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Example of a simple ClojureScript implementation of a counter, using no dependencies.
(ns counter.core
(:require [cljs.pprint :refer [cl-format]]))
;;;; Model
(def model (atom 0))
;;;; Update
(defmulti update
(fn [msg model args] msg))
(defmethod update :increment
[msg model args]
(inc model))
(defmethod update :decrement
[msg model args]
(dec model))
(defmethod update :increment-by
[msg model [by]]
(+ model by))
(defmethod update :decrement-by
[msg model [by]]
(- model by))
;;;; View
(defn view
(cl-format nil
<div>Count: ~a</div>
<button onclick=\"counter.core.msg('increment')\">+</button>
<button onclick=\"counter.core.msg('decrement')\">-</button>
<button onclick=\"counter.core.msg('increment-by', 10)\">+10</button>
<button onclick=\"counter.core.msg('decrement-by', 10)\">-10</button>
;;;; Beginner Program Framework
(defn -redraw [html]
(set! (.-innerHTML js/klipse-container)
(defn ^:export msg [msg-string & args]
(let [msg (keyword msg-string)
updated-model (update msg @model args)
new-view (view updated-model)]
(reset! model updated-model)
(-redraw new-view)))
(-redraw (view @model))
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didibus commented Jul 15, 2018

Run in Klipse

Press Ctrl+Enter if you get an error. For some reason Klipse needs to double compile for the defmulti to work.

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