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Created Jun 24, 2012
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Personal .Rprofile of David Holstius
# Repositories
options(repos = c(
CRAN = '',
CRANExtra = ''
# Millisecond precision with POSIXt objects, strptime(), etc.
# Default timezone
if (Sys.timezone() == '')
Sys.setenv(TZ = "America/Los_Angeles")
# Functions from frequently used packages
autoload("ggplot", "ggplot2")
autoload("qplot", "ggplot2")
autoload("zoo", "zoo")
if (interactive()) {
# Personal shortcuts (update.list(), GM() and GSD(), etc.)
# texi2dvi on OS X
Sys.setenv(PATH=paste(Sys.getenv("PATH"), "/usr/texbin", sep=":"))
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