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Last active November 7, 2023 22:05
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Solana Validator Statement

Solana Validator Statement


For running the Solana node I use all common Linux security features and software, including but not limited, secure kernel and software updates, ssh keys for connections, managing and controlling open ports, etc. I never share any of my security keys with 3rd parties. After receiving a new machine from a cloud provider I always change all security keys to new ones. I never create accounts for support provider service to access my machines.

Solana software

In the general case, I use original open-source software from the official Solana Labs GitHub page ( As I have a developer background so sometimes I apply some of my own modifications. Anyway, all source code is completely official or mine, there is not 3rd party code. None of these modifications do lead to a violation of consensus.

Funds and rewards

All user-staked funds are fully protected by the Solana protocol. The validator does not have access to user-staked funds and rewards (which increase user stake every epoch).

Validator commission

My commission is 0%. All calculations are made automatically by the Solana protocol, I can only specify this interest rate. I will give at least two months' notice of any increase in the above value by changing this file. To be clear, I reserve the right to reduce it for a while and increase it back without notice, as long as the value is always not greater than the above value.

Why gist and not a website?

Using gist provides users information transparently about all changes with dates in this statement. I have no way to change this document retroactively. You could review all changes by using Revisions on this page. You could subscribe to get notifications about all future changes by e-mail.


Official Solana Tech Discord ( as diman_io


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