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dhinag/FAQ Template

Last active Dec 16, 2018
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Portal Web Template to render KB articles in FAQ format.
{% fetchxml KB_Query %}
<fetch version="1.0" mapping="logical">
<entity name="knowledgearticle">
<attribute name="knowledgearticleid" />
<attribute name="title" />
<attribute name="content" />
<order attribute="title" descending="false" />
<filter type="and">
<condition attribute="isrootarticle" operator="eq" value="0" />
{% endfetchxml %}
{% for item in KB_Query.results.entities %}
<h3>{{ item.title }}</h3>
<p>{{ item.content }}</p>
{% unless forloop.last %}{% endunless %}
{% endfor -%}
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