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Jack Hughes digitalbricklayer

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#include <SFML/Graphics.hpp>
#include <SFML/Window.hpp>
#include <string>
#include <iostream>
class TileMap : public sf::Drawable, public sf::Transformable
bool load(const std::string& tileset, sf::Vector2u tileSize, const int* tiles, unsigned int width, unsigned int height)
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Validate the contents of the sitemap
# See for inspiration
# Start the test server
docker-compose up -d
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Check redirect destinations work on the dev site
# Start the test server
docker-compose up -d
# Wait for the test server to start up
until $(curl --output /dev/null --silent --head --fail $SITE_URL/); do
View docker-compose.yml
image: klakegg/hugo:0.78.2-ext-ubuntu
command: server -D --gc
- "$PWD/src:/src"
- "1313:1313"
user: "1000:1000"
digitalbricklayer /
Last active Oct 19, 2020
Simple Python scriptl for exporting Wordpress posts as Hugo posts. The script reads the posts from the database and exports the resulting Hugo posts to the output directory.
import mysql.connector
from datetime import datetime
class Post:
"""A wordpress blog post."""
def __init__(self, post_id, title, slug, content, created_at):
self.post_id = post_id
self.title = title.encode("utf-8")
self.slug = slug
self.content = content.encode("utf-8")
View IpPower9850PowerSocket.ps1
# Switch socket 1 on. All other sockets are assumed to be off
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri ""
digitalbricklayer / IpPower9850ReadSocketState.ps1
Last active Sep 28, 2018
Read the current state of the power sockets on an Aviosys IP Power 9850
View IpPower9850ReadSocketState.ps1
# Read the current state of the power sockets...
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri ""
digitalbricklayer / IpPower9850ReadFirmwareVersion.ps1
Last active Sep 28, 2018
Read IP Power 9850 software version using Powershell
View IpPower9850ReadFirmwareVersion.ps1
# uses default user name and password. Couldn't get the HTTP form to work properly
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri ""
digitalbricklayer / RoomAlert.psm1
Last active Jul 26, 2017
A Powershell module for interacting with the Room Alert 3E
View RoomAlert.psm1
Gets data from a Room Alert environment monitor.
Gets all of the data from a Room Alert environment monitor.
.Parameter $address
IP address or host name of the Room Alert monitor.