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Hide checked exceptions in Java Streams
public static <T> T uncheckCall(Callable<T> callable) {
try { return; }
catch (Exception e) { return sneakyThrow(e); }
public static void uncheckRun(RunnableExc r) {
try {; } catch (Exception e) { sneakyThrow(e); }
public interface RunnableExc { void run() throws Exception; }
public static <T> T sneakyThrow(Throwable e) {
return Util.<RuntimeException, T>sneakyThrow0(e);
private static <E extends Throwable, T> T sneakyThrow0(Throwable t) throws E { throw (E)t; }
// Usage sample
//return s.filter(a -> uncheckCall(a::isActive))
// .map(Account::getNumber)
// .collect(toSet());
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