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ResourceTree iterate all resources in a tree
public class ResourceTree {
private Resource root;
public static Stream<ResourceTree> stream(Resource resource) {
return new ResourceTree(resource).streamTree();
public static Stream<ResourceTree> stream(Resource resource, String filterType) {
return new ResourceTree(resource).streamTree(filterType);
private ResourceTree(Resource root) {
this.root = root;
public Resource getResource() {
return root;
private Stream<ResourceTree> streamTree() {
return Stream.concat(Stream.of(this),, false)
private Stream<ResourceTree> streamTree(String filterType) {
return Stream.concat(Stream.of(this),, false)
.filter(c -> filterType.equals(c.getResourceType())).map(ResourceTree::new)
.flatMap(rt -> rt.streamTree(filterType)));
for example to find all of the includes in a dialog:
.filter(r -> r.getResourceType().equals("granite/ui/components/coral/foundation/include"))
.map(i -> component.getResourceResolver().getResource(i.getValueMap().get("path", "")))
.forEach(r -> addDialogFields(r, fields));
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