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Plugin Name: WP Testing Admin AJAX
Plugin URI:
Description: Testing AJAX pada wp-admin dashboard
Author: Pakai WP
Version: 1
Author URI:
// Buat contoh halaman admin
add_action('admin_menu', 'wp_testing_admin_ajax_page');
function wp_testing_admin_ajax_page() {
add_menu_page('Admin AJAX', 'Admin AJAX', 'manage_options', 'admin-ajax', 'wp_testing_admin_ajax_content', 'dashicons-chart-pie', 2);
// Fungsi halaman
function wp_testing_admin_ajax_content() {
global $hook_suffix;
<div class="wrap">
<h1><?php echo esc_html(get_admin_page_title()); ?></h1>
<p><strong>Hook Suffix:</strong> : <?php echo $hook_suffix; ?></p>
<p>Ketika tombol di klik, maka akan melakukan request AJAX untuk mendapatkan info email administrator website.</p>
<button id="info-email" class="button">Info Email Admin Website</button>
<span class="spinner" style="float:none;"></span>
<?php }
// Fungsi script javascript pada admin footer menggunakan hook suffix
add_action('admin_footer-toplevel_page_admin-ajax', 'wp_testing_admin_ajax_script');
function wp_testing_admin_ajax_script() { ?>
jQuery(document).on('click', '#info-email', function() {
url: ajaxurl, // secara otomatis menuju admin-ajax.php
type: 'GET', // Ubah mau ajax GET/POST
data: {
'action': 'wp_test_admin_ajax'
beforeSend: function() {
complete: function() {
success: function(response) {
<?php }
// Fungsi ajax pada admin
add_action('wp_ajax_wp_test_admin_ajax', 'wp_test_admin_ajax_response');
function wp_test_admin_ajax_response() {
echo get_bloginfo('admin_email');
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