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Community Sourced answers to the #NYTR answers

What is the top takeaways from you experience - something that worked amazing, things that haven't worked, tools you wish you had.

Community Answers

I wish I had 1) a detailed, coherent explanation of how to make or obtain mold remediation spray (rather than more and more fb-based evidence that the stuff exists.) 2) volunteers who had had sufficient anti-sexism training to truly believe that i could not only legally own a home but also use a power saw, haul out appliances, and not just make the decisions but even be actually in charge of the work itself while simultaneously having a female body. 3) detailed information about how a single family home may be refitted to use biodiesel fuels and other green elements in the rebuilding stage within extreme budgetary restrictions.

Seriously, I think a lot of people need role-play where they practice putting down the crowbar and listening to a woman. If they can't do that, no crowbar for them.


We're almost always omitted or shrunken in NYC maps, and for the most part off political and cultural radar. One day I was sure the Occuprint's Sandy relief brochures would never make there, so I drove to Jacobi to get some for New Dorp Beach. I returned with brochures, but found them already there. I almost cried... although this area was hard hit, Occupy Sandy never forgot us.


Tool I wish we had: Mapping/assessment system that can be shared between assessing organizations to minimize redundant canvassing plus mobile app/web UI for easy entry.


Tweet comments to #OccupyNYTR or @OWS_Tech


What is the top takeaways from you experience - something that worked amazing, things that haven't worked, tools you wish you had.


  • How many operational vans and buses does the NYPD have?
  • How many pounds of food is thrown away each day in this city?
  • How many lots and homes sit empty across the city?

The #OccupySandy relief effort had to find answers to other questions.

  • How do we move all these donations of goods to affected areas?
  • How will we source, prepare, and share thousands of hot meals to the edge of the city?
  • How can we help move people out of mold covered apartments?

We, the community, some of whom identify with #OccupySandy and/or #OCCUPYWALLSTREET found solutions to some of these questions. Moving thousands of neighbors across the city to help neighbors. Delivering supplies to centers of the community. Lifting our friends and neighbors out of the muck.

We have so many resources locked up behind red tape. I wonder what we could have done together? #OCCUPYWALLSTREET loading diapers and medicine into the back of police cars to help our neighbors. Wouldn't that be something...

How can we better share resources between the community and the city moving forward?

Can we think about this in non-disaster terms? Let's use this as an opportunity to create sustainable and long lasting relationships that truly help people.

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