73 Making a portable library in haskell
2020-09-18T18:14:13Z Friday 18 1 sinoTrinity "delayed read on closed handle" error after compiling to Javascript using ghcjs
2020-09-18T15:23:21Z Friday 15 1 ysangkok Finger Trees Explained Anew, and Slightly Simplified (Functional Pearl) - Koen Claessen
2020-09-18T15:21:53Z Friday 15 2 ysangkok A Low-Latency Garbage Collector for GHC - Ben Gamari
2020-09-18T09:31:04Z Friday 9 1 accappatoiviola The Most Popular Programming Languages - 1965/2020
2020-09-17T19:39:23Z Thursday 19 1 depressed-champion Can you convert a Num to an Int?
2020-09-17T17:41:44Z Thursday 17 1 ysangkok Stitch: The Sound Type-Indexed Type Checker (Functional Pearl) - Richard Eisenberg
2020-09-17T17:40:51Z Thursday 17 1 ysangkok [MuniHac] Liquid Haskell - Andres Löh
2020-09-17T15:54:24Z Thursday 15 1 captjakk It is Q42020. Why isn't `text` in `base`?
2020-09-17T15:27:19Z Thursday 15 1 ysangkok [MuniHac] The new Windows I/O manager (WinIO) in GHC - Tamar Christina
2020-09-17T14:31:08Z Thursday 14 1 jaspervdj Lazy Sort: Counting Comparisons
2020-09-17T04:56:03Z Thursday 4 1 depressed-champion Can someone explain why I am getting this type error?
2020-09-17T03:45:58Z Thursday 3 1 emilypii [ANN] base16-bytestring-
2020-09-17T01:15:34Z Thursday 1 1 ysangkok Duncan Coutts: Using STM for Modular Concurrency [video]
2020-09-17T01:06:37Z Thursday 1 1 Bodigrim [ANN] bytestring-
2020-09-16T23:37:56Z Wednesday 23 1 ysangkok "STM for Modular Concurrency" in "ICFP 2020 Youtube Playlist"
2020-09-16T23:33:39Z Wednesday 23 1 ysangkok [MuniHac] Partial Type Constructors - Richard Eisenberg
2020-09-16T22:58:12Z Wednesday 22 1 ironchicken83 Emacs lsp-ui with Haskell problem
2020-09-16T22:26:03Z Wednesday 22 1 obround Haskell Functors in Detail: An in-depth tutorial/reference about functors
2020-09-16T20:46:11Z Wednesday 20 1 Adrian0808 I want to learn haskell
2020-09-16T16:15:09Z Wednesday 16 1 strange_projection I made a Haskell package for a knowledge manager!
2020-09-16T15:54:25Z Wednesday 15 1 Denitrifics Data type contrusction
2020-09-16T14:52:04Z Wednesday 14 1 rzeznik [ANN] libjwt-typed 0.1 - A Haskell implementation of JSON Web Token (JWT)
2020-09-16T13:45:42Z Wednesday 13 1 -anks Reflex, Obelisk and ObsidianSystems
2020-09-16T11:30:55Z Wednesday 11 1 vehlad_durjan Can I incrementally replace a React app with GHCJS?
2020-09-16T05:24:08Z Wednesday 5 1 Syncopat3d How to link a lookup-table or in general some other static resource?
2020-09-15T19:33:41Z Tuesday 19 1 depressed-champion Could not find module "Test.HUnit" even though it says I have it installed?
2020-09-15T19:15:27Z Tuesday 19 1 depressed-champion HUnit runTestTT not in scope?
2020-09-15T17:22:18Z Tuesday 17 1 sinoTrinity Can IO be done in pure code?
2020-09-15T16:38:57Z Tuesday 16 1 ironchicken83 Coming from Perl
2020-09-15T16:35:50Z Tuesday 16 1 aaditmshah Why can't there be an instance of MonadFix for the continuation monad?
2020-09-15T16:32:15Z Tuesday 16 1 ironchicken83 Coming from Perl
2020-09-15T16:16:35Z Tuesday 16 1 rafaelitaminasi Sarlat Rugby faces off against local rival Belves in action packed game -
2020-09-15T13:35:37Z Tuesday 13 1 IHaveRedditAlready_ How to 'invert' data structure within a function of only two types (similar like not, for bools)
2020-09-15T12:22:51Z Tuesday 12 1 skyBreak9 Developing multiple local packages at once in repl?
2020-09-15T11:28:54Z Tuesday 11 1 Pookibrine Saving and Loading a StdGen
2020-09-15T10:13:46Z Tuesday 10 1 gergoerdi A "very typed" container for representing microcode
2020-09-14T22:54:23Z Monday 22 1 Mbhound How to create a datatype which can incorporate the following
2020-09-14T19:38:24Z Monday 19 1 george_____t [ANN] pretty-simple 4.0
2020-09-14T17:56:04Z Monday 17 1 rae_reason Windows installation help?
2020-09-14T17:00:49Z Monday 17 1 srid- My Type-Safe Blog in Haskell
2020-09-14T15:50:57Z Monday 15 1 samuellampa My thoughts on Haskell in 2020
2020-09-14T15:17:33Z Monday 15 1 New-Napkin What is happening with "minBound :: Int"?
2020-09-14T14:35:48Z Monday 14 1 phadej cabal-install- and Cabal- are now available
2020-09-14T06:21:35Z Monday 6 3 avi-coder Effect Handlers in Haskell, Evidently
2020-09-14T06:21:17Z Monday 6 33 vehiclesoftware Haskell Internship @ Tesla
2020-09-14T00:38:04Z Monday 0 1 obround Haskell: GHC's error messages explained
2020-09-13T23:22:02Z Sunday 23 1 violamathurinnc How to pay for your premium fake ID
2020-09-13T23:03:28Z Sunday 23 22 graphicsRat Michael Snoyman on Lambda Show talks "From Haskell to Rust"
2020-09-13T18:12:40Z Sunday 18 4 aaditmshah Mutable vector with efficient append?
2020-09-13T16:04:06Z Sunday 16 27 phadej A design for paths in Cabal
2020-09-13T14:20:03Z Sunday 14 5 pritesh_shri Halfway through Learn You A Haskell, penning down my thoughts
2020-09-13T13:34:27Z Sunday 13 29 Labbekak Tactics-style programming
2020-09-13T13:03:43Z Sunday 13 5 Hxfhjkl Help understanding a segmentation fault crash
2020-09-13T12:47:10Z Sunday 12 3 i_lack_chromosomes Understanding packages
2020-09-13T12:19:13Z Sunday 12 2 beechnut35 Learning haskell for my (more practical oriented) master thesis a good idea?
2020-09-13T08:03:26Z Sunday 8 14 rkaippully [ANN] WebGear 0.2.0 Released
2020-09-12T22:04:29Z Saturday 22 1 obround Haskell: Understanding GHC's error messages
2020-09-12T22:00:14Z Saturday 22 1 [deleted] GHC Unproposals
2020-09-12T18:55:31Z Saturday 18 0 jefmantis10 Need help with a function
2020-09-12T18:47:01Z Saturday 18 71 Molossus-Spondee I wrote a compiler from the lambda calculus to co-CCCs
2020-09-12T06:39:22Z Saturday 6 1 koavf What killed Haskell, could kill Rust, too
2020-09-12T01:21:52Z Saturday 1 1 TravisMWhitaker Compiling "Systems Haskell" Resources/Examples
2020-09-11T19:29:05Z Friday 19 1 chessai New Libraries Proposal Process
2020-09-11T18:56:40Z Friday 18 1 runeks WIP IDE plugin: Case splitting and lambda introduction
2020-09-11T12:16:36Z Friday 12 1 ssanjs [Blog Post] Learning about contravariant Functors
2020-09-11T08:32:15Z Friday 8 1 peargreen Haskell Ecosystem Experience Reports — call for contributions
2020-09-11T05:28:25Z Friday 5 1 Mr_Retro Issues with setting up SDL2 on Windows
2020-09-11T05:01:59Z Friday 5 1 n00bomb Bazel, Haskell, and Build-System Joy
2020-09-11T04:09:36Z Friday 4 1 wignersacquaintance Cofree, but with some nontrivial way of joining the leaf to the branches?
2020-09-11T00:15:09Z Friday 0 1 captjakk How to use a tool like git-embed with haskell.nix
2020-09-10T23:38:32Z Thursday 23 1 isovector [ANN]: My new book Algebra-Driven Design is now finished!
2020-09-09T17:56:28Z Wednesday 17 1 t4ccer Am I trying to reinvent already existing monad?
2020-09-09T14:36:29Z Wednesday 14 1 jberryman Partnering with Well Typed and investing in the Haskell community
2020-09-09T10:29:37Z Wednesday 10 1 Hadse What are the best Text Editor for Haskell?
2020-09-09T05:23:42Z Wednesday 5 1 zeta_00 how do i use virtualbox correctly with xmonad:
2020-09-08T23:23:57Z Tuesday 23 1 obround Haskell: Understanding GHC's error messages
2020-09-08T22:15:12Z Tuesday 22 1 deech [Announce] cabal-auto-expose: a build time library that auto detects modules & signatures with cabal2nix integration
2020-09-08T19:46:18Z Tuesday 19 1 codygman Ergonomic Haskell 1: Records
2020-09-08T07:34:21Z Tuesday 7 1 chshersh [Blog Post] Be a goalkeeper: What are the Haskell goals?
2020-09-08T05:51:32Z Tuesday 5 1 n00bomb Well-Typed - The Haskell Consultants: ICFP 2020 & MSFP 2020
2020-09-07T15:24:38Z Monday 15 1 quchen Munihac 2020 schedule online! Come join us (remotely) Fri+Sat for great talks, workshops, and hacking!
2020-09-07T10:38:01Z Monday 10 1 Monty0507 Could not find module ‘Test.QuickCheck’ on Windows
2020-09-07T09:22:39Z Monday 9 1 faebl99 Is JHC still maintained?
2020-09-07T07:46:34Z Monday 7 1 graninas Essay found in 2030: What Killed Haskell Could Kill Rust
2020-09-07T05:42:32Z Monday 5 1 FutileCheese28 How to check if every 2 elements are equal in a list?
2020-09-07T02:52:35Z Monday 2 1 Senior-Budget-Master Glance Livestream #1
2020-09-07T00:53:13Z Monday 0 1 FutileCheese28 Is there a way for the map function to use the resulting list for the next element?
2020-09-06T21:13:28Z Sunday 21 1 DetFiniteAutomata Am I reinventing something here?
2020-09-06T18:57:54Z Sunday 18 1 philip_schwarz Folding Unfolded - Polyglot FP for Fun and Profit - Haskell and Scala - Part 3
2020-09-06T17:52:10Z Sunday 17 1 fsharper Some ideas for creating monadic code less painful?
2020-09-06T17:21:03Z Sunday 17 1 FreeVariable Are Haskell selling points being slowly but surely acquired by rival languages?
2020-09-05T22:58:57Z Saturday 22 1 janssen_dhj Announcing KMonad 0.4.0: The Onion advances!
2020-09-05T22:58:03Z Saturday 22 1 janssen_dhj Announcing KMonad 0.4.0: The Onion advances!
2020-09-05T22:57:52Z Saturday 22 1 janssen_dhj Announcing KMonad 0.4.0: The Onion advances!
2020-09-05T22:57:50Z Saturday 22 1 janssen_dhj Announcing KMonad 0.4.0: The Onion advances!
2020-09-05T22:57:33Z Saturday 22 1 janssen_dhj Announcing KMonad 0.4.0: The Onion advances!
2020-09-05T22:57:27Z Saturday 22 1 janssen_dhj Announcing KMonad 0.4.0: The Onion advances!
2020-09-05T22:57:25Z Saturday 22 1 janssen_dhj Announcing KMonad 0.4.0: The Onion advances!
2020-09-05T22:57:22Z Saturday 22 1 janssen_dhj Announcing KMonad 0.4.0: The Onion advances!
2020-09-05T22:57:03Z Saturday 22 1 janssen_dhj Announcing KMonad 0.4.0: The Onion advances!
2020-09-05T22:55:12Z Saturday 22 1 janssen_dhj Announcing KMonad 0.4.0: The Onion advances!
2020-09-05T22:52:01Z Saturday 22 1 janssen_dhj Announcing KMonad 0.4.0: The Onion advances!
2020-09-05T22:48:39Z Saturday 22 1 janssen_dhj Announcing KMonad 0.4.0: The Onion advances!
2020-09-05T22:46:32Z Saturday 22 1 janssen_dhj Announcing KMonad 0.4.0: The Onion advances!
2020-09-05T16:18:32Z Saturday 16 1 mysteriousmosquito Querying mongo from haskell - How to access Maybe Wrapped inside Action IO (Maybe Document)
2020-09-05T13:21:18Z Saturday 13 1 daughtrymom Looking for function
2020-09-05T12:40:51Z Saturday 12 1 FutileCheese28 What algorithm can I implement to solve this problem in Haskell?
2020-09-05T10:04:33Z Saturday 10 1 NixOverSlicedBread What is the Haskell equivalent of "mastering .NET CLR"?
2020-09-05T00:00:57Z Saturday 0 1 HuwCampbell Traversals as Optimisations
2020-09-04T21:44:30Z Friday 21 1 lerkok [ANN] SBV 8.8 is released
2020-09-04T20:42:06Z Friday 20 1 srid- A tutorial on writing Haskell Language Server plugins
2020-09-04T19:56:57Z Friday 19 1 Lyxica Been waiting for these babes for over a month.
2020-09-04T19:38:37Z Friday 19 1 Dubmove Do I really need forkProcess here?
2020-09-04T12:16:33Z Friday 12 1 Denitrifics Table Function
2020-09-04T11:53:17Z Friday 11 1 serras Miso Start Template
2020-09-04T11:44:54Z Friday 11 1 epoberezkin Dependent types to code are what static types to data (Modeling state machines: Part 2)
2020-09-04T09:53:43Z Friday 9 1 paulistall Minimal stack project
2020-09-04T08:51:14Z Friday 8 1 finlaydotweber Suggestions on how to build elm as part of an Haskell project
2020-09-03T16:58:15Z Thursday 16 1 SrPeixinho Requesting /r/haskell's opinion about the case-of syntax
2020-09-03T15:59:27Z Thursday 15 1 tom-md Are you using Stan? Why (not)? Let's talk about Stan!
2020-09-03T15:47:39Z Thursday 15 1 haskellweekly Issue 227 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-09-03T14:44:24Z Thursday 14 1 srid- Cerveau: a future-proof web app for notes (written in Reflex)
2020-09-03T14:37:52Z Thursday 14 1 WorldsBegin A non-obvious benefit of using Yoneda
2020-09-03T13:07:59Z Thursday 13 1 infinity0x Sanity-checking this benchmark where Haskell performs 80x faster than Rust
2020-09-03T12:36:42Z Thursday 12 1 cycleballplayer PDF generation
2020-09-03T11:06:10Z Thursday 11 1 echo_eeco Schuberts 9th Symphony (opening bars) sequenced by Haskell/TidalCycles code!
2020-09-03T10:50:53Z Thursday 10 1 phadej cabal-install- and Cabal- are now available
2020-09-03T03:42:10Z Thursday 3 1 LisandroDM Retaking Haskell, any advice to improve this code?
2020-09-03T02:57:41Z Thursday 2 1 graninas The book "Functional Design and Architecture" is finished!
2020-09-02T18:54:34Z Wednesday 18 1 figsoda Is there a way to not align my code when formatting with floskell?
2020-09-02T17:46:12Z Wednesday 17 1 finlaydotweber Pointers on how to get started using Warp to build HTTP services
2020-09-02T17:14:40Z Wednesday 17 1 sometimesKindaUseful Please check my understanding of functors, applicative functors and monads
2020-09-02T16:55:46Z Wednesday 16 1 sometimesKindaUseful Please check my understanding of functors, applicative functors and monads
2020-09-02T16:26:20Z Wednesday 16 1 Findlaech GHC team is launching a call for volunteers to document undocumented compiler flags
2020-09-02T13:24:14Z Wednesday 13 1 FutileCheese28 Tree traversal
2020-09-02T03:49:10Z Wednesday 3 1 Marsfork Does Haskell have a pretty interactive interpreter like IPython?
2020-09-01T18:35:30Z Tuesday 18 1 ysangkok Sandy Maguire's new book: Algebra-Driven Design
2020-09-01T18:24:24Z Tuesday 18 1 martb Help with setting up Haskell in Windows 10 and being able to download libraries.
2020-09-01T18:17:20Z Tuesday 18 1 ianliu88 Doubt about GADTs and a video from Alexis King
2020-09-01T17:08:42Z Tuesday 17 1 george_____t Handing over ghcide to the Haskell community
2020-09-01T16:23:32Z Tuesday 16 1 N118UA Un-obscuring a few GHC type error messages
2020-09-01T15:37:06Z Tuesday 15 1 dons The history of Haskell hackathons : how we boostrapped the open source/hackage/cabal universe
2020-09-01T11:52:57Z Tuesday 11 4 tmcdonell [ANN] Accelerate v1.3
2020-09-01T09:20:51Z Tuesday 9 1 Lemicod Keli: A programming language to make Functional Programming a joy for users
2020-09-01T08:49:27Z Tuesday 8 1 BeYuu Errors getting a simple haskell environment to work
2020-09-01T08:27:49Z Tuesday 8 1 Dubmove Can (a -> IO b) -> IO(a -> b) exist?
2020-09-01T00:17:58Z Tuesday 0 1 edo-lag Is Haskell good for learning functional programming?
2020-08-31T19:21:39Z Monday 19 1 tycho0111 Type-driven Neural Programming by Example
2020-08-31T18:06:40Z Monday 18 1 AVTOCRAT Nat-Constrained Polyvariadic Function
2020-08-31T17:06:15Z Monday 17 1 AutoModerator Monthly Hask Anything (September 2020)
2020-08-31T16:59:36Z Monday 16 1 csabahruska WebUI for Haskell tooling!
2020-08-31T14:01:28Z Monday 14 1 sententialoperator HEB is hiring for a Haskell role
2020-08-31T08:26:53Z Monday 8 1 Space-Design Haskell Hacking Live: installing Ormorlu
2020-08-31T08:25:53Z Monday 8 1 Space-Design Haskell Hacking Live: installing Ormorlu
2020-08-31T03:20:22Z Monday 3 1 Zibadsflkjsdflk Lembrary: A multiplayer persistent Haskell REPL
2020-08-30T23:51:57Z Sunday 23 1 VVHack Does the Map use Vector under the hood?
2020-08-30T20:30:41Z Sunday 20 1 Luchtverfrisser n-Queens problem for Free!
2020-08-30T14:33:50Z Sunday 14 1 faebl99 Disambiguation of types
2020-08-30T11:15:49Z Sunday 11 1 thoeiraway How do I model the map function in Lambda Calculus?
2020-08-30T09:42:19Z Sunday 9 1 WantFurtherEdu How can I represent the foldr function in Lambda Calculus?
2020-08-30T02:13:45Z Sunday 2 1 Jeshmel97 I am interested in haskel
2020-08-29T21:54:31Z Saturday 21 1 codygman [Poll] Would you stop using hpack (or even stack) if Cabal automatically exposed modules but allowed hiding them?
2020-08-29T20:34:55Z Saturday 20 1 pauldupont34 What is easy to do in Haskell and hard to do in other language?
2020-08-29T18:33:35Z Saturday 18 1 thoeiraway Foldr corresponding Lambda Terms. Can any one help figure this out?
2020-08-29T18:30:12Z Saturday 18 1 thoeiraway Foldr corresponding Lambda Terms. Can any one help figure this out?
2020-08-29T10:20:29Z Saturday 10 1 Lemmih Reanimate Playground: Interactive Environment for Haskell Animations
2020-08-29T09:18:59Z Saturday 9 1 InformalInflation Let's brainstorm! What plugins would you like to see in Haskell Language Server?
2020-08-29T04:04:07Z Saturday 4 1 Molossus-Spondee Computing with continuations
2020-08-28T23:12:35Z Friday 23 1 lavernyyelleryy Jigsaw Puzzle Game - Apps on Google Play
2020-08-28T23:11:55Z Friday 23 1 haskellweekly Issue 226 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-08-28T22:00:26Z Friday 22 1 WantFurtherEdu Multiplication with more than two numerals in Lambda Calculus
2020-08-28T17:28:50Z Friday 17 1 CharlesStain Implementing a GHC Plugin for Liquid Haskell
2020-08-28T14:13:58Z Friday 14 1 EmosewaPixel Does A Class With This Type Of Function Exist?
2020-08-28T13:34:12Z Friday 13 1 ddellacosta Actually, Maybe is Great
2020-08-28T08:42:35Z Friday 8 1 rainbyte Haskell from 0 to IO (Maybe Hero)
2020-08-28T07:39:37Z Friday 7 1 NixOverSlicedBread Why did 'store' disappear from Stackage?
2020-08-28T04:09:13Z Friday 4 1 timbod What's the status of haskell and stack on raspberry pi?
2020-08-28T01:09:37Z Friday 1 1 PornGuy0192837465 New to Haskell and using it with Atom. How do I set up a project and start coding?
2020-08-28T01:02:28Z Friday 1 1 crossroads1112 Is it possible to prove to the compiler that a constraint is instantiated for all types of a given kind?
2020-08-27T17:02:19Z Thursday 17 1 SylvesterHazel augmenting GHC package database
2020-08-27T12:21:11Z Thursday 12 1 KarieNewsom [HIRING] 1 Job in haskell Hiring Now!
2020-08-27T09:20:27Z Thursday 9 1 volpegabriel [ANN] Supernova: Apache Pulsar client for Haskell
2020-08-27T08:03:15Z Thursday 8 1 AmbiDxtR How to achieve modularity in Haskell?
2020-08-27T02:10:53Z Thursday 2 1 Maboroshi_san Clickhouse driver written in Haskell
2020-08-26T23:58:10Z Wednesday 23 1 brandonchinn178 [ANN] Released graphql-client-1.0.0
2020-08-26T15:21:17Z Wednesday 15 1 limbo_null How to implement the data structures with fingers?
2020-08-26T14:26:30Z Wednesday 14 1 dushiel Strict evaluator for type construction
2020-08-26T13:27:20Z Wednesday 13 1 libeako A Library by a beginner
2020-08-26T12:58:10Z Wednesday 12 1 olgish I just started reading, Algorithm Design with Haskell. Can some please explain what these symbols mean
2020-08-26T12:39:23Z Wednesday 12 1 ivanpd NASA TM "Copilot 3": Technical Report on the New Version of the Haskell-powered Runtime Verification Framework Copilot
2020-08-26T00:15:38Z Wednesday 0 1 case-trashcan I have never programmed before and I was recently tasked by my school to use haskell, What’s the quickest way to pick it up?
2020-08-25T23:18:21Z Tuesday 23 1 monica_b1998 Well-Typed - The Haskell Consultants: Understanding Memory Fragmentation
2020-08-25T20:20:06Z Tuesday 20 1 loovjo Why aren't (Hash)Sets Functors?
2020-08-25T18:50:11Z Tuesday 18 1 HaskellAmsterdam Haskell Amsterdam First Study Group QA Session with Alejandro Serrano Mena
2020-08-25T12:10:17Z Tuesday 12 1 cvlad- Daily FP Shows on
2020-08-25T11:40:14Z Tuesday 11 1 taylorfausak LiquidHaskell is a GHC Plugin
2020-08-24T17:55:17Z Monday 17 1 bgamari Do you have a language extension idea, compiler, tool, compiler plugin, or other interesting project to share? Consider submitting a lightning talk to Haskell Implementors' Workshop...
2020-08-24T14:26:34Z Monday 14 1 usernameqwerty002 Effect types in PHP using Psalm and Amphp
2020-08-24T14:26:12Z Monday 14 1 Molossus-Spondee How to understand the yoneda lemma over a DSL?
2020-08-24T10:50:48Z Monday 10 1 phlummox Proposal for new subreddit: BadHaskell
2020-08-24T09:26:31Z Monday 9 1 rberenguel Observations after the first time writing (simple) Haskell
2020-08-24T05:59:12Z Monday 5 1 Serokell Serokell is Hiring a Haskell Software Engineer
2020-08-24T03:15:43Z Monday 3 1 Evthestrike I'm having trouble installing haskell platform
2020-08-24T00:07:24Z Monday 0 1 jongbuwinbergbu Nylon Wheels - 3" thru 8" wheels - Up To 1,100 lbs | Caster HQ
2020-08-23T20:25:32Z Sunday 20 1 SSchlesinger [ANN] generic-match-
2020-08-23T13:28:15Z Sunday 13 1 cone994 Haskell/Yesod installation steps
2020-08-23T10:08:28Z Sunday 10 1 byt1e Haskell Pandoc: a call to arms
2020-08-22T22:36:13Z Saturday 22 1 dcast0 Haskellers more likely mathematicians than others?
2020-08-22T16:10:55Z Saturday 16 1 dinnu93 A Haskell intern for anyone looking for unpaid volunteers(Or paid if you're generous enough)
2020-08-22T15:05:59Z Saturday 15 1 Drsooch Haskell Library for Postgres
2020-08-22T06:27:07Z Saturday 6 1 i_lack_chromosomes Trying to import Data.Stack
2020-08-21T23:03:21Z Friday 23 1 AVTOCRAT Length-limited of Symbol typelits?
2020-08-21T16:09:34Z Friday 16 1 finlaydotweber Is hpack worth it
2020-08-21T14:24:32Z Friday 14 1 runeks How to run one ST-thread per CPU core without degrading performance of running a single ST-thread?
2020-08-20T16:02:18Z Thursday 16 1 haskellweekly Issue 225 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-08-20T13:40:20Z Thursday 13 1 sub918 Using Alex as a part of stack build
2020-08-20T11:35:35Z Thursday 11 1 DavidEichmann Well-Typed - Understanding Memory Fragmentation
2020-08-20T10:56:54Z Thursday 10 1 drninjabatman Meaning of entries column in GHC profile
2020-08-20T10:29:41Z Thursday 10 1 xpika2 Why isn't GHC on Hackage?
2020-08-20T04:50:17Z Thursday 4 1 n00bomb How Stylish Haskell works
2020-08-19T21:40:59Z Wednesday 21 1 Bodigrim [ANN] unicode-transforms-0.3.7
2020-08-19T19:03:29Z Wednesday 19 1 couple_moment Alternative to monads
2020-08-19T14:28:58Z Wednesday 14 1 SylvesterHazel Haskell libraries are useless - cannot build from Swagger
2020-08-19T12:14:27Z Wednesday 12 1 anitheberg The monad from from the ceiling adjunction: How math leads to computation
2020-08-19T11:52:02Z Wednesday 11 1 _jackdk_ Abstracting over Applicative, Alternative, Divisible, and Decidable
2020-08-19T11:41:52Z Wednesday 11 1 _jackdk_ Generalising over Applicative/Alternative/Divisible/Decidable
2020-08-19T07:37:48Z Wednesday 7 1 AmaliaShea Outsourcing Trends In Software Development In 2020
2020-08-19T06:58:14Z Wednesday 6 1 tschrijvers Haskell Symposium 2020 proceedings
2020-08-19T04:58:08Z Wednesday 4 1 gnumonik What to learn after Haskell (for a job)?
2020-08-18T22:01:01Z Tuesday 22 1 sfrvtma How to confine a variable using modular arithmetic?
2020-08-18T17:44:27Z Tuesday 17 1 widmanstatten1 Need To Understand: How computers talk to each other from scratch.
2020-08-18T17:22:25Z Tuesday 17 1 i_lack_chromosomes Using Haskell with C++
2020-08-18T15:54:50Z Tuesday 15 1 mstksg Enhancing Functor Structures Step-By-Step
2020-08-18T15:29:36Z Tuesday 15 1 barefoot_cherokee Records of Functions vs Typeclasses for Mocks
2020-08-18T11:10:44Z Tuesday 11 1 seewoo5 Do Haskell knows if a given function is polymorphic or not?
2020-08-18T11:08:30Z Tuesday 11 1 rampion Dependent type roles
2020-08-18T10:52:42Z Tuesday 10 1 zenMonkLoveWisdom How did Haskell boost your productivity or change your life as a developer?
2020-08-18T09:19:55Z Tuesday 9 1 LeanderKu Impredicativity and existential quantifiers
2020-08-18T08:01:00Z Tuesday 8 1 skalnark How to read operators
2020-08-17T23:22:36Z Monday 23 1 Molossus-Spondee Need to understand if my dsl is categorically correct
2020-08-17T21:37:48Z Monday 21 1 codygman Is "Fancy Haskell" a pejorative?
2020-08-17T20:02:12Z Monday 20 1 gopherish Is Int in Haskell an algebraic data type?
2020-08-17T17:56:35Z Monday 17 1 runeks Using Postgres LISTEN/NOTIFY in a Haskell app?
2020-08-17T17:27:27Z Monday 17 1 NixOverSlicedBread It's all about patience
2020-08-17T15:24:55Z Monday 15 1 manuel_gg Rsocket implementation w/ Streamly Lib. Some ideas?
2020-08-17T12:42:15Z Monday 12 1 schooloffp_co Whirlwind Tour Of Cabal For Beginners
2020-08-17T07:12:07Z Monday 7 1 kowainik [Blog Post] Haskell mini-patterns handbook
2020-08-16T18:47:47Z Sunday 18 1 finlaydotweber Thoughts on how to measure Haskell's popularity
2020-08-16T11:20:43Z Sunday 11 1 philip_schwarz Folding Code Kata
2020-08-16T10:47:13Z Sunday 10 1 hexagonal-sun A beginner's attempt to learn Haskell by writing a Chess engine
2020-08-16T07:50:14Z Sunday 7 1 mayerph Haskell HTML Parser using Parsec
2020-08-16T01:38:10Z Sunday 1 1 ajbrin Printing stuff to console
2020-08-15T19:22:33Z Saturday 19 1 sinoTrinity Tutorials on writing compilers for functional languages
2020-08-15T17:53:17Z Saturday 17 1 BeadlesWitheredHand Building an API client with intent to publish, is servant-client appropriate?
2020-08-15T14:16:23Z Saturday 14 1 ApharKnight Ideas for a roughly 100-hr project?
2020-08-15T08:00:26Z Saturday 8 1 tau-mask Is it possible to redirect the standard input in GHCi?
2020-08-14T23:01:57Z Friday 23 1 Molossus-Spondee How to write a tagless final duplicator interpreter with HOAS ?
2020-08-14T21:59:41Z Friday 21 1 zenzike Who uses generic-lens in industry?
2020-08-14T21:44:32Z Friday 21 1 tikhonjelvis Reasoning under Uncertainty: A Haskell-flavored intro to Markov processes
2020-08-14T20:07:37Z Friday 20 1 ChrisWohlert Reanimate - Simple example not working
2020-08-14T18:34:06Z Friday 18 1 Molossus-Spondee How can I verify space layout in Haskell?
2020-08-14T13:42:57Z Friday 13 1 ivanpd 3rd Call for Papers: REBLS 20: Reactive and Event-Based Languages and Systems
2020-08-14T12:27:18Z Friday 12 1 KarieNewsom [HIRING] 1 Job in haskell Hiring Now!
2020-08-14T11:08:02Z Friday 11 1 SrPeixinho Multiplication with optimal β-reduction
2020-08-14T07:42:11Z Friday 7 1 ChrisWohlert Example of animation in Diagrams
2020-08-14T06:48:37Z Friday 6 1 sullyj3 How to market Haskell to a mainstream programmer
2020-08-14T03:49:13Z Friday 3 1 kablewie Obtaining a function from the string of its name
2020-08-14T01:04:52Z Friday 1 1 emilypii [ANN] base64-bytestring-
2020-08-14T00:42:30Z Friday 0 1 lexi-lambda Types as axioms, or: playing god with static types
2020-08-13T23:48:54Z Thursday 23 1 PokerPirate [comic] Compile Time Error vs Run Time Error
2020-08-13T21:09:19Z Thursday 21 1 doxx_me_gently How do I completely wipe Haskell from my Windows machine and start over from scratch?
2020-08-13T20:41:40Z Thursday 20 1 t0m_x0 It learning Haskell and C# (specifically ASP) at the same time a bad idea
2020-08-13T20:28:39Z Thursday 20 1 jozephLucas Is there something similar to Hakyll using Shake and a template engine like jinja2 or mustache ?
2020-08-13T18:10:27Z Thursday 18 1 aryanashar Any suggestions?
2020-08-13T16:23:42Z Thursday 16 1 dzizuseczem problem with installing stack on windows
2020-08-13T11:37:45Z Thursday 11 1 haskellweekly Issue 224 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-08-13T11:33:00Z Thursday 11 1 Serokell Haskell to Core: Understanding Haskell Features Through Their Desugaring
2020-08-13T02:14:52Z Thursday 2 1 doxx_me_gently "ghcide compiled against GHC 8.6.5 but currently using 8.10.1 This is unsupported, ghcide must be compiled with the same GHC version as the project"
2020-08-12T20:31:12Z Wednesday 20 1 t0m_x0 What would be the reason to learn Haskell?
2020-08-12T19:16:14Z Wednesday 19 1 rzeznik How do I fight "heap overflow"?
2020-08-12T17:53:30Z Wednesday 17 1 SylvesterHazel main.exe "c:\\file" openFile: invalid argument
2020-08-12T13:14:02Z Wednesday 13 1 rzeznik Feature diff between haskell-language-server and haskell-ide-engine ?
2020-08-12T13:13:18Z Wednesday 13 1 davidfeuer [ANN] compact-sequences package
2020-08-12T11:22:02Z Wednesday 11 1 tomejaguar Why does Cabal rebuild?
2020-08-12T10:33:27Z Wednesday 10 1 JuGaCo Typesafe Haskell library for linear algebra
2020-08-12T10:25:36Z Wednesday 10 1 finlaydotweber Is cabal sandbox and cabal freeze still recommended with latest cabal?
2020-08-12T05:22:22Z Wednesday 5 1 throwawayformydum Why is this giving me a stack overflow?
2020-08-11T21:14:20Z Tuesday 21 1 AVTOCRAT Completely Misunderstanding Control.Newtype?
2020-08-11T21:06:56Z Tuesday 21 1 SrPeixinho Thoughts about Formality
2020-08-11T17:59:43Z Tuesday 17 1 Carl_felix I built in Haskell a tool to generate FullPage HTML Slides from Markdown
2020-08-11T17:29:37Z Tuesday 17 1 Carl_felix I built in Haskell a tool to generate FullPage HTML Slides from Markdown
2020-08-11T11:35:11Z Tuesday 11 1 philip_schwarz Part 2 of 'Folding Unfolded - Polyglot FP for Fun and Profit - Haskell and Scala'
2020-08-11T09:50:32Z Tuesday 9 1 cketion How do I program my screen’s pixels using haskell or rust.
2020-08-11T07:12:52Z Tuesday 7 1 Sh4rPEYE I’m a teacher: help me choose a coding project to teach high-schoolers programming
2020-08-11T06:50:31Z Tuesday 6 1 VVHack List implementation with closure
2020-08-11T04:16:24Z Tuesday 4 1 zeta_00 haskell's pipe operators:
2020-08-10T15:55:50Z Monday 15 1 skyb0rg Lifting 'memo' with MonadTransControl
2020-08-10T15:36:53Z Monday 15 1 quchen Virtual Munihac 2020: registration open! (Sep 11-12)
2020-08-10T15:30:19Z Monday 15 1 Iceland_jack ListT instances and -XDerivingVia
2020-08-10T12:04:18Z Monday 12 1 jamhob JHC User Kinds
2020-08-10T11:45:08Z Monday 11 1 stuudente Total hash of your haskell program
2020-08-10T07:25:00Z Monday 7 1 oli_k Videos from Haskell Love conference Day 1 are out!
2020-08-10T03:40:50Z Monday 3 1 btebbutt Beginner.
2020-08-10T03:13:20Z Monday 3 1 SSchlesinger [ANN] summer: extensible sums and products
2020-08-09T17:54:09Z Sunday 17 1 Molossus-Spondee Is there anyway to specify a data kind should only be used at type level?
2020-08-09T12:58:56Z Sunday 12 1 stuudente Haskell-fire?
2020-08-09T02:45:27Z Sunday 2 1 Molossus-Spondee How to interpret recursive combinators mean over GADTs?
2020-08-09T00:17:04Z Sunday 0 1 tytrdev Haskell and Elephants with Stephen Diehl - The Virtual World Podcast
2020-08-08T21:27:56Z Saturday 21 1 Syrak Definitional lawfulness: proof by inspection testing
2020-08-08T20:00:21Z Saturday 20 1 nmh313 New Haskell programmer
2020-08-08T19:45:57Z Saturday 19 1 bgamari [ANNOUNCE] GHC 8.10.2 released
2020-08-08T18:33:44Z Saturday 18 1 The_Regent Defunctionalizing Arithmetic to an Abstract Machine
2020-08-08T16:42:16Z Saturday 16 1 finlaydotweber Why are version ranges/bounds used so much in Haskell project???
2020-08-08T15:23:05Z Saturday 15 1 nmh313 Give the definitions of functions to take a list of integers, ns, and • return the sum of squares of integers in ns; • check whether all items of the list are greater than zero. You must use map and you can use build-in list processing functions.
2020-08-08T12:02:06Z Saturday 12 1 iokasimovm Cross wolf, goat and cabbage across the river with effects
2020-08-08T09:39:15Z Saturday 9 1 jamhob Apple Silicon Questions
2020-08-08T08:32:01Z Saturday 8 1 instantdoctor Revisiting application structure - MTL without boilerplate
2020-08-07T21:14:20Z Friday 21 1 dbiazus [JOBS] Intermediate Haskell Developer Position at Coinberry
2020-08-07T19:50:50Z Friday 19 1 nh2_ cryptonite: fromIntegral overflow causes incorrect hashes for all hash algorithms beyond 4 GiB of input
2020-08-07T18:46:28Z Friday 18 1 drBearhands Monads with pre- and post-conditions that can be forgotten?
2020-08-07T15:29:18Z Friday 15 1 bgamari [Well-Typed Blog] GHC activities report: June–July 2020
2020-08-07T14:55:17Z Friday 14 1 NixOverSlicedBread When should one use Hakyll?
2020-08-07T12:41:12Z Friday 12 1 thalesmg Best practices for mocking HTTP requests to external services?
2020-08-07T11:27:48Z Friday 11 1 n00bomb First Impressions of Rust
2020-08-07T09:10:57Z Friday 9 1 emqtt Hamler 0.2 - OTP Behaviours with Type Classes
2020-08-07T06:07:58Z Friday 6 1 NixOverSlicedBread When should PureScript be preferred over Reflex/Miso?
2020-08-07T05:44:51Z Friday 5 1 Omegadimsum Trying to understand why this function using foldr isn't working
2020-08-07T01:29:07Z Friday 1 1 gregK Haskell easter egg in Hearthstone (see Flavor Text).
2020-08-07T01:28:48Z Friday 1 1 haskellweekly Issue 223 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-08-06T22:10:34Z Thursday 22 1 Yris99 Simple Noughts and Crosses Board?
2020-08-06T20:12:28Z Thursday 20 1 _thefixerupper_ Shared Library Comparison: C, C++, Go, Haskell, Rust, and Swift
2020-08-06T19:56:28Z Thursday 19 1 brandonchinn178 Blog Post: Testing coverage of Template Haskell functions
2020-08-06T18:20:52Z Thursday 18 1 Molossus-Spondee Can you usefully use morphisms other than functions for GADT style definitions?
2020-08-06T18:13:22Z Thursday 18 1 grdvnl blog <| code - Read You A Blaze
2020-08-06T16:46:06Z Thursday 16 1 nmh313 Hello I was assigned to do a Rock Paper Scissors game which contained 2 strategies, and I had to create a method which is called alternate and takes two Strategy parameters and return a Strategy. The point of this method is, when its is called it alternate between the 2 strategies.
2020-08-06T11:29:41Z Thursday 11 1 dredozubov Join the Engineering team at [remote]
2020-08-06T07:26:46Z Thursday 7 1 sjakobi bytestring v0.10.12.0
2020-08-06T03:06:21Z Thursday 3 1 V3rdictz Looking for Haskell Developers for Cardano Dex
2020-08-06T00:52:51Z Thursday 0 1 Syrak Generic traversals with applicative difference lists
2020-08-05T23:18:31Z Wednesday 23 1 zeta_00 help, emacs/elisp/haskell: after running `ein:run` to activate, emacs-ipython-notebook, how to `only trigger` this elisp code for haskell dante whenever whenever an .ipynb file is opened:
2020-08-05T22:47:44Z Wednesday 22 1 SnooCheesecakes2263 Haskell community is more inclusive with the LGBT community :)
2020-08-05T22:40:17Z Wednesday 22 1 Depressed-Pikachu Research topics between Natural Language Processing and Functional Programming
2020-08-05T21:08:25Z Wednesday 21 1 dan_1_lee What are some high quality (past or future) haskell/fp conferences?
2020-08-05T20:40:39Z Wednesday 20 1 Noughtmare Benchmark of functions from Joachim Breitner's Haskell Love talk
2020-08-05T08:19:54Z Wednesday 8 1 pja A Haskell Love retrospective?
2020-08-05T07:01:09Z Wednesday 7 1 lolisakirisame Library for printing datatype declaration?
2020-08-05T02:20:05Z Wednesday 2 1 arjunpat Perspective: people overcomplicate monads
2020-08-04T18:32:12Z Tuesday 18 1 BlackStork07 Diving into functional paradigm
2020-08-04T16:01:37Z Tuesday 16 1 N0rthbridge Why does Stack connect to the internet and but Cabal doesn't?
2020-08-04T15:31:44Z Tuesday 15 1 n00bomb CodeGen: Semantic's improved language support system - The GitHub Blog
2020-08-04T15:01:49Z Tuesday 15 1 n00bomb IDE 2020: Measuring memory usage of Haskell values and patching GHC
2020-08-04T14:04:39Z Tuesday 14 1 fumieval fumieval/NoModulePrefices: Omit top-level module prefices
2020-08-04T11:38:51Z Tuesday 11 1 n00bomb ANN: git-badc0de - a tool to improve git commits you receive
2020-08-04T07:44:21Z Tuesday 7 1 xwinus State of string interpolation in Haskell?
2020-08-03T22:50:54Z Monday 22 1 _envied Saving User Input to an Array in Haskell
2020-08-03T19:03:23Z Monday 19 1 AVTOCRAT Are Monads a good solution to this problem?
2020-08-03T15:29:21Z Monday 15 1 matsumonkie Quickly testing Haskell codebase with Hspec, Stack and Ghcid
2020-08-02T22:46:57Z Sunday 22 1 Ailrk Is this understanding correct: typeclass and function overloading both achieved ad hoc polymorphism but in a different direction
2020-08-02T21:08:05Z Sunday 21 1 bryjnar Lenses for Tree Traversals
2020-08-02T18:59:04Z Sunday 18 1 philip_schwarz Folding Unfolded - Polyglot FP for Fun and Profit - Haskell and Scala
2020-08-02T16:18:08Z Sunday 16 1 Iceland_jack Impressive use of DerivingVia in the wild (31 via types)
2020-08-02T16:16:07Z Sunday 16 1 sad_dispenser Addressing different function input with polymorphism
2020-08-02T14:44:50Z Sunday 14 1 andrewthad How are tail-position contexts GHC join points paper formed?
2020-08-02T14:39:24Z Sunday 14 1 dan_1_lee Are there plans for a formally verified Haskell compiler?
2020-08-02T14:04:13Z Sunday 14 1 aryanmaurya1 Collection of codes which I write during learning Haskell
2020-08-02T13:23:06Z Sunday 13 1 finlaydotweber What is the relationship between function as defined in set theory and abstraction in lambda calculus
2020-08-01T23:50:55Z Saturday 23 1 zeta_00 help getting getting ghcide working with ghc:
2020-08-01T22:00:29Z Saturday 22 1 haskell4python Haskell for python developers
2020-08-01T18:09:31Z Saturday 18 1 RangerHere Do you guys think Haskell is the best language if my intent is to develop and deploy small scale apps as fast as possible?
2020-08-01T17:21:03Z Saturday 17 1 ianliu88 Toy project to scrape covid-19 stats from the local University hospital
2020-08-01T16:34:12Z Saturday 16 1 irvingrauscherg Adtran NetVanta 1534 Network Switch 24 Ports - KW Server Stock
2020-08-01T14:16:18Z Saturday 14 1 minazak1 If you enjoy coding you should come check out our amazing discord community full of coders where you can connect with coders and also get help with your projects. (Haskell will be added to the server in 1 - 2 hours)
2020-08-01T13:49:24Z Saturday 13 1 nmh313 Is it possible to use recursion to find the most frequent values in a list?
2020-08-01T06:14:34Z Saturday 6 1 gergoerdi Solving text adventure games via symbolic execution
2020-08-01T06:03:30Z Saturday 6 1 nmh313 Hello I am still a haskell newbie and I just wanted to ask how can I alternate between two things? for example, alternate :: Strategy -> Strategy -> Strategy I want to alternate between 2 strategies I already defined.
2020-08-01T03:56:10Z Saturday 3 1 mdunnio Upgrading coinbase-pro to ghc 8.8.3 from 8.6.5
2020-08-01T03:48:26Z Saturday 3 1 tintinthong Can you rewrite this do in normal bind notation using put?
2020-07-31T23:51:07Z Friday 23 1 yoloblazeit123 What value does " fls succ plus 2 3 " equal?
2020-07-31T18:11:56Z Friday 18 1 SureYeaah What's in a functional compiler?
2020-07-31T17:06:25Z Friday 17 1 AutoModerator Monthly Hask Anything (August 2020)
2020-07-31T15:21:06Z Friday 15 1 honeyloooops An interesting video on swapping the case of letters using bitwise operators.
2020-07-31T14:19:59Z Friday 14 1 sjakobi prettyprinter v1.7.0
2020-07-31T02:30:38Z Friday 2 1 haskellweekly Issue 2️⃣2️⃣2️⃣ :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-07-31T01:56:29Z Friday 1 1 zeinfree Lambda Calculus bound variable question
2020-07-31T01:46:21Z Friday 1 1 maxlucynt Guys, I have two questions - How to start learning Haskell and what all can we do using Haskell?
2020-07-31T01:29:27Z Friday 1 1 zeinfree Lambda Calculus bound variable question
2020-07-31T00:12:52Z Friday 0 1 Lord_of_Wessex Where can I find free tutorials for Haskell?
2020-07-30T22:23:19Z Thursday 22 1 io_geekabyte Re: The Haskell Elephant in the Room by Founder of Cardano
2020-07-30T21:40:36Z Thursday 21 1 Native411 The Haskell Elephant in the Room - Response from IOHK CEO.
2020-07-30T17:51:39Z Thursday 17 1 NixOverSlicedBread What is GHC? Apparently not just a Haskell compiler
2020-07-30T17:00:32Z Thursday 17 1 randy-handy QuickCheck how to install
2020-07-30T16:47:46Z Thursday 16 1 PigMannSweg Drew a category of sorts to help visualize the numeric classes/data types in Prelude. Maybe it will be of use to you.
2020-07-30T15:55:29Z Thursday 15 1 emilypii [ANNOUNCE] nano-5.0 is released (now with Haskell syntax support!)
2020-07-30T13:38:08Z Thursday 13 1 Teslatronic The Haskell Elephant in the Room
2020-07-30T11:01:25Z Thursday 11 1 Lemmih Reanimate: New, less cluttered landing page with a focus on demonstrating animations
2020-07-30T08:13:49Z Thursday 8 1 viercc Auto judge program for "Golfing language extensions"
2020-07-30T05:18:40Z Thursday 5 1 anon_cow_ cat
2020-07-30T05:15:55Z Thursday 5 1 anon_cow_ test
2020-07-30T04:56:35Z Thursday 4 0 anon_cow_ test
2020-07-30T04:52:45Z Thursday 4 1 anon_cow_ test
2020-07-30T04:10:03Z Thursday 4 1 Unique-Street Free Haskell Conference With a Excellent Line-Up!
2020-07-30T01:32:31Z Thursday 1 1 yoloblazeit123 In lambda calculus, what does the expression (tru 2 3)(add 4)2 mean?
2020-07-29T20:25:22Z Wednesday 20 1 vagif Remote Haskell Developer position at Masterword, TX
2020-07-29T19:29:36Z Wednesday 19 1 htuhola Tutorial: Transparent interfaces in Haskell
2020-07-29T18:25:12Z Wednesday 18 1 yeetmango21 Research topics in Machine Learning and Functional Programming
2020-07-29T16:10:27Z Wednesday 16 1 nmh313 I took the basics of Haskell how can I solve this question?
2020-07-29T13:23:44Z Wednesday 13 1 Martinsos What is your Spacemacs configuration for Haskell?
2020-07-29T12:59:59Z Wednesday 12 1 sjakobi [Haskell-cafe] Subtyping CoC
2020-07-29T11:42:34Z Wednesday 11 1 taylorfausak Golfing language extensions
2020-07-29T10:47:58Z Wednesday 10 1 PornoBis Regarding higher order functions. What is an example of zero order function?
2020-07-29T05:03:43Z Wednesday 5 1 shiraeeshi How a Java Programmer Wrote Console Tetris In Haskell And What The Learning Curve Was Like
2020-07-29T01:38:19Z Wednesday 1 1 kuleshevich Forcing exceptions to be listed in the type signature
2020-07-28T23:49:53Z Tuesday 23 1 yen223 What's a program or service built with Haskell that you use regularly?
2020-07-28T21:59:36Z Tuesday 21 1 tiohoppio Unwrapping problem
2020-07-28T21:14:41Z Tuesday 21 1 SylvesterHazel instance for Read Time
2020-07-28T20:42:42Z Tuesday 20 1 rsfairman Critique my Haskell
2020-07-28T17:41:04Z Tuesday 17 1 Brinker59 MADEINHASKELL SUB
2020-07-28T16:43:32Z Tuesday 16 1 finlaydotweber Help clarify some Cabal/Stack related terms
2020-07-28T16:24:16Z Tuesday 16 1 SylvesterHazel instance Show Time
2020-07-28T16:14:05Z Tuesday 16 1 Molossus-Spondee Codata/Data with type classes and Tagless final style
2020-07-28T15:49:26Z Tuesday 15 1 luckyme888 Do people here actually build useful programs with Haskell?
2020-07-28T15:27:54Z Tuesday 15 1 hsyl20 Improving Haskell’s big numbers support (ghc-bignum)
2020-07-28T14:44:28Z Tuesday 14 1 serras "Practical Haskell" study group
2020-07-28T13:41:06Z Tuesday 13 1 srid- Neuron 0.6 released: future-proof note-taking tool written in Haskell, Nix and now Pandoc
2020-07-28T04:18:03Z Tuesday 4 1 circleglyph Machine Learning in Haskell
2020-07-28T01:21:29Z Tuesday 1 1 QianaWattz67 Water Damage Restoration Aurora Illinois | WaterWay
2020-07-28T00:50:58Z Tuesday 0 1 sullyj3 The golden rule of software quality
2020-07-27T19:13:03Z Monday 19 1 benselfridge What4: New Library to Help Developers Build Verification and Program Analysis Tools
2020-07-27T17:44:16Z Monday 17 1 BeadlesWitheredHand Is there an easier/efficient way to run haskell projects in CI?
2020-07-27T17:00:47Z Monday 17 1 NorfairKing2 CS Syd - How to deal with money in software
2020-07-27T16:02:34Z Monday 16 1 phadej cabal-install- is now available
2020-07-27T13:28:07Z Monday 13 1 anon_cow_ tes
2020-07-27T12:56:39Z Monday 12 1 CC7EkdzD [QUESTION] On typeclasses and multiple dispatch
2020-07-27T12:31:47Z Monday 12 1 csabahruska Haskell Cost Centre Stack Viewer
2020-07-26T18:11:45Z Sunday 18 1 nmaehlmann Using (+) and Numeric Literals to build up an AST
2020-07-26T17:34:11Z Sunday 17 1 finlaydotweber Questions Regarding Use of Cabal
2020-07-26T16:55:40Z Sunday 16 1 NixOverSlicedBread A quick parsing tip
2020-07-26T16:02:43Z Sunday 16 1 williamyaoh Explaining the Writer monad, by deriving it from first principles
2020-07-26T15:48:44Z Sunday 15 1 qwfwqrussell A Microservice is a Centralized Effects System
2020-07-26T15:29:45Z Sunday 15 1 loisch Medical Solutions with Haskell+TypeScript in Freiburg (German speaker required)
2020-07-26T15:27:03Z Sunday 15 1 rffrfrf65453 Bartosz Milewski Tutorial: Basics of Haskell
2020-07-26T14:57:59Z Sunday 14 1 george_____t Announcement/call for contributors: Monpad
2020-07-26T14:11:40Z Sunday 14 1 roelofwobben Does initial compiling of yesod take so long
2020-07-26T11:54:48Z Sunday 11 1 WJWH Preliminary benchmarking results for a Haskell I/O manager backend based on io_uring
2020-07-26T04:44:52Z Sunday 4 1 happysri Switching from monads to applicative functors
2020-07-26T01:17:07Z Sunday 1 1 zeinfree Lambda Calculus beta-reduction question
2020-07-25T21:45:41Z Saturday 21 1 f0rgot freer-effects and natural transformation
2020-07-23T14:15:23Z Thursday 14 23 graninas Haskeller competency matrix
2020-07-23T13:57:04Z Thursday 13 32 haskellweekly Issue 221 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-07-23T12:01:24Z Thursday 12 7 kksnicoh OpenProduct Embedded ReaderT approach
2020-07-22T23:00:07Z Wednesday 23 7 Retro_Gamer Lessons in Full Stack Development — Planning
2020-07-22T22:39:17Z Wednesday 22 3 timbod Which template library for source code generation?
2020-07-22T17:43:47Z Wednesday 17 10 rzeznik Is there a stack equivalent of cabal.project.local?
2020-07-22T17:13:40Z Wednesday 17 10 VVHack Is it “un-functional” to use direct access arrays?
2020-07-22T12:52:31Z Wednesday 12 46 MikeGerr [Job] Work with me in the fully remote org as a Haskell infra engineer
2020-07-22T12:10:46Z Wednesday 12 9 csabahruska Do you use GHC RTS eventlog? [twitter vote]
2020-07-22T07:04:53Z Wednesday 7 25 timoffex Dependency injection in Haskell
2020-07-22T06:07:11Z Wednesday 6 10 dariji_alhored Web development?
2020-07-22T05:22:20Z Wednesday 5 5 faebl99 Anybody proficient with the Twitch file/directory listener library?
2020-07-22T04:23:13Z Wednesday 4 0 RightLecture HASKELL CODER NEEDED. NEXT LEVEL. GAME CHANGING PROJECT.
2020-07-22T02:35:38Z Wednesday 2 31 youzicha Generalized Church encoding is the Curry-Howard of Knaster-Tarski
2020-07-21T21:23:19Z Tuesday 21 3 ChaoticSun Multi-line, multi-color Haskell prompt in Windows
2020-07-21T20:29:50Z Tuesday 20 10 tacobellscannon How to get the value out of the monad
2020-07-21T15:09:13Z Tuesday 15 4 arthurborisow Example of real world application using Free monads
2020-07-21T14:09:24Z Tuesday 14 2 chiefmilesedgeworth Features Born in Haskell that are in Other Languages
2020-07-21T13:53:38Z Tuesday 13 46 typedbyte effet: An Effect System based on Type Classes
2020-07-20T22:03:38Z Monday 22 4 antiultramontanist import statements in Jupyter + Haskell
2020-07-20T18:17:47Z Monday 18 42 linearitee Graphics in Haskell: linear algebra
2020-07-20T17:02:01Z Monday 17 5 thdespou How to read Haskell Documentation. Step by step guide.
2020-07-20T16:34:12Z Monday 16 69 N118UA How Accursed and Unutterable is accursedUnutterablePerformIO?
2020-07-20T15:48:04Z Monday 15 4 patrick_thomson [ANN] fused-effects v1.1.0.0
2020-07-20T15:13:37Z Monday 15 78 oli_k Haskell Love conference, registration is open [online, free] - join us! 31st July - Aug 1st
2020-07-20T12:06:01Z Monday 12 0 [deleted] [Hiring] 1 Jobs Hiring Now!
2020-07-20T05:04:15Z Monday 5 2 mapoart Read Stdin and parse Json Data
2020-07-20T02:43:06Z Monday 2 9 Syncopat3d Practical usefulness of -Wunused-do-bind
2020-07-20T00:32:16Z Monday 0 7 Molossus-Spondee What are the performance characteristics of HOAS/tagless final?
2020-07-19T18:44:49Z Sunday 18 1 philip_schwarz Part 3 of “Game of Life - Polyglot FP - Haskell - Scala - Unison”
2020-07-19T18:31:52Z Sunday 18 1 justinnbiber Interpreters in Haskell
2020-07-19T18:00:33Z Sunday 18 94 Yvee1 hascard: a text-based UI for reviewing notes
2020-07-19T16:00:29Z Sunday 16 54 williamyaoh Explaining the Reader monad, by deriving it from first principles
2020-07-19T14:15:20Z Sunday 14 12 jiiam Is this the correct way of using Polysemy inside a Servant application?
2020-07-19T11:06:14Z Sunday 11 24 circleglyph Ann: chart-svg release
2020-07-19T06:37:46Z Sunday 6 13 jamhob Helping Dyslexics and people with other SLDs
2020-07-19T05:48:32Z Sunday 5 16 finlaydotweber How to manually install Haskell package with ghc-pkg
2020-07-19T02:11:46Z Sunday 2 64 JeffJeffJeffersonson Optimizing Ray Tracing in Haskell
2020-07-19T00:55:18Z Sunday 0 1 jongbuwinbergbu Barrow in Furness Electricians - Electricians Barrow In Furness
2020-07-18T21:51:47Z Saturday 21 4 zeta_00 help setting up ghc.nix with lorri
2020-07-18T12:45:24Z Saturday 12 1 russellb23 Haskell for making life as a developer
2020-07-18T08:03:41Z Saturday 8 1 tintinthong What is the h in the State Monad? Can someone explain this to a beginner and make sense?
2020-07-18T02:33:22Z Saturday 2 1 deepakkapiswe What is prefered way of deploying a Servant App in Server in 2020 (asking for Production)?
2020-07-18T02:31:05Z Saturday 2 1 Adador Importing QuickCheck Into My Haskell Module
2020-07-17T21:33:01Z Friday 21 1 sjakobi New Windows I/O manager in GHC 8.12
2020-07-17T21:28:14Z Friday 21 1 thirtySeven73 imperative programming is hard
2020-07-17T16:59:29Z Friday 16 1 gabriel_schneider Any Haskell book recommendations?
2020-07-17T16:40:41Z Friday 16 1 bss03 ICFP Programming Contest 2020
2020-07-17T16:21:14Z Friday 16 1 Molossus-Spondee I need help organising a compiler mostly in tagless final style.
2020-07-17T14:59:20Z Friday 14 1 Fendor_ IDE 2020: Haskell Language Server 0.2.0
2020-07-17T11:26:57Z Friday 11 1 russellb23 Code runs in ghci but throws error when run from a file
2020-07-17T09:17:04Z Friday 9 1 n00bomb Looking for co-maintainers(s) for github package.
2020-07-16T21:33:42Z Thursday 21 1 Jack-o-tall-tales Why does my function (to get values from file, choose one with dmenu, then spawn an action with the output) not work?
2020-07-16T17:33:50Z Thursday 17 1 fosskers PSA: Fixing broken Heroku deployments
2020-07-16T15:01:34Z Thursday 15 1 Lemmih Continuous Deployment of a Haskell Chat Bot
2020-07-16T14:29:14Z Thursday 14 1 haskellweekly Issue 220 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-07-16T12:47:19Z Thursday 12 1 BeetrootEnthusiast Does the update function in Data.Vector run in constant time?
2020-07-16T12:28:16Z Thursday 12 1 corn-on-toast Tying the knot in monads
2020-07-15T23:38:11Z Wednesday 23 1 bgamari [ANNOUNCE] GHC 8.8.4 now available!
2020-07-15T21:03:34Z Wednesday 21 1 arashbijan Refactoring Large Haskell Codebases Using Facebook Retrie
2020-07-15T15:34:55Z Wednesday 15 1 rzeznik How to maintain source compatibility (Stack)?
2020-07-15T03:10:52Z Wednesday 3 3 BeetrootEnthusiast Is there a way to get better syntax highlighting in VSC?
2020-07-14T21:05:50Z Tuesday 21 30 sjakobi containers-
2020-07-14T20:02:02Z Tuesday 20 4 rzeznik Is there a way to use DefaultSignatures with associated type family?
2020-07-14T17:05:10Z Tuesday 17 14 0x2fwhc Haskell Style Guide
2020-07-14T15:25:46Z Tuesday 15 15 matsumonkie What are static binaries and how to generate them with static-haskell-nix
2020-07-14T15:00:02Z Tuesday 15 8 swamp-agr Experience report: Servant plugin for SEO
2020-07-14T14:09:43Z Tuesday 14 10 0x2fwhc Best library for dataframe manipulation?
2020-07-14T13:29:50Z Tuesday 13 1 paba [ANN] Rattus 0.1: An embedded FRP language with modal types
2020-07-14T12:38:32Z Tuesday 12 51 maerwald [ANN] ghcup-0.1.6
2020-07-14T07:39:10Z Tuesday 7 1 snawaz959 Optimizing Ray Tracing in Haskell
2020-07-14T05:14:09Z Tuesday 5 1 finlaydotweber What exactly is the difference between <- and = in do notation
2020-07-14T01:56:15Z Tuesday 1 1 brdrcn Can’t build gi-cairo with LTS > 12.15
2020-07-13T21:13:57Z Monday 21 1 usedocker is having assignment still functional programming?
2020-07-13T20:35:12Z Monday 20 1 Molossus-Spondee Is this a decent implementation of the lazy unique id trick? I'm also not sure if a function is safe.
2020-07-13T18:41:14Z Monday 18 1 AshleyYakeley Forbidden Haskell Types
2020-07-13T17:26:02Z Monday 17 1 Molossus-Spondee Is it possible to do algebraic simplification with tagless final style?
2020-07-13T15:43:26Z Monday 15 1 arunarunarun `f . g $ x` vs `f $ g $ x`
2020-07-13T12:37:40Z Monday 12 1 Laobiz InfoQ: Haskell Web Framework IHP Aims To Make Web Development Type-Safe and Easy
2020-07-13T12:30:10Z Monday 12 1 danysdragons What do you guys think of the book by Stephen Diehl, “What I Wish I Knew When Learning Haskell", available for free online? Is this the closest thing we have to an intermediate-to-advanced Haskell textbook?
2020-07-13T11:23:55Z Monday 11 1 GlitchedMirror Can you restrict the range of side effects that an IO function can do?
2020-07-13T11:22:09Z Monday 11 1 [deleted] Can you specify the range of a IO monad?
2020-07-13T10:39:51Z Monday 10 1 usedocker is this gist of how Haskell io is implemented?
2020-07-13T03:21:57Z Monday 3 1 IamfromSpace How to manually makeSem’’ for polysemy
2020-07-12T22:46:00Z Sunday 22 1 angieiischaumbu SBOBET | AGEN SBOBET LOGIN MOBILE ONLINE INDONESIA RESMI
2020-07-12T22:17:00Z Sunday 22 1 epoberezkin Model distributed multi-party protocols, ensuring the continuity of the associated resource state transitions on the type level.
2020-07-12T20:00:12Z Sunday 20 1 williamyaoh Explaining the State monad, by deriving it from first principles
2020-07-12T15:06:14Z Sunday 15 1 aryanmaurya1 Started Learning Haskell needs suggestions
2020-07-12T03:47:15Z Sunday 3 1 notjustanoat The most aesthetically pleasing video on Searching Algorithms
2020-07-11T16:27:35Z Saturday 16 1 kuleshevich Performance of Haskell Array libraries through Canny edge detection
2020-07-11T15:14:20Z Saturday 15 1 NixOverSlicedBread What's the difference between a turtle "shell script" and the IO monad?
2020-07-11T13:39:24Z Saturday 13 1 blockscope Type checker plugins without the type checking.
2020-07-11T12:48:55Z Saturday 12 1 Burtannia What are some examples of Applicatives that are not Monads?
2020-07-11T11:36:50Z Saturday 11 1 pwnedary Tab-cycle indentation support for Vim
2020-07-11T07:05:33Z Saturday 7 1 finlaydotweber Functional Programming and Cryptography
2020-07-11T01:41:53Z Saturday 1 1 Molossus-Spondee I found a neat duality for CPS with call by push value I don't understand how to properly use
2020-07-10T18:01:19Z Friday 18 1 antflga How does one encode the length of a list/etc as part of its type? Where / why would this ever be useful?
2020-07-10T14:47:56Z Friday 14 1 WJWH How Haskell threads block, brief exploration of blocking in the Haskell runtime
2020-07-10T04:15:39Z Friday 4 1 bdaugero Haskell tutorials
2020-07-10T02:01:05Z Friday 2 1 Jonathan_Frias Why can't haskell have a completely concurrent GC?
2020-07-09T17:09:17Z Thursday 17 8 haskellweekly Issue 219 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-07-09T16:45:41Z Thursday 16 1 Snoo-35440 University Thesis Functional Reactive GUI Programming
2020-07-09T15:15:35Z Thursday 15 2 dushiel Quick question about overloading for different sub-data types
2020-07-09T05:44:50Z Thursday 5 1 aerohit Unit testing Tagless Final approach
2020-07-09T05:20:17Z Thursday 5 1 Yujiri Why is my code slow?
2020-07-09T03:09:24Z Thursday 3 1 JUSTINTHONG What happened to Haskell Weekly?
2020-07-08T21:57:00Z Wednesday 21 1 socratesthefoolish Space needed to install every package on stackage
2020-07-08T17:59:45Z Wednesday 17 1 chekkan How to write unit tests for a yesod project
2020-07-08T16:08:28Z Wednesday 16 2 pomone08 Proving the correctness of a type inference algorithm
2020-07-08T15:12:03Z Wednesday 15 0 aryanmaurya1 What's in the name ?
2020-07-08T15:05:06Z Wednesday 15 2 javcasas Category Theory of parsers and writers
2020-07-08T13:40:12Z Wednesday 13 1 taylorfausak ITProTV hiring Haskell engineers
2020-07-08T09:31:47Z Wednesday 9 1 stuudente Tips on quickly testing algorithm in GHCi?
2020-07-08T04:16:26Z Wednesday 4 1 JeffreyBenjaminBrown Announcing Hode, a hypergraph editor and search engine
2020-07-07T20:52:05Z Tuesday 20 1 superstar64 Tail recursive only fix point combinator
2020-07-07T20:29:14Z Tuesday 20 1 Molossus-Spondee What is the type of type class pairs?
2020-07-07T18:37:20Z Tuesday 18 1 Hirrolot Higher-kinded types in pure C
2020-07-07T18:09:59Z Tuesday 18 1 Hirrolot Higher-kinded types in pure C
2020-07-07T14:27:45Z Tuesday 14 2 aryanmaurya1 Today I started my functional programming journey with Haskell.
2020-07-07T11:23:51Z Tuesday 11 1 theprophet26 Beginner's First Haskell Project: Sync Subtitles
2020-07-07T04:08:41Z Tuesday 4 1 Yujiri Do Haskell parsers use the tokenizer/parser distinction?
2020-07-07T01:45:38Z Tuesday 1 2 usedocker is promise an example of monad?
2020-07-07T00:48:56Z Tuesday 0 2 LionTamingAccountant Retrie: Haskell refactoring made easy - Facebook Engineering
2020-07-06T23:12:19Z Monday 23 1 somewhere_like_this Megaparsec help
2020-07-06T22:51:21Z Monday 22 3 Stack_Builders Experienced Haskell Developer (Remote - Full Time)
2020-07-06T21:43:07Z Monday 21 1 srid- Program Design by Calculation [PDF]
2020-07-06T19:56:00Z Monday 19 3 santiweight How to model a debugger with pure functions
2020-07-06T17:02:59Z Monday 17 3 jfischoff Introducing hasql-queue
2020-07-06T11:00:25Z Monday 11 1 stuudente Circulating package in haskell
2020-07-06T09:54:25Z Monday 9 1 sombrastudios Beginner Struggles
2020-07-06T08:19:09Z Monday 8 1 SolidMarsupial GHCIDE + VSCode + cabal 3 problems
2020-07-06T05:53:42Z Monday 5 1 Hirrolot GADTs in pure C
2020-07-06T05:40:42Z Monday 5 2 FufufufuThrthrthr Is there a free construction for MonadFix?
2020-07-06T03:38:15Z Monday 3 8 Molossus-Spondee Simple type preserving compiler from lambda calculus to call by push value and continuation passing style
2020-07-05T19:50:44Z Sunday 19 4 VirtualSloth Memoization with ST
2020-07-05T17:40:25Z Sunday 17 2 independents Is there a generalization of the following? Seems similar to Traversable?
2020-07-05T10:11:05Z Sunday 10 1 sibip Automatic UI's for Command Lines with cmdargs
2020-07-05T08:56:14Z Sunday 8 1 SnooDrawings7133 Blogging platform that supports Haskell
2020-07-05T06:46:47Z Sunday 6 1 yitz Back to old tricks .. (or, baby steps in Rust)
2020-07-05T06:41:19Z Sunday 6 1 somewhere_like_this Haskell new grad in Canada
2020-07-04T19:20:41Z Saturday 19 5 Molossus-Spondee How to do tagless final style with mutually recursive types?
2020-07-04T16:06:51Z Saturday 16 12 comuninja Simple and easy user wide install for Arch Linux
2020-07-03T21:38:07Z Friday 21 1 sjakobi Blog post about the Dhall documentation generator GSoC project (includes a prettyprinter-to-lucid renderer)
2020-07-03T20:35:25Z Friday 20 12 serras Some thoughts on building software
2020-07-03T19:22:02Z Friday 19 1 [deleted] Cant use http-conduit
2020-07-03T17:43:52Z Friday 17 2 aeveltstra libhsold-locale?
2020-07-03T16:04:47Z Friday 16 13 adam_conner_sax [ANN] knit-haskell- knitR inspired document building in Haskell
2020-07-03T11:37:56Z Friday 11 1 dushiel Importing and executing a void c function in haskell
2020-07-03T09:49:32Z Friday 9 1 epoberezkin Modeling state machines with dependent types in Haskell
2020-07-03T09:35:57Z Friday 9 1 TheTimegazer cabal new-install fails on Ubuntu
2020-07-03T01:19:03Z Friday 1 1 BelindaWellsh77 Herbal Incense For Sale | herbal Incense online | K2 Spray for sale
2020-07-02T23:26:16Z Thursday 23 1 ysangkok Seven Sketches in Compositionality: An Invitation to Applied Category Theory
2020-07-02T21:11:43Z Thursday 21 1 danysdragons Finally managed to get a working Haskell environment with VS Code, HLS and ghcide, looking for a good workflow for combining GHCi and editor windows effectively. Comparing with F# Interactive, which seems to offer a smoother experience for interactive development. Are there tricks I’m missing?
2020-07-02T21:03:14Z Thursday 21 1 WillSewell Why do http libraries use Int for port numbers instead of Word16?
2020-07-02T17:20:32Z Thursday 17 1 Bodigrim Do not recommend "The Genuine Sieve of Eratosthenes" to beginners
2020-07-02T16:25:51Z Thursday 16 1 ysangkok Hierarchical Free Monads: Myopic alternative to Tagless Final
2020-07-02T13:11:47Z Thursday 13 1 Simon10100 My take on GUI programming in Haskell
2020-07-02T12:10:54Z Thursday 12 1 haskellweekly Issue 218 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-07-02T09:20:16Z Thursday 9 1 0x2fwhc What libraries do people use for matrix computation?
2020-07-02T09:05:49Z Thursday 9 1 vallyscode Light weight haskell
2020-07-02T05:45:21Z Thursday 5 1 Concealed10 Beginner Haskell question concerning `read` and `show`
2020-07-02T00:06:29Z Thursday 0 1 donkeybonks github-webhooks inviting PR to rejoin Stackage
2020-07-01T21:34:48Z Wednesday 21 1 stuudente Clear instructions to get hands dirty
2020-07-01T17:45:43Z Wednesday 17 1 cmries Seeking advice on how to test my code using Hspec
2020-07-01T08:10:59Z Wednesday 8 1 AncientSpell how to feed a monadic value to another monad?
2020-07-01T08:01:47Z Wednesday 8 1 _query Trying the Integrated Haskell Platform Web Framework
2020-06-30T20:43:07Z Tuesday 20 1 Th3Bl00dyN1n3r Need help with async race
2020-06-30T19:08:53Z Tuesday 19 1 augustoperes Might have a memory leak. Also, the program does not behave as expected
2020-06-30T17:56:51Z Tuesday 17 1 Bodigrim Do not recommend "The Genuine Sieve of Eratosthenes"
2020-06-30T17:51:48Z Tuesday 17 1 superstar64 Modeling Object Oriented Programming in Haskell
2020-06-30T17:05:58Z Tuesday 17 3 AutoModerator Monthly Hask Anything (July 2020)
2020-06-30T16:08:26Z Tuesday 16 1 Syrak Kindness for Mean Girls: A primer on the cruel, tacit laws of type-level programming in Haskell
2020-06-30T16:03:30Z Tuesday 16 1 [deleted] Kindness for Mean Girls
2020-06-30T15:16:59Z Tuesday 15 1 przemo_li (Mini) Review of Get Programming With Haskell by Will Kurt
2020-06-30T14:04:36Z Tuesday 14 14 mboes Tweag - Splittable pseudo-random number generators in Haskell: random v1.1 and v1.2
2020-06-30T07:26:28Z Tuesday 7 1 kosmikus Virtual MuniHac 11-13 September 2020 - Call for talk and workshop proposals
2020-06-30T05:51:00Z Tuesday 5 1 n00bomb 8 years of Haskell
2020-06-29T21:15:00Z Monday 21 1 stuudente Guidelines to staying pure and functional?
2020-06-29T18:02:43Z Monday 18 1 26b3ced6763ce4210dbe /r/haskell subscribers nearly doubled in the last two years
2020-06-29T18:01:07Z Monday 18 1 26b3ced6763ce4210dbe /r/haskell subscribers nearly doubled in the last two years 🥳
2020-06-29T16:21:49Z Monday 16 2 empowerg Haskell in the Mission Control Domain
2020-06-29T16:12:42Z Monday 16 5 mttd Algorithm Design with Haskell - Jeremy Gibbons, Chalmers Functional Programming Seminar Series
2020-06-29T15:58:53Z Monday 15 7 VincentPepper How should GHC enable BangPatterns by default?
2020-06-29T15:35:42Z Monday 15 1 itsjzt Try these 4 languages from 4 corners of Programming
2020-06-29T15:27:28Z Monday 15 3 Coahns Need help with haskell ide engine installation
2020-06-29T10:31:21Z Monday 10 1 volpegabriel [ANN] - dconf2nix: a little program using parsec & optparse-applicative
2020-06-29T09:18:03Z Monday 9 1 xwinus [ANN] headroom v0.3.0.0 - Major release with new features for Haskell projects
2020-06-29T08:49:49Z Monday 8 1 ByteString Programming in Lambda Calculus
2020-06-29T05:32:57Z Monday 5 1 saurabhnanda Anyone using Lucid's HtmlT over IO? Is it a good idea?
2020-06-29T00:35:44Z Monday 0 1 bss03 First-class Pattern with Completion
2020-06-28T23:14:39Z Sunday 23 5 pedroabreu Experience Report - Galois Internship
2020-06-28T20:11:18Z Sunday 20 1 g_difolco New package: dijkstra-simple
2020-06-28T17:43:50Z Sunday 17 19 ChrisPenner Other influential disciplines or challenges?
2020-06-28T16:45:29Z Sunday 16 14 NorfairKing2 CS Syd - Announcing yamlparse-applicative, a self-documenting Yaml parsing library
2020-06-28T11:23:56Z Sunday 11 1 stuudente How to memoise `isPrime`
2020-06-28T05:03:11Z Sunday 5 1 RapidAsparagus Where does the name of the const function come from?
2020-06-28T04:07:49Z Sunday 4 1 Heauton_Timorumenos Category theory at the term level?
2020-06-28T00:35:45Z Sunday 0 1 hexayu Why a person should learn haskell?
2020-06-28T00:31:40Z Sunday 0 14 zeta_00 remote haskell work in 2020
2020-06-26T23:04:02Z Friday 23 1 absenced Trading with Haskell
2020-06-26T16:15:11Z Friday 16 1 ciwolseyreadonly Learning recommendation for my particular experience
2020-06-26T06:29:41Z Friday 6 1 raducu427 Reflex-dom version of the tutorial
2020-06-26T04:58:44Z Friday 4 1 Inspector-Gadget-Fan New To Functional Programming | Help With A Problem
2020-06-26T04:55:33Z Friday 4 1 Inspector-Gadget-Fan Could Someone Help Me With This?
2020-06-25T19:13:13Z Thursday 19 1 ollepolle Query-based compiler architectures
2020-06-25T17:16:01Z Thursday 17 1 AcanthocephalaDull58 Haskell code Explain
2020-06-25T14:42:08Z Thursday 14 1 kosmikus Well-Typed - ZuriHac 2020 Advanced Track Materials
2020-06-25T14:09:18Z Thursday 14 1 IdaBzo [Haskell Love Conference] CFP ends on the 1st of July
2020-06-25T12:36:00Z Thursday 12 1 haskellweekly Issue 217 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-06-25T03:52:17Z Thursday 3 1 SolidMarsupial How to make this more idiomatic
2020-06-25T03:01:49Z Thursday 3 1 remexre Tools like standalone-haddock for v2-style builds?
2020-06-24T22:57:29Z Wednesday 22 1 sinoTrinity How to parse subscript operator []?
2020-06-24T20:28:47Z Wednesday 20 2 kuleshevich Color library - HaskellerZ meetup
2020-06-24T11:43:38Z Wednesday 11 1 throwaway_666013 [D] Application design for a Calibre replacement
2020-06-24T10:21:14Z Wednesday 10 1 ulidtko How to interpret all 4 cores idling in "GC waiting" state for 20ms? GHC 8.10.1, also 8.8.3, Linux
2020-06-24T10:10:03Z Wednesday 10 1 igrep minoki/rounded-hw - Directed rounding and interval arithmetics with builtin floating types
2020-06-24T07:15:47Z Wednesday 7 1 codygman Empty Ubuntu To Live Reload: Haskell IHP Web Framework and Nix
2020-06-24T03:08:31Z Wednesday 3 1 n00bomb Haskell for a New Decade [pdf]
2020-06-23T23:37:03Z Tuesday 23 1 misha2479k Downloading Haskell compiler + VS Code
2020-06-23T14:21:44Z Tuesday 14 20 kuleshevich [ANN] random-1.2.0 - a long overdue upgrade
2020-06-23T12:57:36Z Tuesday 12 1 Garothdyn IHP is a modern batteries-included Web Framework, built on top of Haskell and Nix.
2020-06-23T11:57:12Z Tuesday 11 1 drninjabatman My new favorite thing: floskell
2020-06-23T08:59:12Z Tuesday 8 1 iElectric Haskell + Nix + GitHub Actions
2020-06-23T03:53:08Z Tuesday 3 1 Molossus-Spondee How to change types as a move through the compiler?
2020-06-23T00:32:32Z Tuesday 0 1 demetramyattsmd Basketball betting tips - free daily predictions
2020-06-22T23:17:47Z Monday 23 3 TheKoalaKnight Plotting libraries for Haskell
2020-06-22T22:28:02Z Monday 22 1 philip_schwarz Part 2 of “Game of Life - Polyglot FP - Haskell, Scala, Unison”
2020-06-22T20:57:23Z Monday 20 1 arianvp Wire goes ZuriHac
2020-06-22T19:19:12Z Monday 19 2 faebl99 Strongly Typed System F in GHC question
2020-06-22T16:59:05Z Monday 16 3 cxcd60 Advice for moving into the Haskell field
2020-06-22T16:33:36Z Monday 16 2 srid- Vim and Haskell in 2019
2020-06-22T15:47:43Z Monday 15 1 [deleted] Is there a way to convert a String of decimal digits to integer?
2020-06-22T12:24:42Z Monday 12 1 jaspervdj goldplate - a simple golden test runner for CLI apps
2020-06-22T07:47:22Z Monday 7 1 jfischoff When threadWaitRead Doesn't
2020-06-22T07:33:20Z Monday 7 1 kowainik [ANNOUNCEMENT] Stan — Haskell Static Analysis Tool
2020-06-22T07:14:57Z Monday 7 1 crypto_blackhole RSA PROBLEM VS FACTORIZATION
2020-06-22T00:19:42Z Monday 0 3 doxx_me_gently I converted all questions into Haskell!
2020-06-21T22:01:41Z Sunday 22 2 giorgiomarinel ICFP 2020 Accepted Papers
2020-06-21T20:24:44Z Sunday 20 1 wczwe Ryū - fast floating point formatting
2020-06-21T19:06:02Z Sunday 19 5 koenclaessen Reminder: Stephanie Weirich will speak tomorrow (Monday) in The Chalmers Online Functional Programming Seminar Series
2020-06-21T18:16:19Z Sunday 18 1 doxx_me_gently Data constructor not in scope from imported custom module.
2020-06-21T15:42:53Z Sunday 15 1 philip_schwarz Part 2 of Game of Life - Polyglot FP - Haskell, Scala, Unison
2020-06-21T13:13:57Z Sunday 13 1 Megasu5 Is there a way to auto derive classes?
2020-06-21T08:32:28Z Sunday 8 1 stuudente Towers of algebraic data types?
2020-06-20T21:50:59Z Saturday 21 16 entoros Practical examples of type-level programs
2020-06-20T21:29:42Z Saturday 21 3 ironchicken83 Mystified by hie.yaml
2020-06-20T12:29:00Z Saturday 12 1 atidot Reflex widgets
2020-06-20T03:12:39Z Saturday 3 1 emilypii [Ann] base16-bytestring-
2020-06-19T19:29:55Z Friday 19 3 Yujiri Writer vs Tuple Monad, Reader vs Function
2020-06-19T19:14:24Z Friday 19 2 Athas A subtle issue when using Nix and Cabal for CI
2020-06-19T19:09:17Z Friday 19 1 vallyscode Yi & rasa
2020-06-19T14:06:02Z Friday 14 2 MrCodermann Implementing new typesystems through a generic typesystem module
2020-06-19T12:23:21Z Friday 12 1 mrkkrp Linear types are merged in GHC
2020-06-19T10:27:15Z Friday 10 1 iElectric ZuriHac: haskell.nix tutorial overhaul
2020-06-19T10:21:25Z Friday 10 1 Tysonzero Multiple components sharing a source directory
2020-06-19T08:07:49Z Friday 8 1 xFrostbite94 FP equivalent of the While language
2020-06-19T06:38:22Z Friday 6 1 Maroal05 Why programming a blockchain in Rust and Haskell
2020-06-18T21:43:13Z Thursday 21 1 rampion I'm going to start calling this snail code
2020-06-18T20:18:19Z Thursday 20 1 sjakobi ANN: unordered-containers
2020-06-18T18:03:03Z Thursday 18 1 keera_studios Haskell Game Enpuzzled Released for Android and iOS
2020-06-18T16:08:39Z Thursday 16 1 haskellweekly Issue 216 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-06-18T14:55:25Z Thursday 14 2 erewok Simple Linear Regression in One Pass (from Haskell Weekly)
2020-06-18T05:23:54Z Thursday 5 1 n00bomb Basic optics: lenses, prisms, and traversals in Haskell
2020-06-18T04:39:48Z Thursday 4 1 ysangkok Basic optics: lenses, prisms, and traversals by 47 Degrees (YouTube video)
2020-06-18T04:17:43Z Thursday 4 1 srid- Zeus - a no-fuss production quality CI server for Nix projects
2020-06-17T17:58:54Z Wednesday 17 1 tradefeedz Any devs here interested in learning Plutus and Marlowe to develop on Cardano?
2020-06-17T14:12:24Z Wednesday 14 5 anuragohri Card game with UI in Elm, backend in Haskell
2020-06-17T12:28:28Z Wednesday 12 1 dreixel Hiring for new team on Haskell compiler technology / PL in Warsaw with Standard Chartered
2020-06-17T11:23:00Z Wednesday 11 1 myroslambda Reactive Web Apps in Haskell (all posts + live demo)
2020-06-17T10:16:26Z Wednesday 10 1 darchon Should I worry about unstable clocks after INIT_DONE and register initial values
2020-06-17T06:10:34Z Wednesday 6 1 autodidaktic Coincidence of initial and final types
2020-06-17T04:20:50Z Wednesday 4 1 n00bomb Using Template Haskell to generate static data
2020-06-17T02:30:46Z Wednesday 2 1 drninjabatman Why is there no MonadWriter for ContT (in mtl)?
2020-06-16T22:49:42Z Tuesday 22 1 eujdbdu3783 DRY for package.yaml executables
2020-06-16T17:02:54Z Tuesday 17 3 LeanderKu Any ideas how to control the printing of types?
2020-06-16T04:49:35Z Tuesday 4 1 sibip Xmobar updates from ZuriHac
2020-06-15T21:42:30Z Monday 21 1 faiface Discussion: Were monads the right choice or would linear types be better for IO, mutable state, etc? Why?
2020-06-15T18:40:07Z Monday 18 4 Poscat0x04 nix expressions for haskell-language-server
2020-06-15T18:29:03Z Monday 18 1 superstar64 Kind based macros on terms
2020-06-15T18:23:30Z Monday 18 1 serras The power of IO
2020-06-15T16:47:49Z Monday 16 0 whereistimbo user interface - Is functional GUI programming possible? - Stack Overflow
2020-06-15T14:10:21Z Monday 14 1 jhderaigniac "Penser en Types" - Traduction achevée (translation of "Thinking with Types" completed)
2020-06-15T12:07:35Z Monday 12 1 notooth1 Webdriver: How to set SOCKS v5 proxy for Firefox?
2020-06-15T05:37:28Z Monday 5 7 isovector Polysemy: Mea Culpa :: Reasonably Polymorphic
2020-06-14T22:01:46Z Sunday 22 4 santiweight Is there a Reflex implementation on top of GTK out there?
2020-06-14T21:24:38Z Sunday 21 2 jamhob Advice about GHC backend hacking
2020-06-14T20:36:53Z Sunday 20 1 superstar64 RE: Arrow instance for (m a -> m b)?
2020-06-14T19:04:41Z Sunday 19 1 _sverien_ Zurihac2020: Haskell Code Spot preliminary results. -
2020-06-14T17:07:06Z Sunday 17 37 n00bomb [Zürich Friends of Haskell] Effects for Less - Alexis King
2020-06-14T15:00:47Z Sunday 15 1 Arduino_Dude_ How to make a Radar System using Arduino || Arduino Dude
2020-06-14T13:25:59Z Sunday 13 1 NorfairKing2 CS Syd - A language-agnostic introduction to property-based testing
2020-06-14T13:20:02Z Sunday 13 1 splintha Type inference | Introduction to Type Systems
2020-06-14T11:55:15Z Sunday 11 1 FunctionalPussy Why does evaluating a pure function freeze all other Haskell threads?
2020-06-14T09:33:00Z Sunday 9 1 mastarija Good and modular way to add instances of popular type classes?
2020-06-13T21:20:26Z Saturday 21 2 timbod A typescript client for a haskell server
2020-06-13T18:47:21Z Saturday 18 24 ysangkok Recent Haskell Videos list, some from ZuriHac
2020-06-13T11:08:59Z Saturday 11 9 iedoub ZuriHac 2020 - YouTube
2020-06-13T05:40:59Z Saturday 5 43 pepegg IDE 2020: on the performance of ghcide 0.2.0
2020-06-12T23:57:34Z Friday 23 10 ysangkok ZuriHac - A tour of linear types and linear base by Divesh Otwani
2020-06-12T21:11:25Z Friday 21 20 csabahruska Introducing GHC whole program compiler (GHC-WPC)
2020-06-12T20:03:28Z Friday 20 2 crankdev0 [Question] Error propagation and IO monad
2020-06-12T18:38:30Z Friday 18 87 n00bomb Write a GHC extension in 30 minutes by Richard Eisenberg
2020-06-12T18:32:34Z Friday 18 12 n00bomb The Secrets of the GHC Garbage Collector | SkillsCast
2020-06-12T18:29:03Z Friday 18 34 WJWH GHC nonblocking IO and io_uring
2020-06-12T17:40:01Z Friday 17 27 n00bomb Opening Ceremony & "Languages all the way down" by Rob Rix - ZuriHac 2020
2020-06-12T17:20:11Z Friday 17 1 TimesOfCoding TOC - SCALA Express | 06 Scala Collections - Sets and Maps
2020-06-12T16:36:21Z Friday 16 19 aveltras Deploying your Haskell application with NixOS
2020-06-12T14:34:14Z Friday 14 1 ArturGajowy [ANN] ghc-clippy-plugin - for tweaking GHC error messages
2020-06-12T13:56:25Z Friday 13 1 [deleted] [ANN] ghc-clippy-plugin - GHC errors the way YOU like :)
2020-06-11T23:54:36Z Thursday 23 4 singpolyma [GHC] In what context is a RecUpdError thrown?
2020-06-11T22:18:19Z Thursday 22 29 SSchlesinger Announcing: commander-cli
2020-06-11T20:35:59Z Thursday 20 27 bgamari [GHC Blog] Integrating head.hackage with GHC's CI infrastructure
2020-06-11T20:17:15Z Thursday 20 12 ironchicken83 Contemporary Haskell set up
2020-06-11T18:59:44Z Thursday 18 19 mascode Kiwi : A Haskell text content management system
2020-06-11T18:42:39Z Thursday 18 2 eujdbdu3783 VSCode Configuration for multiple single file project.
2020-06-11T16:35:58Z Thursday 16 8 qqwy What is the current 'best' approach to work with record types in a practical project?
2020-06-11T15:26:41Z Thursday 15 86 emqtt Hamler - Haskell-style functional programming language running on Erlang VM
2020-06-11T13:39:44Z Thursday 13 1 user501236542 haskell random Int
2020-06-11T12:03:48Z Thursday 12 20 haskellweekly Issue 215 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-06-11T10:39:14Z Thursday 10 45 n00bomb bracketing and async exceptions in haskell
2020-06-11T08:08:02Z Thursday 8 18 synchronitown smuggler2: a ghc plugin for minimising imports and creating explicit export lists
2020-06-11T02:12:44Z Thursday 2 1 fluz1994 Haskell Design Pattern
2020-06-10T22:01:35Z Wednesday 22 8 f0rgot Distance, Units, Safety
2020-06-10T20:56:44Z Wednesday 20 3 ivanpd Generating Haskell from Haskell
2020-06-10T16:17:43Z Wednesday 16 40 captjakk State of Haskell Cross Compilation
2020-06-10T15:58:59Z Wednesday 15 8 jmtd Template Haskell and Stream-processing programs
2020-06-10T15:40:20Z Wednesday 15 3 D7x7w9pHnT A concrete example of a monoid
2020-06-10T15:06:35Z Wednesday 15 5 LeanderKu Is it possible to create a type-checker plugin for newTypeLits-style primitives?
2020-06-10T14:42:13Z Wednesday 14 13 AffectionateWork8 Does Rust and Haskell knowledge build on each other?
2020-06-10T07:16:48Z Wednesday 7 65 vrom911 [Experience Report] Choosing an HTML library
2020-06-10T04:53:25Z Wednesday 4 3 JanS0lo Help creating a minimax function for an AI for Ataxx game.
2020-06-09T22:07:06Z Tuesday 22 76 iliassoto Why is this so hard?
2020-06-09T22:06:22Z Tuesday 22 13 cdsmith Using client-side Haskell web frameworks in CodeWorld
2020-06-09T20:47:29Z Tuesday 20 18 xwinus Stackage - wondering why LTS 16.0 was released?
2020-06-09T18:54:54Z Tuesday 18 35 serras Haskell talks, webinars, and courses by 47 Degrees Academy
2020-06-09T16:11:31Z Tuesday 16 5 rzeznik Need a little help with DataKinds
2020-06-09T12:45:15Z Tuesday 12 26 yaxu HSoC student Lizzie Wilson making music with Haskell
2020-06-09T12:26:11Z Tuesday 12 7 n00bomb Haskell at Symbiont: Flexible Tests Selection
2020-06-09T12:25:26Z Tuesday 12 101 n00bomb Implementing HTTP/3 in Haskell
2020-06-09T12:24:49Z Tuesday 12 19 n00bomb Hoogle Searching Overview
2020-06-09T11:18:42Z Tuesday 11 4 awa_cryptium_baker Juvix Updates
2020-06-09T11:02:32Z Tuesday 11 10 myroslambda Building a reactive calculator in Haskell (4/5)
2020-06-09T06:51:23Z Tuesday 6 74 n00bomb Getting Started with the Haskell Vulkan Bindings on macOS Catalina
2020-06-09T06:45:23Z Tuesday 6 3 ocramz Streaming JSON processing ?
2020-06-09T05:03:25Z Tuesday 5 22 whereistimbo Ask: I'm Beginner in Haskell, any typical Haskell codebase that everyday Haskell programmer encounter?
2020-06-09T03:51:56Z Tuesday 3 11 Beatse I am looking for a tutoring session.
2020-06-08T23:33:03Z Monday 23 45 iedoub Phil Wadler: Featherweight Go
2020-06-08T21:29:25Z Monday 21 11 jamhob 2020 options for distributed programming
2020-06-08T19:04:13Z Monday 19 20 leothrix Real-Time Monitoring Fastly Metrics with the Elastic Stack and Haskell - A Beginner-Friendly Open Source Tool for CDN Metrics
2020-06-08T15:24:23Z Monday 15 84 instantdoctor Reminder: ZuriHac is happening (remotely) this weekend and it will be great fun!
2020-06-08T13:16:44Z Monday 13 27 setholopolus Autocompletion support in functional languages
2020-06-08T10:23:25Z Monday 10 3 jhderaigniac "Penser en Types" - Chapitre 14 (update in the translation of "Thinking with Types")
2020-06-08T03:59:53Z Monday 3 1 mgsloan A short exploration of GHC’s instance resolution hiding mistakes from the type checker.
2020-06-08T03:58:26Z Monday 3 1 mgsloan "A short exploration of GHC’s instance resolution hiding mistakes from the type checker"
2020-06-07T19:52:21Z Sunday 19 1 chessai New maintainers of Core Libraries
2020-06-07T19:11:27Z Sunday 19 1 dixonary The Pain Points of Haskell: A Practical Summary
2020-06-07T19:03:57Z Sunday 19 1 dixonary Pain Points of Haskell
2020-06-07T11:32:32Z Sunday 11 1 bxsx0074 Beginner ques: Why use Reader monad when partially applied function applicative does the same?
2020-06-07T10:16:40Z Sunday 10 1 InnerMaze2 "No one will drive us from the paradise which data created for us"
2020-06-07T08:46:05Z Sunday 8 1 koenclaessen Reminder: Phil Wadler will speak tomorrow (Monday) in The Chalmers Online Functional Programming Seminar Series
2020-06-07T05:21:54Z Sunday 5 1 ExtraTemp How do I get Haskell Platform to work on Windows?
2020-06-07T03:13:14Z Sunday 3 1 NCSVdB TontineTrust looking for Haskell dev with DevOps experience
2020-06-06T22:59:49Z Saturday 22 1 ellipticcode0 How to import some functions from a module and avoid compile other function which is not imported.
2020-06-06T22:42:26Z Saturday 22 1 lukelau Making the most of Cabal
2020-06-06T22:03:23Z Saturday 22 1 saj1441 How the hell does lambda calc work?
2020-06-05T17:46:08Z Friday 17 1 Jack-o-tall-tales Why does ghc not find / recognize modules when I compile, even though they are in the global database AND recognized by 'ghc-pkg find-module'?
2020-06-05T16:31:47Z Friday 16 1 cdsmith Toy Machine Learning with Haskell
2020-06-05T14:05:46Z Friday 14 1 Serokell Lorentz: Introducing Complex Objects to Michelson
2020-06-05T13:30:38Z Friday 13 1 HappyTramp3637 [Code Review] Scientific calculator
2020-06-05T12:56:18Z Friday 12 1 jose_zap The story with data-default
2020-06-05T07:35:39Z Friday 7 1 AlCastorne Will .hp profiling be deprecated or is this an author’s interpretation?
2020-06-05T02:06:46Z Friday 2 1 stuporofmyrddin For people who are into listening to music while coding...
2020-06-05T01:26:33Z Friday 1 1 apengd Looking for PL tutor
2020-06-04T20:42:20Z Thursday 20 1 Mouse1949 List and Description of GHC language extensions?
2020-06-04T19:40:57Z Thursday 19 2 sinoTrinity How to test compilers?
2020-06-04T17:41:18Z Thursday 17 2 Lolitsgab What I learned from Haskell - What did you take away from the language?
2020-06-04T16:22:17Z Thursday 16 1 fluz1994 Question regarding The Haskell Pyramid
2020-06-04T16:14:20Z Thursday 16 7 phadej Fix-ing regular expressions
2020-06-04T15:03:33Z Thursday 15 1 k-bx Fully qualified symbol access without import
2020-06-04T14:03:32Z Thursday 14 1 n00bomb Looking to the future of Haskell and JavaScript for Plutus - IOHK Blog
2020-06-04T13:22:37Z Thursday 13 1 haskellweekly Issue 214 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-06-04T12:36:22Z Thursday 12 1 notooth1 Need help binding QT5
2020-06-04T12:05:23Z Thursday 12 1 Serokell In 2 hours, we will launch the next edition of #SerokellChat!
2020-06-04T10:57:40Z Thursday 10 1 Lemmih Color Theory: Postmortem on a 6 minute animation written in 1k lines of Haskell
2020-06-04T08:39:02Z Thursday 8 1 somewhere_like_this Haskell frustration
2020-06-04T08:28:23Z Thursday 8 1 asheshambasta Which one of these approaches is preferred?
2020-06-04T06:07:54Z Thursday 6 1 voidlizard Modular configs with abstraction
2020-06-04T02:42:31Z Thursday 2 1 Tysonzero Do row types need to be unordered?
2020-06-03T21:33:58Z Wednesday 21 1 stuudente Using haskell instead of yaml?
2020-06-03T19:16:59Z Wednesday 19 1 Jack-o-tall-tales Why can XMonad suddenly not find many of it's modules? (new to haskell and especially Haskell pkg management, probably a ghc / cabal issue). Please help!
2020-06-03T17:08:41Z Wednesday 17 1 jmtd using Template Haskell to generate boilerplate
2020-06-03T14:19:19Z Wednesday 14 1 [deleted] Compiler order of evaluation
2020-06-03T11:25:40Z Wednesday 11 1 myroslambda Building a reactive calculator in Haskell (3/5)
2020-06-03T09:18:04Z Wednesday 9 1 hikarakujou How does this function work?
2020-06-03T09:11:40Z Wednesday 9 1 fluz1994 Comparison between Miso and Elm
2020-06-03T06:50:45Z Wednesday 6 1 leetdeadly Need help with haskell syntax
2020-06-03T03:20:50Z Wednesday 3 1 notooth1 Need help with GTK
2020-06-02T22:13:50Z Tuesday 22 1 aveltras Setting up a Haskell development environment with Nix
2020-06-02T19:20:46Z Tuesday 19 0 alks1456 HELP HASKELL
2020-06-02T18:19:11Z Tuesday 18 1 avanov Is there a reverse string interpolation (parsing by stencil) library in Haskell?
2020-06-02T17:09:58Z Tuesday 17 5 n00bomb ghcide 0.2.0
2020-06-02T14:33:06Z Tuesday 14 2 Poscat0x04 [ANN] tdlib, a complete and thread-safe binding to the Telegram Database Library
2020-06-02T14:29:31Z Tuesday 14 1 [deleted] [ANN] tdlib, a binding to the Telegram Database Library
2020-06-02T14:12:27Z Tuesday 14 7 alter2000 Building a pipeline: how to approach?
2020-06-02T12:59:27Z Tuesday 12 1 emanuelpeg Haskell en español !
2020-06-01T21:46:22Z Monday 21 1 stuudente Setting up haskell devel environment on arch
2020-06-01T21:37:27Z Monday 21 1 stuudente Setting up haskell devel environment on arch
2020-06-01T19:55:18Z Monday 19 1 ephrion Quick Memory Trick
2020-06-01T17:39:29Z Monday 17 1 fosskers [Blog] Trusting `toList`
2020-06-01T17:37:22Z Monday 17 1 wavewave The abstract nature of the Cardano consensus layer - IOHK Blog
2020-06-01T16:55:43Z Monday 16 1 jhderaigniac "Penser en Types" - Chapitre 13 (update in the translation of "Thinking with Types")
2020-06-01T13:35:02Z Monday 13 1 LevelChart8 HIE not installing properly on NixOS
2020-06-01T13:25:56Z Monday 13 1 whereistimbo Template Idris
2020-06-01T05:43:26Z Monday 5 1 oscar23433 Hardware design in Haskell
2020-06-01T05:03:46Z Monday 5 1 finlaydotweber Confused by the Haskell installation options
2020-06-01T03:15:45Z Monday 3 1 emanuelpeg Breve historia de Haskell
2020-06-01T00:10:56Z Monday 0 3 chessai [ANN] shwifty: Generate Swift types from Haskell types
2020-05-31T23:59:05Z Sunday 23 1 [deleted] [ANN] [LIBRARY] shwifty: Generate Haskell Types from Swift types
2020-05-31T23:07:44Z Sunday 23 0 emanuelpeg Crear un árbol binario con Haskell
2020-05-31T19:59:42Z Sunday 19 10 williamyaoh Reanimate: a tutorial on making programmatic animations
2020-05-31T18:55:15Z Sunday 18 5 HateUsernamesMore Modify State with Traversal and Return Result
2020-05-31T17:06:05Z Sunday 17 2 AutoModerator Monthly Hask Anything (June 2020)
2020-05-31T11:58:29Z Sunday 11 1 koenclaessen Reminder: The Chalmers Online Functional Programming Seminar Series continues tomorrow (Monday) with a talk by Kathleen Fisher
2020-05-31T09:51:18Z Sunday 9 1 chrismwendt Cleaning up threads in ghcid
2020-05-31T07:27:29Z Sunday 7 1 isovector Looking for small, simple Haskell libraries as case studies for my new book
2020-05-31T05:43:16Z Sunday 5 1 donovanm256 YourFirstGame with Haskell, Godot, and godot-haskell
2020-05-31T01:26:02Z Sunday 1 1 _oats Making Music with Haskell From Scratch
2020-05-31T00:19:10Z Sunday 0 1 taktoa Writing a Datalog Compiler using BDDs in Haskell - 1 - Introduction
2020-05-31T00:09:54Z Sunday 0 1 cxcd60 Haskell & text editor as a first language
2020-05-30T23:37:01Z Saturday 23 1 cdsmith A Calculator with Reflex and CodeWorld
2020-05-30T22:30:09Z Saturday 22 1 JeffreyBenjaminBrown What's the status on Dependent Types in GHC as of mid-2020?
2020-05-30T22:22:30Z Saturday 22 1 atloomis Lua Integration Question
2020-05-30T21:37:19Z Saturday 21 1 afnanenayet1 Some confusion on HKTs
2020-05-30T21:21:20Z Saturday 21 1 srid- On Marketing Haskell
2020-05-30T21:20:13Z Saturday 21 1 sjakobi On Marketing Haskell
2020-05-30T20:51:56Z Saturday 20 1 zekka_yk [User experience report] Holy heck! Stack is making my life very difficult on Windows
2020-05-30T18:47:50Z Saturday 18 1 monnef Making Music with Haskell From Scratch
2020-05-30T12:11:17Z Saturday 12 1 leonadav In 11:27 of the following video the Zig creator says that Haskell is among the languages that cannot write perfect software because of hidden memory allocation
2020-05-30T08:13:56Z Saturday 8 1 myroslambda Building a reactive calculator in Haskell (2/5)
2020-05-30T07:38:18Z Saturday 7 1 lordmilko :steplocal skips over last line in GHCi Debugger?
2020-05-30T02:30:09Z Saturday 2 1 iedoub Morgan Thomas- Concurrency in Haskell with Streamly- λC 20 Global Edition
2020-05-30T00:43:26Z Saturday 0 1 thirtySeven73 Tips for building a web server
2020-05-29T23:00:54Z Friday 23 1 keithpinson Curry-Howard Tutorial in Literate Haskell
2020-05-29T22:39:26Z Friday 22 1 f0rgot Client Functions when using the `Auth` combinator in Servant
2020-05-29T21:27:34Z Friday 21 1 tahamagdy ghc: 'math.h' file not found
2020-05-29T20:54:24Z Friday 20 1 jackel119 Question about Weaving Effect Handlers
2020-05-29T20:47:56Z Friday 20 1 w1sm3rhi11 Type level constraint
2020-05-29T18:21:31Z Friday 18 2 Lossy IDE 2020: Responsive IDEs
2020-05-29T16:01:45Z Friday 16 1 complyue Interesting similarity between list Monad and procedural for loop in modeling non-determinism
2020-05-29T13:35:31Z Friday 13 1 Poscat0x04 Lower your guards: a compositional pattern-match coverage checker
2020-05-29T13:24:10Z Friday 13 1 fluz1994 Looking for package recommendation in web backend development
2020-05-29T12:21:28Z Friday 12 1 sjakobi ANN: Data.Monoid.First and Data.Monoid.Last are here to stay
2020-05-29T09:59:25Z Friday 9 1 alexmesro Hiring Haskell Engineers?
2020-05-29T09:21:39Z Friday 9 1 zachmane Generating an overview of endpoints for Servant APIs
2020-05-29T06:52:05Z Friday 6 1 dnikolovv Looking for advice on speeding up our builds
2020-05-28T23:43:27Z Thursday 23 1 wturtle-throwaway WorldTurtle: (Another) Turtle Graphics module, and my first "real" Haskell project!
2020-05-28T22:04:03Z Thursday 22 1 prettypunkboi New To Haskell... Counters?
2020-05-28T21:27:50Z Thursday 21 1 aryzach Dealing with tuples and bind
2020-05-28T17:42:58Z Thursday 17 1 myroslambda Building a reactive calculator web app in Haskell (1/5)
2020-05-28T17:39:34Z Thursday 17 1 grahamhutton Tail Recursion Explained - Computerphile
2020-05-28T17:10:05Z Thursday 17 1 _-Murph-_ Responses - Testing Servant API
2020-05-28T16:56:05Z Thursday 16 1 haskellweekly Issue 213 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-05-28T11:08:11Z Thursday 11 1 AwareRope0 How To Build A SaaS Product? A Step-by-step SaaS Development Guide
2020-05-28T10:33:54Z Thursday 10 1 Heauton_Timorumenos Analogue of typeclasses for type families?
2020-05-28T09:55:49Z Thursday 9 1 NorfairKing2 CS Syd - Talk: An overview of property testing
2020-05-24T18:34:30Z Sunday 18 1 koenclaessen Reminder: The Chalmers Online Functional Programming Seminar Series continues tomorrow (Monday) with a talk by Nadia Polikarpova
2020-05-24T13:31:26Z Sunday 13 1 splintha Simply typed lambda calculus | Introduction to Type Sytems
2020-05-24T04:17:06Z Sunday 4 1 CoBuddha Other than Ecosystem, what does Haskell have that Purescript doesn't?
2020-05-23T22:33:45Z Saturday 22 1 ByteString Michael Snoyman- An Economic Argument for Functional Programming
2020-05-23T22:02:35Z Saturday 22 1 QQII neut - a dependently-typed programming language with compile-time malloc/free determination
2020-05-23T21:30:09Z Saturday 21 1 type-tinker Minimal language extensions for dependently typed Haskell
2020-05-23T21:21:22Z Saturday 21 1 BORINGMAN123 why is it an outermost redex? ?
2020-05-23T19:29:13Z Saturday 19 1 iamjecaro Trying to introduce Haskell at work
2020-05-23T18:55:10Z Saturday 18 1 effectfully Haskell: jump-to-definition in Emacs
2020-05-23T18:33:11Z Saturday 18 1 ivanpd Call for Papers: Reactive and Event-based Languages and Systems (REBLS 2020)
2020-05-23T17:57:46Z Saturday 17 1 srid- Accumulating independent errors
2020-05-23T16:00:04Z Saturday 16 1 Retro_Gamer Dynamically Flunking the Coding Interview
2020-05-23T13:58:13Z Saturday 13 1 the_true_potato IDE 2020: Adding tracing to ghcide
2020-05-23T13:47:16Z Saturday 13 1 Uhvvaw Is there a way to make a call-by-reference using STRef?
2020-05-23T11:53:12Z Saturday 11 1 sjoerd_visscher squares: The double category of Hask functors and profunctors
2020-05-23T07:25:08Z Saturday 7 1 Lemmih Voiced controlled animations
2020-05-23T00:31:04Z Saturday 0 1 [deleted] "Package ‘beam-postgres-’ ... is marked as broken, refusing to evaluate."
2020-05-22T23:43:29Z Friday 23 1 avi-coder The Haskell video chat is looking for someone to demo Haskell and Nix
2020-05-22T19:57:41Z Friday 19 1 UnknownGuy102 Iterating through strings and saving user input
2020-05-22T17:07:43Z Friday 17 0 zero_coding How to it is a natural transformation?
2020-05-22T15:31:26Z Friday 15 2 aboring27 Alternative instance loops for data vs newtypes
2020-05-22T14:19:30Z Friday 14 5 emilypii Simple Haskell is Best Haskell
2020-05-22T14:11:08Z Friday 14 1 Laser_Plasma Memoization for custom types in Haskell
2020-05-22T13:23:07Z Friday 13 1 abeaufort Haskell for Beginners: 3 Hour YouTube course.
2020-05-22T12:19:59Z Friday 12 1 HaskellNewBee Computational model
2020-05-22T10:35:36Z Friday 10 1 Confident_Interest Top 5 Reasons For Outsourcing Front-End Development
2020-05-22T10:20:24Z Friday 10 1 Zelayton Dynamically generating HTML or Templating? Haskell SXML?
2020-05-22T08:08:57Z Friday 8 1 thma32 Implementing Clean Architecture with Haskell and Polysemy
2020-05-22T07:04:59Z Friday 7 1 Haselnussig Building a Haskell+MariaDB Microservice with Docker-Compose
2020-05-21T20:14:46Z Thursday 20 1 serras GHC proposal: allow unfinished `do` blocks
2020-05-21T19:34:22Z Thursday 19 1 wavewave Combinator makes easy work of Shelley hard fork - IOHK Blog
2020-05-21T14:43:25Z Thursday 14 4 razvanpanda Virtual Online Haskell Hackathon this weekend starting at 10 AM Ireland time on Saturday. The main point of it is learning more about Haskell, meeting new people and making friends, so do not worry about anything else if you wish to attend, just join in and have fun with us :)
2020-05-21T13:49:41Z Thursday 13 1 takenobu-hs SIXEL Library for Haskell; displaying images on ghci
2020-05-21T11:54:35Z Thursday 11 1 haskellweekly Issue 212 :: Haskell Weekly Newsletter
2020-05-21T10:18:24Z Thursday 10 1 hitoyoshi haskellers thoughts on statecharts
2020-05-21T08:54:40Z Thursday 8 1 anon_cow_ da
2020-05-21T08:52:31Z Thursday 8 1 anon_cow_ te
2020-05-21T08:35:32Z Thursday 8 1 anon_cow_ te
2020-05-21T08:34:46Z Thursday 8 1 anon_cow_ da
2020-05-21T08:29:15Z Thursday 8 1 anon_cow_ da
2020-05-21T08:28:09Z Thursday 8 1 anon_cow_ te
2020-05-21T08:13:23Z Thursday 8 1 anon_cow_ foo?
2020-05-21T06:43:40Z Thursday 6 1 anon_cow_ aaa
2020-05-21T06:34:46Z Thursday 6 1 anon_cow_ dadsf
2020-05-21T06:33:48Z Thursday 6 1 anon_cow_ test
2020-05-21T06:20:58Z Thursday 6 1 anon_cow_ test
2020-05-21T06:12:48Z Thursday 6 1 anon_cow_ aaaaa
2020-05-21T03:38:23Z Thursday 3 1 LevelChart8 Best way to do authentication and data storage in Obelisk project?
2020-05-20T16:00:09Z Wednesday 16 1 HaskellNewBee Simulation of a computational model
2020-05-20T13:45:48Z Wednesday 13 1 THeShinyHObbiest Haskell Error Message, and How to Improve Them
2020-05-20T09:35:18Z Wednesday 9 1 Iceland_jack DerivingVia sums-of-products
2020-05-20T03:33:01Z Wednesday 3 1 wangqiao11 Stack installed by nix seems do not create `.stack` folder under home dir properly.
2020-05-20T02:22:52Z Wednesday 2 1 iedoub Alejandro Serrano Mena on Why Functors and Applicatives Compose but Monads Don't
2020-05-19T23:38:26Z Tuesday 23 1 anon_cow_ test
2020-05-19T22:00:53Z Tuesday 22 1 philh Haskenthetical - another take on "Haskell with a Lisp syntax"
2020-05-19T21:32:56Z Tuesday 21 1 Dekans What is Haskell bad for?
2020-05-19T21:13:40Z Tuesday 21 4 graninas Book "Functional Design and Architecture"
2020-05-19T20:19:43Z Tuesday 20 1 [deleted] today
2020-05-19T20:19:15Z Tuesday 20 1 [deleted] test
2020-05-19T20:14:28Z Tuesday 20 1 [deleted] test
2020-05-19T20:12:56Z Tuesday 20 1 [deleted] lisp
2020-05-19T19:54:30Z Tuesday 19 1 [deleted] test
2020-05-19T19:29:26Z Tuesday 19 1 [deleted] test.
2020-05-19T19:16:46Z Tuesday 19 1 [deleted] haskell
2020-05-19T17:45:14Z Tuesday 17 1 The-CPMills I am having difficulty installing Haskero for VSCode
2020-05-19T17:01:25Z Tuesday 17 1 radu23 Drawing the game board in Haskell
2020-05-19T13:25:54Z Tuesday 13 1 augustoperes Error/warning on stack build
2020-05-19T12:01:14Z Tuesday 12 1 Scentable Combining Brick and SBV monadic contexts
2020-05-19T11:25:49Z Tuesday 11 1 taylorfausak How to define JSON instances quickly
2020-05-19T10:50:46Z Tuesday 10 1 anon_cow_ test
2020-05-19T10:20:01Z Tuesday 10 1 iedoub Benjamin Pierce: Backtracking Generators for Random Testing
2020-05-19T03:18:19Z Tuesday 3 1 anon_cow_ test
2020-05-19T03:12:46Z Tuesday 3 1 anon_cow_ test
2020-05-19T01:11:19Z Tuesday 1 1 iedoub Presentation on Purely Functional Data Structures - Donnacha Oisín Kidney
2020-05-18T22:08:47Z Monday 22 1 bgamari [GHC Blog] The state of GHC on ARM
2020-05-18T20:59:44Z Monday 20 1 restarted_mustard [ANN] Medea - a json schema language