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digitaljhelms / gist:4287848
Last active Jan 23, 2021
Git/GitHub branching standards & conventions
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Instance Branch Description, Instructions, Notes
digitaljhelms / gist:3099010
Created Jul 12, 2012
Squash the first two commits in a git repository's history
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The scenario

Your repository has two commits:

$ git log --oneline
957fbfb No, I am your father.
9bb71ff A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....
digitaljhelms / gist:3761873
Created Sep 21, 2012
Git/GitHub commit standards & conventions
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Committing Code

General Rules

  • Make atomic commits of changes, even across multiple files, in logical units. That is, as much as possible, each commit should be focused on one specific purpose.
  • As much as possible, make sure a commit does not contain unnecessary whitespace changes. This can be checked as follows:
$ git diff --check
digitaljhelms / gist:5247192
Last active Sep 17, 2020
A faster, less buggy alternative to "python -m SimpleHTTPServer"
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$ npm install -g http-server
$ http-server -p 8000 -a

Would serve PWD at

digitaljhelms / api.json
Created Jul 13, 2012
A JSON formatted response containing all posts from a Jekyll blog
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"homepage": "",
"name": "digitaljhelms",
"description": "finally blogging...",
"author": "Jeremy Helms",
"post": {
"url": "",
"slug": "creating-a-branch-with-no-parents-or-history",
"title": "Create a Git Branch without Parents or History",
digitaljhelms / .gitconfig
Last active Mar 13, 2020
My personal ~/.gitconfig file
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name = Jeremy Helms
email =
aliases = !git config --get-regexp 'alias.*' | colrm 1 6 | sed 's/[ ]/ = /' | sort # list all aliases
cb = !git branch | grep ^* | cut -d' ' -f2
branch-name = !git cb # alias to "cb" alias
st = status
ci = commit
cie = commit --allow-empty-message -m ''
digitaljhelms / gist:2931522
Created Jun 14, 2012
Building and installing Git from source on OS X Lion
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Building and installing Git from source on OS X Lion

This outline for building and installing Git has only been tested against Mac OS X 10.7.x (Lion). While these steps may work for previous versions of Mac OS X, I cannot confirm this. Furthermore, you're on your own, if you screw something up, it's not my fault.

If you have Xcode 4, you have Git!

Xcode 4 includes the Git binary at the application level so it's available to itself (located at /Applications/ Additionally, Xcode 4 includes a new "Downloads" preference pane to install optional components, one of which are the Command Line Tools (similar to the Dev Tools package that shipped with older versions of Xcode) and once installed, Git (and many other utilities, such as make) is installed at the system level (located at /usr/bin).

*Note: You don't have to install Xcode to use the Command Line Tools; it can be downloaded independently from the Apple Developer site (you need to login, but it's free

digitaljhelms / httpcode
Last active Aug 27, 2019
CLI to evaluate the HTTP Code for a list of URLs
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while IFS= read -r LINE || [ "$LINE" ]; do
IN=$(curl -o /dev/null --silent --head --write-out "%{http_code};%{redirect_url}" "$LINE")
arrIN=(${IN//;/ })
if [ "${arrIN[0]}" = "301" ] || [ "${arrIN[0]}" = "302" ]; then
digitaljhelms / post-rewrite
Created Sep 22, 2014
Git hook to call `git submodule update` automatically.
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echo "[post-rewrite hook: $1]"
# quick script to call "git submodule update" automatically if the
# .gitmodules file is changed
changedfiles=( `git diff-tree --no-commit-id --name-only HEAD@{1} HEAD` )
if [[ "${changedfiles[*]}" =~ ".gitmodules" ]]; then
echo "initializing & updating submodule(s)"
digitaljhelms / disableinstantwatch.user.js
Last active Feb 22, 2019
Disable Netflix Instant Watch Links
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// ==UserScript==
// @name Disable Netflix Instant Watch Links
// @namespace
// @description Click the cover image, go the video detail page, simple...
// @version 1.1
// @author Jeremy Helms <>
// @include*
// @exclude*
// ==/UserScript==