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Top 50 up and 50 down-regulated genes during OPC differentiation from Dugas et al ( mapped to human orthologs.
probeset fold_change dugas_symbol dugas_name platform ensembl_id hgnc_id hgnc_symbol hgnc_id_manual hgnc_symbol_manual
D28111_g_at 119.43 MOBP Myelin-assoc OL basic protein HGNC:7189 MOBP
K00512_at 98.36 MBP Myelin basic protein affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000016516 HGNC:6925 MBP HGNC:6925 MBP
M99485_at 97.68 MOG Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000000775 HGNC:7197 MOG HGNC:7197 MOG
rc_AI233181_at 93.05 ESTs, no homologies found
rc_AI072770_s_at 77.71 PLP Proteolipid protein affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000002419 HGNC:9086 PLP1 HGNC:9086 PLP1
X55572_at 71.01 APOD Apolipoprotein D affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000048273 HGNC:612 APOD HGNC:612 APOD
rc_AA891719_at 66.72 ENPP6 Ectonuc. pyrophos./phosphodiesterase 6 affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000009660 HGNC:23409 ENPP6 HGNC:23409 ENPP6
D88534_s_at 60.55 PNLIP Pancreatic lipase affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000017725 HGNC:9155 PNLIP HGNC:9155 PNLIP
rc_AA901342_at 49.87 OSP Claudin 11/OL specific protein affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000010263 HGNC:8514 CLDN11 HGNC:8514 CLDN11
D38380_g_at 44.63 Tf Transferrin affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000030625 HGNC:11740 TF HGNC:11740 TF
rc_AI101500_at 38.59 ESTs, no homologies found
M22357_g_at 38.32 MAG Myelin-associated glycoprotein affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000021023 HGNC:6783 MAG HGNC:6783 MAG
rc_AA893670_at 36 TPD52 Tumor protein D52 HGNC:12005 TPD52
rc_AI009946_at 31.34 CPM Carboxypeptidase M affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000034134 HGNC:2311 CPM HGNC:2311 CPM
rc_AI236200_at 29.86 MAN1A1 Mannosidase 1,α affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000000800 HGNC:6821 MAN1A1 HGNC:6821 MAN1A1
rc_AA800851_s_at 29.04 SEPT5 Septin 5 affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000046981 HGNC:4440 GP1BB HGNC:4440 GP1BB
rc_AI228110_s_at 26.91 UGT8 UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 8 affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000009345 HGNC:12555 UGT8 HGNC:12555 UGT8
rc_AI232970_at 25.81 GPD1 Glycerol 3-phosphate dehydrogenase affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000019213 HGNC:4455 GPD1 HGNC:4455 GPD1
rc_AI232373_at 25.63 APXL Thyroid hormone-response protein-1 affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000024322 HGNC:630 SHROOM2 HGNC:630 SHROOM2
S85184_at 24.93 CTSL Cathepsin L HGNC:2537 CTSL
rc_AI144614_at 23.75 TMEM10 Transmembrane protein TMP10 affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000022386 HGNC:20707 OPALIN HGNC:20707 OPALIN
rc_AI230247_s_at 22.32 SEPP1 Selenoprotein P HGNC:10751 SEPP1
rc_AI058796_at 21.71 Hypothetical protein DKFZp566N034 affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000003769 HGNC:25380 TMEM163 HGNC:25380 TMEM163
rc_AI232194_at 21.41 CHN2 Chimerin 2 affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000009411 HGNC:1944 CHN2 HGNC:1944 CHN2
D28560_at 21.11 ENPP2 Ectonuc. pyrophos./phosphodiesterase 2 affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000004089 HGNC:3357 ENPP2 HGNC:3357 ENPP2
rc_AI072835_at 20.82 SEMA5A Semaphorin 5A affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000011977 HGNC:10736 SEMA5A HGNC:10736 SEMA5A
rc_AA943765_at 19.84 SYTL2 Synaptotagmin-like 2 affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000030776 HGNC:15585 SYTL2 HGNC:15585 SYTL2
rc_AI072720_at 19.7 GALNT5 N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 5 affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000021472 HGNC:29208 ERMN HGNC:29208 ERMN
rc_AA925520_at 19.7 ADP-ribosylation guan. nuc. factor 6a-like
rc_AI007768_at 19.56 PPP1R14A Protein phosphatase 1, reg. subunit 14a affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000020676 HGNC:14871 PPP1R14A HGNC:14871 PPP1R14A
rc_AI234146_at 19.03 CSRP1 Cysteine and glycine-rich protein 1 affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000008937 HGNC:2469 CSRP1 HGNC:2469 CSRP1
rc_AI112149_at 18.77 EDG2 Endothelial diff., LPA G-prot.-coup.-R, 2 affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000013656 HGNC:3166 LPAR1 HGNC:3166 LPAR1
rc_AI229178_at 18.25 FGFR2 Fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000016374 HGNC:3689 FGFR2 HGNC:3689 FGFR2
AF016269_at 18.13 KLK6 Kallikrein 6 affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000031927 HGNC:6367 KLK6 HGNC:6367 KLK6
rc_AI233688_at 18 PLS1 Plastin 1 HGNC:9090 PLS1
rc_AA963260_at 17.75 EPB41L2 Erythrocyte memb. prot. band 4.1-like 2 affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000012346 HGNC:3379 EPB41L2 HGNC:3379 EPB41L2
rc_AI013705_at 17.03 HTRA1 Protease, serine, 11 (IGF binding) affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000020533 HGNC:9476 HTRA1 HGNC:9476 HTRA1
rc_AI071861_at 17.03 BMP4 Bone morphogenetic protein 4 affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000009694 HGNC:1071 BMP4 HGNC:1071 BMP4
X68101_at 16.91 DOCK9 Dedicator of cytokinesis 9 affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000011969 HGNC:14132 DOCK9 HGNC:14132 DOCK9
rc_AI232059_at 16.91 ASPA Aspartoacylase affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000019659 HGNC:756 ASPA HGNC:756 ASPA
rc_AA899764_at 16.91 TSPAN2 Tetraspanin 2 affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000023338 HGNC:20659 TSPAN2 HGNC:20659 TSPAN2
rc_AI013502_at 16.91 LHFPL2 Lipoma HMGIC fusion partner-like 2 affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000011032 HGNC:6588 LHFPL2 HGNC:6588 LHFPL2
rc_AA850738_at 16.68 GRAMD3 HCV NS3-transactivated protein 2 affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000015225 HGNC:24911 GRAMD3 HGNC:24911 GRAMD3
rc_AI029544_at 16 SPEER4F Spermatogenesis assoc. glu-rich prot. 4f
rc_AI030921_i_at 15.78 CMTM7 Chemokine-like factor super family 7 HGNC:19178 CMTM7
rc_AI112086_at 15.56 PTPRD Prot. tyrosine phos'ase, receptor type, D HGNC:9668 PTPRD
AJ131902_g_at 15.45 GAS7 Growth arrest specific 7 affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000049361 HGNC:4169 GAS7 HGNC:4169 GAS7
rc_AI009484_at 15.45 GSN Gelsolin affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000018991 HGNC:4620 GSN HGNC:4620 GSN
rc_AA945734_at 15.35 Putative phosphatase subunit
U37142_at 15.14 BCAN Brevican affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000018798 HGNC:23059 BCAN HGNC:23059 BCAN
M93669_at -49.52 SCG2 Secretogranin II affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000015055 HGNC:10575 SCG2 HGNC:10575 SCG2
J03627_at -37.01 S100A10 S100 calcium binding protein A10 affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000023226 HGNC:10487 S100A10 HGNC:10487 S100A10
rc_AA899590_at -27.47 ESTs, no homologies found affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000008450 HGNC:10452 RRM2 HGNC:10452 RRM2
rc_AA899854_at -25.81 TOP2A Topoisomerase (DNA) 2α affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000032404 HGNC:11989 TOP2A HGNC:11989 TOP2A
rc_AA997800_at -22.01 Ki-67 Antigen Ki-67 (predicted) affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000028137 HGNC:7107 MKI67 HGNC:7107 MKI67
rc_AI228113_s_at -19.03 NPTXR Neuronal pentraxin receptor affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000016156 HGNC:7954 NPTXR HGNC:7954 NPTXR
rc_AI176963_at -18.13 CITED2 Cbp/p300-interacting transactivator 2 affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000012193 HGNC:1987 CITED2 HGNC:1987 CITED2
J03624_at -18 GALN Galanin affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000015156 HGNC:4114 GAL HGNC:4114 GAL
rc_AA963443_at -18 CCND2 Cyclin D2 HGNC:1583 CCND2
J02585_at -17.27 SCD1 Stearoyl-coenzyme A desaturase 1 affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000013552 HGNC:10571 SCD HGNC:10571 SCD
rc_AA956638_at -16.45 UHRF1 Ubiquitin-like, PHD + RING finger domains 1 HGNC:12556 UHRF1
rc_AA944180_at -15.89 CKS2 CDC28 protein kinase regulatory subunit 2 affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000043379 HGNC:2000 CKS2 HGNC:2000 CKS2
rc_AA818744_at -15.56 CD93 Complement comp. 1, q subcomp., receptor 1 HGNC:15855 CD93
rc_AI101009_at -14.22 ZCCHC12 Zinc finger, CCHC domain containing 12 affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000013162 HGNC:27273 ZCCHC12 HGNC:27273 ZCCHC12
rc_AI010123_at -14.12 TACC2 Transforming, acidic coiled-coil cont. protein 2 affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000020457 HGNC:11523 TACC2 HGNC:11523 TACC2
X59864mRNA_g_at -13.83 H19 H19 fetal liver mRNA HGNC:4713 H19
rc_AI231702_at -13.74 CEP152 Centrosomal protein 152 kDa HGNC:29298 CEP152
rc_AA819103_at -13.45 MEST Mesoderm specific transcript homolog HGNC:7028 MEST
rc_AA997385_at -13.36 USP43 Ubiquitin specific protease 43 affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000037718 HGNC:16053 WDR16 HGNC:16053 WDR16
rc_AI179576_s_at -13.27 HBB Hemoglobin, β affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000049424 HGNC:4827 HBB HGNC:4827 HBB
X60767mRNA_s_at -13.09 CDC2 Cell division cycle control protein 2 affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000000632 HGNC:1722 CDK1 HGNC:1722 CDK1
rc_AI071227_at -13 RAD51 DNA repair protein RAD51 homolog 1 affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000037302 HGNC:9817 RAD51 HGNC:9817 RAD51
rc_AI639088_s_at -12.73 ESTs, no homologies found
rc_AA859341_at -12.38 SH3PXD2A SH3 and PX domains 2A HGNC:23664 SH3PXD2A
U17565_g_at -12.04 MCM6 Mini chromosome maintenance deficient 6 affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000003703 HGNC:6949 MCM6 HGNC:6949 MCM6
rc_AI058975_at -11.96 SOX11 SRY-box containing gene 11 HGNC:11191 SOX11
rc_AI146172_at -11.88 NSG2 Neuron specific gene family member 2
rc_AA900746_at -11.88 ESTs, no homologies found
M74223_at -11.79 VGF VGF nerve growth factor inducible affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000001416 HGNC:12684 VGF HGNC:12684 VGF
rc_AI103150_at -11.71 UBE2C Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2C affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000015131 HGNC:15937 UBE2C HGNC:15937 UBE2C
rc_AI010612_at -11.47 TNC Tenascin C affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000049585 HGNC:5318 TNC HGNC:5318 TNC
rc_AA956688_at -11.39 CDCA3 Cell division cycle associated 3 affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000015529 HGNC:14624 CDCA3 HGNC:14624 CDCA3
rc_AI231497_at -11.31 KPNA2 Karyopherinα2 HGNC:6395 KPNA2
rc_AA893717_at -11.24 RACGAP1 Rac GTPase-activating protein 1 affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000018187 HGNC:9804 RACGAP1 HGNC:9804 RACGAP1
rc_AI012221_at -11.16 CLIC1 Chloride intracellular channel 1 affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000029682 HGNC:2062 CLIC1 HGNC:2062 CLIC1
rc_AI169327_g_at -11.08 TIMP1 Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 1 affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000010208 HGNC:11820 TIMP1 HGNC:11820 TIMP1
rc_AI045594_at -10.93 SPBC25 Spindle pole body component 25 affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000006731 HGNC:24031 SPC25 HGNC:24031 SPC25
rc_AI103106_at -10.78 LMNB1 Lamin B1 HGNC:6637 LMNB1
rc_AI072698_at -10.7 TRAF4AF1 TRAF4 associated factor 1 affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000009334 HGNC:30767 KNSTRN HGNC:30767 KNSTRN
rc_AA851392_at -10.63 KIF22 Kinesin family member 22 affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000020281 HGNC:6391 KIF22 HGNC:6391 KIF22
rc_AA818016_at -10.56 CDC23 Cell division cycle 23 affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000024428 HGNC:9787 KIF20A HGNC:9787 KIF20A
rc_AI237713_at -10.56 ESTs, no homologies found affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000016561 HGNC:28961 KIAA0101 HGNC:28961 KIAA0101
rc_AI103682_at -10.56 POLA Polymerase (DNA directed),α1 affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000013322 HGNC:9173 POLA1 HGNC:9173 POLA1
rc_AI232326_at -10.48 ESTs, no homologies found
rc_AI145123_at -10.48 Similar to ataxin 2-binding protein 1 isoform 2
rc_AA925012_at -10.48 GMNN Geminin affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000018782 HGNC:17493 GMNN HGNC:17493 GMNN
rc_AI104821_at -10.34 LRRFIP1 Leucine rich repeat interacting protein 1 HGNC:6702 LRRFIP1
AF019974_at -10.27 CHGB Chromogranin B affy_rg_u34a ENSRNOG00000021269 HGNC:1930 CHGB HGNC:1930 CHGB
rc_AA943886_at -10.2 PLK2 Polo-like kinase 2 affy_rg_u34b ENSRNOG00000011951 HGNC:19699 PLK2 HGNC:19699 PLK2
rc_AI230215_at -10.06 CDCA8 Cell division cycle associated 8 affy_rg_u34c ENSRNOG00000031431 HGNC:14629 CDCA8 HGNC:14629 CDCA8
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