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Dear Neos community,

during the last code sprint in Vienna I've spent a week coding support for selecting multiple nodes in the document and content trees and performing batch operations on all of them: copying/moving/deleting/hiding all of the selected nodes at once. I am sure editors are going to appreciate this feature very much :-)

Now the feature is already working, but I still need the time to polish the technical implementation, writing tests for it, improving the visual styling etc. Unfortunately, I will not be able to finish it in a spare time mode in the foreseeable future, so I want to ask you to support me by funding this feature. I need about 10 hours of work (at 55€/h rate) for polishing it.

If I get another 20 hours of sponsoring, I would be able to implement batch editing of any property in the inspector that is common to all of the selected nodes. E.g. imagine selecting multiple nodes in the tree and then being able to set say a starting date on all of the nodes at once.

So DM me if you are interested in seeing this feature in Neos and can support me finalising it!


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