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Catalog of treatments from Table S2 of Cheng et al 2014 (
compound disease
beclometasone acute and chronic inflammation
betamethasone acute and chronic inflammation
budesonide acute and chronic inflammation
dexamethasone acute and chronic inflammation
diflorasone acute and chronic inflammation
fludroxycortide acute and chronic inflammation
flunisolide acute and chronic inflammation
fluticasone acute and chronic inflammation
hydrocortisone acute and chronic inflammation
hyoscyamine acute and chronic inflammation
mometasone acute and chronic inflammation
ofloxacin Acute and chronic inflammation
prednisolone acute and chronic inflammation
prednisone Acute and Chronic Inflammation
mesalazine acute and chronic inflammation
metronidazole acute and chronic inflammation
sulfasalazine acute and chronic inflammation
tacrolimus acute and chronic inflammation
adipiodone acute cholecystitis
omeprazole Acute cholecystitis
azacitidine acute myeloid leukemia, minimal differentiation, fab m0
doxorubicin acute myeloid leukemia, minimal differentiation, fab m0
hydrocortisone Acute myeloid leukemia, minimal differentiation, FAB M0
imatinib Acute myeloid leukemia, minimal differentiation, FAB M0
methotrexate Acute myeloid leukemia, minimal differentiation, FAB M0
mitoxantrone acute myeloid leukemia, minimal differentiation, fab m0
tretinoin acute myeloid leukemia, minimal differentiation, fab m0
altretamine adenocarcinoma
diethylstilbestrol adenocarcinoma
doxorubicin adenocarcinoma
estradiol adenocarcinoma
etanidazole adenocarcinoma
flutamide adenocarcinoma
ifosfamide adenocarcinoma
irinotecan adenocarcinoma
levamisole adenocarcinoma
nilutamide adenocarcinoma
paclitaxel adenocarcinoma
semustine adenocarcinoma
streptozocin adenocarcinoma
bromocriptine adenoma
danazol adenomyosis
amitriptyline adjustment disorder
imipramine adjustment disorder
mianserin adjustment disorder
nortriptyline adjustment disorder
naltrexone alcoholic liver disease
astemizole allergic dermatitis
cetirizine allergic dermatitis
ciclosporin allergic dermatitis
clemastine allergic dermatitis
clioquinol allergic dermatitis
clobetasol allergic dermatitis
cromoglicic acid allergic dermatitis
fludroxycortide allergic dermatitis
fluocinonide allergic dermatitis
fluticasone allergic dermatitis
hydrocortisone allergic dermatitis
ketotifen allergic dermatitis
mepyramine allergic dermatitis
mometasone allergic dermatitis
prednicarbate allergic dermatitis
prednisone Allergic dermatitis
spironolactone Allergic dermatitis
tacrolimus allergic dermatitis
terfenadine allergic dermatitis
tretinoin Allergic dermatitis
triamcinolone Allergic dermatitis
clioquinol alzheimers disease
dihydroergocristine alzheimers disease
galantamine alzheimers disease
memantine alzheimers disease
nicergoline alzheimers disease
physostigmine alzheimers disease
risperidone Alzheimers disease
sulpiride alzheimers disease
tacrine alzheimers disease
velnacrine alzheimers disease
alprostadil arteriolosclerosis
buflomedil arteriolosclerosis
isradipine arteriolosclerosis
pentoxifylline arteriolosclerosis
theobromine arteriolosclerosis
ambroxol asthma
aminophylline asthma
atropine asthma
bambuterol asthma
beclometasone asthma
budesonide asthma
cetirizine asthma
clemastine asthma
cromoglicic acid asthma
dexamethasone asthma
diprophylline asthma
fenoterol asthma
flunisolide asthma
fluticasone asthma
guaifenesin asthma
hydrocortisone asthma
isoetarine asthma
ketotifen asthma
khellin asthma
methacholine chloride asthma
methylprednisolone asthma
metronidazole Asthma
mometasone asthma
orciprenaline asthma
prednisolone asthma
prednisone Asthma
proxyphylline asthma
salbutamol asthma
terbutaline asthma
theophylline asthma
triamcinolone asthma
troleandomycin asthma
alprostadil Atherosclerosis
fluvastatin atherosclerosis
gemfibrozil Atherosclerosis
isosorbide atherosclerosis
lovastatin Atherosclerosis
nicotinic acid atherosclerosis
simvastatin Atherosclerosis
alprostadil atherosclerosis
bezafibrate atherosclerosis
buflomedil atherosclerosis
isradipine atherosclerosis
pentoxifylline atherosclerosis
simvastatin atherosclerosis
theobromine atherosclerosis
alprostadil atherosclerosis of aorta
buflomedil atherosclerosis of aorta
fluvastatin atherosclerosis of aorta
isosorbide atherosclerosis of aorta
isradipine atherosclerosis of aorta
nicotinic acid atherosclerosis of aorta
pentoxifylline atherosclerosis of aorta
theobromine atherosclerosis of aorta
estradiol atrophy
hydrocortisone Benign neoplasm of liver
methylprednisolone Benign neoplasm of liver
prednisolone Benign neoplasm of liver
prednisone Benign neoplasm of liver
tacrolimus Benign neoplasm of liver
alfuzosin benign prostatic hypertrophy
doxazosin benign prostatic hypertrophy
finasteride benign prostatic hypertrophy
naftopidil Benign prostatic hypertrophy
terazosin benign prostatic hypertrophy
amitriptyline bipolar disorder
bupropion bipolar disorder
desipramine bipolar disorder
fluoxetine bipolar disorder
imipramine bipolar disorder
molindone bipolar disorder
phenelzine bipolar disorder
risperidone bipolar disorder
sulpiride bipolar disorder
topiramate bipolar disorder
triflupromazine bipolar disorder
trimipramine bipolar disorder
valproic acid bipolar disorder
aztreonam bronchiectasis
prednisolone Bronchiectasis
prednisone Bronchiectasis
theophylline Bronchiectasis
altretamine carcinoma
aminoglutethimide carcinoma
cyproterone carcinoma
doxorubicin carcinoma
flutamide carcinoma
irinotecan carcinoma
paclitaxel carcinoma
streptozocin carcinoma
acetylsalicylic acid Cerebral degeneration
memantine Cerebral degeneration
risperidone Cerebral degeneration
simvastatin Cerebral degeneration
sirolimus chromophobe carcinoma
gabapentin Chronic cholecystitis
hyoscyamine Chronic cholecystitis
omeprazole Chronic cholecystitis
paracetamol Chronic cholecystitis
scopolamine Chronic cholecystitis
famotidine chronic gastritis
omeprazole chronic gastritis
proglumide chronic gastritis
prednisolone Chronic hepatitis
prednisone Chronic hepatitis
ribavirin chronic hepatitis
ofloxacin Chronic inflammation
budesonide chronic inflammation
ciclosporin chronic inflammation
clobetasol chronic inflammation
famotidine chronic inflammation
fluocinonide chronic inflammation
meropenem chronic inflammation
mesalazine chronic inflammation
methotrexate chronic inflammation
methoxsalen chronic inflammation
metronidazole chronic inflammation
mometasone chronic inflammation
ofloxacin chronic inflammation
omeprazole chronic inflammation
sulfasalazine chronic inflammation
tacrolimus chronic inflammation
triamcinolone chronic inflammation
ambroxol chronic obstructive lung disease
aminophylline chronic obstructive lung disease
beclometasone chronic obstructive lung disease
budesonide chronic obstructive lung disease
clenbuterol chronic obstructive lung disease
fenoterol chronic obstructive lung disease
fluticasone chronic obstructive lung disease
methylprednisolone Chronic obstructive lung disease
orciprenaline chronic obstructive lung disease
prednisolone Chronic obstructive lung disease
prednisone Chronic obstructive lung disease
salbutamol chronic obstructive lung disease
terbutaline chronic obstructive lung disease
theophylline chronic obstructive lung disease
gabexate chronic pancreatitis
amikacin chronic pyelonephritis
ampicillin chronic pyelonephritis
cefaclor chronic pyelonephritis
cefadroxil chronic pyelonephritis
cefalexin chronic pyelonephritis
cefalotin chronic pyelonephritis
cefamandole chronic pyelonephritis
cefazolin chronic pyelonephritis
cefotiam chronic pyelonephritis
cefuroxime chronic pyelonephritis
chlortetracycline chronic pyelonephritis
cinoxacin chronic pyelonephritis
ciprofloxacin chronic pyelonephritis
colistin chronic pyelonephritis
dicloxacillin chronic pyelonephritis
flumequine chronic pyelonephritis
kanamycin chronic pyelonephritis
latamoxef chronic pyelonephritis
lomefloxacin chronic pyelonephritis
nalidixic acid chronic pyelonephritis
norfloxacin chronic pyelonephritis
ofloxacin chronic pyelonephritis
phenazopyridine chronic pyelonephritis
pivampicillin chronic pyelonephritis
rolitetracycline chronic pyelonephritis
ticarcillin chronic pyelonephritis
trimethoprim chronic pyelonephritis
amoxicillin chronic sinusitis
bacampicillin chronic sinusitis
cefaclor chronic sinusitis
cefadroxil chronic sinusitis
cefalexin chronic sinusitis
cefamandole chronic sinusitis
cefmetazole chronic sinusitis
cefotaxime chronic sinusitis
cefotiam chronic sinusitis
cefuroxime chronic sinusitis
demeclocycline chronic sinusitis
dicloxacillin chronic sinusitis
erythromycin chronic sinusitis
guaifenesin chronic sinusitis
josamycin chronic sinusitis
lomefloxacin chronic sinusitis
metacycline chronic sinusitis
mometasone chronic sinusitis
ofloxacin chronic sinusitis
pivampicillin chronic sinusitis
roxithromycin chronic sinusitis
thiamphenicol chronic sinusitis
tobramycin chronic sinusitis
ribavirin Cirrhosis of liver
spironolactone Cirrhosis of liver
canrenoic acid cirrhosis of liver
etacrynic acid cirrhosis of liver
spironolactone cirrhosis of liver
torasemide cirrhosis of liver
triamterene cirrhosis of liver
diethylstilbestrol clear cell adenocarcinoma
hydrocortisone CLL - Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
ifosfamide CLL - Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
imatinib CLL - Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
methotrexate CLL - Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
methylprednisolone CLL - Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
mitoxantrone CLL - Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
prednisolone CLL - Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
prednisone CLL - Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
budesonide colon active ulcerative colitis.
mesalazine colon active ulcerative colitis.
metronidazole Colon active ulcerative colitis.
prednisone Colon active ulcerative colitis.
sulfasalazine colon active ulcerative colitis.
tacrolimus colon active ulcerative colitis.
acetylsalicylic acid Congestive cardiomyopathy
isosorbide Congestive cardiomyopathy
metoprolol Congestive cardiomyopathy
simvastatin Congestive cardiomyopathy
spironolactone Congestive cardiomyopathy
alprenolol congestive cardiomyopathy
amrinone congestive cardiomyopathy
bisoprolol congestive cardiomyopathy
digoxin congestive cardiomyopathy
dobutamine congestive cardiomyopathy
hydralazine congestive cardiomyopathy
lanatoside c congestive cardiomyopathy
metoprolol congestive cardiomyopathy
milrinone congestive cardiomyopathy
minoxidil congestive cardiomyopathy
nitrendipine congestive cardiomyopathy
xamoterol congestive cardiomyopathy
acetylsalicylic acid Coronary artery disease
alprostadil coronary artery disease
bepridil coronary artery disease
bisoprolol coronary artery disease
buflomedil coronary artery disease
clofibrate coronary artery disease
dilazep coronary artery disease
diltiazem coronary artery disease
dipyridamole coronary artery disease
fasudil coronary artery disease
felodipine coronary artery disease
fendiline coronary artery disease
fluvastatin coronary artery disease
gemfibrozil coronary artery disease
isosorbide Coronary artery disease
isradipine coronary artery disease
khellin coronary artery disease
lanatoside c coronary artery disease
lidoflazine coronary artery disease
lovastatin coronary artery disease
metoprolol coronary artery disease
molsidomine coronary artery disease
naftidrofuryl coronary artery disease
nifedipine coronary artery disease
nimodipine coronary artery disease
papaverine coronary artery disease
pentoxifylline coronary artery disease
perhexiline coronary artery disease
phenoxybenzamine coronary artery disease
prenylamine coronary artery disease
simvastatin coronary artery disease
spironolactone Coronary artery disease
theobromine coronary artery disease
ticlopidine coronary artery disease
trimetazidine coronary artery disease
xamoterol coronary artery disease
ciclosporin coronary artery disease
dobutamine coronary artery disease
fluvastatin coronary artery disease
isosorbide coronary artery disease
nicotinic acid coronary artery disease
triflusal coronary artery disease
budesonide crohns disease
hydrocortisone Crohns disease
loperamide crohns disease
mesalazine crohns disease
methotrexate Crohns disease
methylprednisolone Crohns disease
metronidazole crohns disease
omeprazole Crohns disease
prednisolone Crohns disease
prednisone Crohns disease
sulfasalazine Crohns disease
nitrofurantoin Cyst
paclitaxel Cyst
trimethoprim Cyst
levodopa degeneration
lisuride degeneration
nicergoline degeneration
pergolide degeneration
piribedil degeneration
selegiline degeneration
terguride degeneration
verteporfin degeneration
amitriptyline depressive disorder
amoxapine depressive disorder
brompheniramine depressive disorder
bupropion depressive disorder
buspirone depressive disorder
citalopram depressive disorder
clomipramine depressive disorder
desipramine depressive disorder
dosulepin depressive disorder
doxepin depressive disorder
fluoxetine depressive disorder
fluvoxamine depressive disorder
imipramine depressive disorder
isocarboxazid depressive disorder
maprotiline depressive disorder
mianserin depressive disorder
minaprine depressive disorder
nortriptyline depressive disorder
paroxetine depressive disorder
phenelzine depressive disorder
protriptyline depressive disorder
risperidone depressive disorder
selegiline depressive disorder
serotonin depressive disorder
tranylcypromine depressive disorder
trazodone depressive disorder
trimipramine depressive disorder
zimeldine depressive disorder
acetohexamide diabetes mellitus
bezafibrate diabetes mellitus
chlorpropamide diabetes mellitus
gabapentin Diabetes mellitus
glibenclamide diabetes mellitus
gliclazide diabetes mellitus
glimepiride diabetes mellitus
glipizide diabetes mellitus
gliquidone diabetes mellitus
metformin diabetes mellitus
phenformin diabetes mellitus
pioglitazone diabetes mellitus
repaglinide diabetes mellitus
rosiglitazone diabetes mellitus
simvastatin Diabetes mellitus
tolazamide diabetes mellitus
tolbutamide diabetes mellitus
troglitazone diabetes mellitus
hyoscyamine diverticulitis
loperamide diverticulitis
mesalazine diverticulitis
scopolamine diverticulitis
metronidazole Diverticulitis of colon
aminophylline emphysema
salbutamol emphysema
theophylline emphysema
bambuterol emphysema
orciprenaline emphysema
terbutaline emphysema
torasemide end stage kidney disease
megestrol endometrial hyperplasia
norethisterone endometrial hyperplasia
progesterone endometrial hyperplasia
tamoxifen endometrial hyperplasia
clomifene endometrioid adenocarcinoma
estradiol endometrioid adenocarcinoma
megestrol endometrioid adenocarcinoma
progesterone endometrioid adenocarcinoma
raloxifene endometrioid adenocarcinoma
tamoxifen endometrioid adenocarcinoma
danazol endometriosis
estradiol endometriosis
norethisterone endometriosis
danazol endometriosis of ovary
pioglitazone fatty liver
troglitazone fatty liver
acetylsalicylic acid fibrin thrombus
triflusal fibrin thrombus
danazol fibrocystic change, proliferative type
danazol fibrocystic disease of breast
etanidazole fibrosarcoma
meropenem Fibrosis
tobramycin Fibrosis
tyloxapol fibrosis
chlorambucil focal glomerulosclerosis
ciclosporin focal glomerulosclerosis
carbimazole follicular adenoma
etanidazole follicular adenoma
liothyronine follicular adenoma
chlorambucil follicular lymphoma
daunorubicin follicular lymphoma
prednisone follicular lymphoma
vidarabine follicular lymphoma
imatinib gastrointestinal stromal tumor
semustine gastrointestinal stromal tumor
prednisone Granulomatous inflammation
levothyroxine sodium hashimoto thyroiditis
liothyronine hashimoto thyroiditis
thiamazole hashimoto thyroiditis
ribavirin hepatitis c
alfuzosin hyperplasia
doxazosin hyperplasia
finasteride hyperplasia
naftopidil hyperplasia
prednisolone hyperplasia
prednisone hyperplasia
terazosin hyperplasia
alfuzosin hyperplastic glandular epithelium
doxazosin hyperplastic glandular epithelium
finasteride hyperplastic glandular epithelium
terazosin hyperplastic glandular epithelium
levothyroxine sodium Hyperplastic goiter
phenoxybenzamine hypertrophy
budesonide inflamed
mesalazine inflamed
methotrexate inflammation
methylprednisolone inflammation
nabumetone inflammation
naproxen inflammation
ofloxacin Inflammation
omeprazole inflammation
prednisolone inflammation
prednisone inflammation
benzydamine inflammation
capsaicin inflammation
cetirizine inflammation
ciclosporin inflammation
clobetasol inflammation
fluorometholone inflammation
fluticasone inflammation
gemfibrozil inflammation
hydrocortisone inflammation
mefenamic acid inflammation
nimesulide inflammation
oxaprozin inflammation
prednisone inflammation
rimexolone inflammation
tacrolimus inflammation
terfenadine inflammation
tamoxifen intraductal carcinoma
paclitaxel Intraductal papillary carcinoma
diazoxide islet cell carcinoma
streptozocin islet cell carcinoma
paclitaxel large cell carcinoma
raloxifene leiomyoma
ifosfamide Liposarcoma
methotrexate Liposarcoma
hydrocortisone Malignant lymphoma of extranodal AND/OR solid organ site
ifosfamide Malignant lymphoma of extranodal AND/OR solid organ site
methotrexate Malignant lymphoma of extranodal AND/OR solid organ site
prednisolone Malignant lymphoma of extranodal AND/OR solid organ site
prednisone Malignant lymphoma of extranodal AND/OR solid organ site
ifosfamide Malignant lymphoma, non-Hodgkins type
methotrexate Malignant lymphoma, non-Hodgkins type
methylprednisolone Malignant lymphoma, non-Hodgkins type
mitoxantrone Malignant lymphoma, non-Hodgkins type
prednisolone Malignant lymphoma, non-Hodgkins type
prednisone Malignant lymphoma, non-Hodgkins type
vinblastine Malignant lymphoma, non-Hodgkins type
dacarbazine malignant melanoma
levamisole malignant melanoma
lomustine malignant melanoma
paclitaxel malignant melanoma
semustine malignant melanoma
benfluorex metabolic syndrome x
chlorpropamide metabolic syndrome x
clofibrate metabolic syndrome x
diazoxide metabolic syndrome x
fenofibrate metabolic syndrome x
glibenclamide metabolic syndrome x
glimepiride metabolic syndrome x
metformin metabolic syndrome x
orlistat metabolic syndrome x
pioglitazone metabolic syndrome x
rosiglitazone metabolic syndrome x
tolbutamide metabolic syndrome x
troglitazone metabolic syndrome x
clenbuterol muscle atrophy
prednisolone Muscle atrophy
chlorambucil mycosis fungoides
daunorubicin mycosis fungoides
methoxsalen mycosis fungoides
prednisone mycosis fungoides
vinblastine mycosis fungoides
acetylsalicylic acid Myocarditis
isosorbide Myocarditis
metoprolol Myocarditis
simvastatin Myocarditis
spironolactone Myocarditis
lanatoside c myocarditis
paclitaxel Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of connective and other soft tissues
methylprednisolone Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of lung
prednisolone Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of lung
prednisone Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of lung
tacrolimus Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of lung
galantamine neurofibrillary degeneration
memantine neurofibrillary degeneration
nicergoline neurofibrillary degeneration
tacrine neurofibrillary degeneration
alfuzosin nodular hyperplasia
doxazosin nodular hyperplasia
finasteride nodular hyperplasia
terazosin nodular hyperplasia
danazol nonproliferative fibrocystic change
ciclosporin old infarct
dobutamine old infarct
isosorbide old infarct
nicotinic acid old infarct
triflusal old infarct
aceclofenac osteoarthritis
celecoxib osteoarthritis
dexibuprofen osteoarthritis
diclofenac osteoarthritis
diflunisal osteoarthritis
etodolac osteoarthritis
fenoprofen osteoarthritis
flurbiprofen osteoarthritis
gabapentin Osteoarthritis
indoprofen osteoarthritis
ketoprofen osteoarthritis
leflunomide Osteoarthritis
meclofenamic acid osteoarthritis
mefenamic acid osteoarthritis
methotrexate Osteoarthritis
methylprednisolone Osteoarthritis
nabumetone osteoarthritis
naproxen osteoarthritis
nimesulide osteoarthritis
oxaprozin osteoarthritis
paracetamol osteoarthritis
piroxicam osteoarthritis
prednisolone Osteoarthritis
prednisone Osteoarthritis
rofecoxib osteoarthritis
sulfasalazine Osteoarthritis
sulindac osteoarthritis
tenoxicam osteoarthritis
tiaprofenic acid osteoarthritis
tolmetin osteoarthritis
triamcinolone osteoarthritis
valdecoxib osteoarthritis
methotrexate osteosarcoma
orlistat overweight
amantadine parkinsons disease
apomorphine parkinsons disease
benserazide parkinsons disease
biperiden parkinsons disease
bromocriptine parkinsons disease
dantrolene parkinsons disease
dopamine parkinsons disease
harmine parkinsons disease
levodopa parkinsons disease
lisuride parkinsons disease
memantine parkinsons disease
metixene parkinsons disease
orphenadrine parkinsons disease
pergolide parkinsons disease
piribedil parkinsons disease
prochlorperazine parkinsons disease
procyclidine parkinsons disease
profenamine parkinsons disease
quinpirole parkinsons disease
salsolinol parkinsons disease
selegiline parkinsons disease
spiperone parkinsons disease
terguride parkinsons disease
tiapride parkinsons disease
trihexyphenidyl parkinsons disease
alprostadil peripheral vascular disease
buflomedil peripheral vascular disease
flunarizine peripheral vascular disease
iloprost peripheral vascular disease
paclitaxel peripheral vascular disease
isosorbide peripheral vascular disease
nicotinic acid peripheral vascular disease
dexamethasone plasma cell leukemia
doxorubicin plasma cell leukemia
methotrexate Plasma cell leukemia
thalidomide plasma cell leukemia
amoxicillin pneumonitis
bacampicillin pneumonitis
cefaclor pneumonitis
cefadroxil pneumonitis
cefalexin pneumonitis
cefamandole pneumonitis
cefixime pneumonitis
cefmetazole pneumonitis
cefotaxime pneumonitis
cefotiam pneumonitis
cefuroxime pneumonitis
demeclocycline pneumonitis
dicloxacillin pneumonitis
erythromycin pneumonitis
guaifenesin pneumonitis
josamycin pneumonitis
lomefloxacin pneumonitis
meropenem pneumonitis
metacycline pneumonitis
ofloxacin pneumonitis
pivampicillin pneumonitis
prednisone pneumonitis
roxithromycin pneumonitis
thiamphenicol pneumonitis
tobramycin pneumonitis
acetylsalicylic acid Primary hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
isosorbide Primary hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
metoprolol Primary hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
simvastatin Primary hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
spironolactone Primary hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
altretamine primary malignant neoplasm
doxorubicin primary malignant neoplasm
irinotecan primary malignant neoplasm
paclitaxel primary malignant neoplasm
methotrexate Primary malignant neoplasm of bladder
paclitaxel Primary malignant neoplasm of bladder
irinotecan primary malignant neoplasm of colon
levamisole primary malignant neoplasm of colon
omeprazole Primary malignant neoplasm of duodenum
paclitaxel Primary malignant neoplasm of endometrium
aminoglutethimide primary malignant neoplasm of female breast
doxorubicin primary malignant neoplasm of female breast
exemestane primary malignant neoplasm of female breast
fulvestrant primary malignant neoplasm of female breast
irinotecan primary malignant neoplasm of female breast
letrozole primary malignant neoplasm of female breast
megestrol primary malignant neoplasm of female breast
methotrexate Primary malignant neoplasm of female breast
methylprednisolone Primary malignant neoplasm of female breast
mitoxantrone primary malignant neoplasm of female breast
paclitaxel primary malignant neoplasm of female breast
raloxifene primary malignant neoplasm of female breast
tamoxifen primary malignant neoplasm of female breast
methylprednisolone Primary malignant neoplasm of kidney
hydrocortisone Primary malignant neoplasm of liver
methylprednisolone Primary malignant neoplasm of liver
prednisolone Primary malignant neoplasm of liver
prednisone Primary malignant neoplasm of liver
tacrolimus Primary malignant neoplasm of liver
doxorubicin primary malignant neoplasm of lung
ifosfamide primary malignant neoplasm of lung
irinotecan primary malignant neoplasm of lung
methylprednisolone Primary malignant neoplasm of lung
paclitaxel primary malignant neoplasm of lung
prednisolone Primary malignant neoplasm of lung
prednisone Primary malignant neoplasm of lung
tacrolimus Primary malignant neoplasm of lung
altretamine primary malignant neoplasm of ovary
doxorubicin primary malignant neoplasm of ovary
irinotecan primary malignant neoplasm of ovary
paclitaxel primary malignant neoplasm of ovary
diazoxide primary malignant neoplasm of pancreas
ifosfamide primary malignant neoplasm of pancreas
irinotecan primary malignant neoplasm of pancreas
paclitaxel primary malignant neoplasm of pancreas
semustine primary malignant neoplasm of pancreas
streptozocin primary malignant neoplasm of pancreas
estradiol primary malignant neoplasm of prostate
flutamide primary malignant neoplasm of prostate
hydrocortisone Primary malignant neoplasm of prostate
mitoxantrone Primary malignant neoplasm of prostate
nilutamide primary malignant neoplasm of prostate
thalidomide Primary malignant neoplasm of prostate
irinotecan Primary malignant neoplasm of rectum
doxorubicin primary malignant neoplasm of stomach
irinotecan primary malignant neoplasm of stomach
omeprazole Primary malignant neoplasm of stomach
paclitaxel primary malignant neoplasm of stomach
methotrexate Primary malignant neoplasm of uterine cervix
paclitaxel Primary malignant neoplasm of uterine cervix
alclometasone psoriasis
allantoin psoriasis
beclometasone psoriasis
betamethasone psoriasis
budesonide psoriasis
ciclosporin psoriasis
clioquinol psoriasis
clobetasol psoriasis
colecalciferol psoriasis
dexamethasone psoriasis
diflorasone psoriasis
fludroxycortide psoriasis
fluocinonide psoriasis
fluorometholone psoriasis
fluticasone psoriasis
halcinonide psoriasis
hydrocortisone psoriasis
methotrexate psoriasis
methoxsalen psoriasis
methylprednisolone psoriasis
mometasone psoriasis
prednisolone psoriasis
prednisone psoriasis
tretinoin psoriasis
triamcinolone psoriasis
orciprenaline pulmonary emphysema
prednisolone Pulmonary fibrosis
simvastatin Recent infarct
sirolimus renal cell carcinoma
aceclofenac rheumatoid arthritis
acemetacin rheumatoid arthritis
aminophenazone rheumatoid arthritis
azathioprine rheumatoid arthritis
betamethasone rheumatoid arthritis
celecoxib rheumatoid arthritis
chloroquine rheumatoid arthritis
ciclosporin rheumatoid arthritis
dexamethasone rheumatoid arthritis
dexibuprofen rheumatoid arthritis
diclofenac rheumatoid arthritis
diflunisal rheumatoid arthritis
etodolac rheumatoid arthritis
fenoprofen rheumatoid arthritis
flurbiprofen rheumatoid arthritis
gabapentin Rheumatoid arthritis
hydrocortisone rheumatoid arthritis
indometacin rheumatoid arthritis
indoprofen rheumatoid arthritis
ketoprofen rheumatoid arthritis
leflunomide rheumatoid arthritis
meclofenamic acid rheumatoid arthritis
mefenamic acid rheumatoid arthritis
methotrexate rheumatoid arthritis
methylprednisolone rheumatoid arthritis
nabumetone rheumatoid arthritis
naproxen rheumatoid arthritis
niflumic acid rheumatoid arthritis
nimesulide Rheumatoid arthritis
omeprazole Rheumatoid arthritis
oxaprozin rheumatoid arthritis
oxyphenbutazone rheumatoid arthritis
paracetamol Rheumatoid arthritis
piroxicam rheumatoid arthritis
prednisolone rheumatoid arthritis
prednisone rheumatoid arthritis
rimexolone rheumatoid arthritis
rofecoxib Rheumatoid arthritis
sulfasalazine rheumatoid arthritis
sulindac rheumatoid arthritis
tacrolimus rheumatoid arthritis
tenoxicam rheumatoid arthritis
tiaprofenic acid rheumatoid arthritis
tolmetin rheumatoid arthritis
triamcinolone rheumatoid arthritis
dacarbazine sarcoma
paclitaxel sarcoma
vinblastine sarcoma
biperiden schizophrenia
bromperidol schizophrenia
chlorpromazine schizophrenia
chlorprothixene schizophrenia
clozapine schizophrenia
dopamine schizophrenia
fluspirilene schizophrenia
mesoridazine schizophrenia
molindone schizophrenia
perphenazine schizophrenia
pimozide schizophrenia
piperacetazine schizophrenia
prochlorperazine schizophrenia
procyclidine schizophrenia
remoxipride schizophrenia
risperidone schizophrenia
spiperone schizophrenia
sulpiride schizophrenia
thioproperazine schizophrenia
thioridazine schizophrenia
triflupromazine schizophrenia
zuclopenthixol schizophrenia
doxorubicin secondary malignant neoplasm of connective and other soft tissues
paclitaxel secondary malignant neoplasm of connective and other soft tissues
altretamine secondary malignant neoplasm of ovary
doxorubicin secondary malignant neoplasm of ovary
irinotecan secondary malignant neoplasm of ovary
paclitaxel secondary malignant neoplasm of ovary
orlistat simple obesity
phenylpropanolamine simple obesity
ifosfamide small cell carcinoma
irinotecan small cell carcinoma
etanidazole squamous cell carcinoma
paclitaxel squamous cell carcinoma
betamethasone systemic lupus erythematosus
dexamethasone systemic lupus erythematosus
hydralazine systemic lupus erythematosus
hydrocortisone systemic lupus erythematosus
methylprednisolone systemic lupus erythematosus
prednisolone systemic lupus erythematosus
prednisone systemic lupus erythematosus
tacrolimus Systemic lupus erythematosus
chlorambucil t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
daunorubicin t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
dexamethasone t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
doxorubicin t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
imatinib t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
methotrexate t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
pha-00665752 t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
prednisolone T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
prednisone t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
tretinoin teratoma, benign
clomifene thecoma
budesonide ulcerative colitis
hydrocortisone ulcerative colitis
loperamide ulcerative colitis
mesalazine ulcerative colitis
methotrexate Ulcerative colitis
prednisolone ulcerative colitis
prednisone Ulcerative colitis
sulfasalazine ulcerative colitis
tacrolimus ulcerative colitis
alprostadil Valvular heart disease
metoprolol Valvular heart disease
prednisolone Valvular heart disease
prednisone Valvular heart disease
tacrolimus Valvular heart disease
lanatoside c valvular heart disease
prednisolone wegeners granulomatosis
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