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Helper functions for
sgcp() {
cp -r ~/rpmbuild/sgug-rse/packages/"$1"/* ~/rpmbuild/
sgwipcp() {
cp -r ~/rpmbuild/sgug-rse-wip/packages/"$1"/* ~/rpmbuild/
sgsbuild() {
cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECS
TARGET="$(ls -1 ~/rpmbuild/SRPMS/ | grep ${1})"
rpm -ivh ~/rpmbuild/SRPMS/${TARGET}
sgrbuild() {
rpmbuild --undefine=_disable_source_fetch -ba ${1}.spec --nocheck
sggit() {
cd ~/rpmbuild/sgug-rse
sgspec() {
cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECS
sgsrc() {
cd ~/rpmbuild/SRPMS
sgwip() {
cd ~/rpmbuild/SRPMS
export -f sgcp
export -f sgwipcp
export -f sgsbuild
export -f sgrbuild
export -f sggit
export -f sgspec
export -f sgsrc
export -f sgwip
echo 'setup sg commands from ~/.sgug_bashrc'
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