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Scrape Google Scholar Author Articles with SerpApi
from serpapi import GoogleSearch
import os
params = {
"api_key": os.getenv("API_KEY"),
"engine": "google_scholar_author",
"author_id": "9PepYk8AAAAJ",
"hl": "en",
search = GoogleSearch(params)
results = search.get_dict()
for article in results['articles']:
article_title = article['title']
article_link = article['link']
article_authors = article['authors']
article_publication = article['publication']
cited_by = article['cited_by']['value']
cited_by_link = article['cited_by']['link']
article_year = article['year']
print(f"Title: {article_title}\nLink: {article_link}\nAuthors: {article_authors}\nPublication: {article_publication}\nCited by: {cited_by}\nCited by link: {cited_by_link}\nPublication year: {article_year}\n")
# Part of the output:
Title: Methods for forming liquid crystal displays including thin film transistors and gate pads having a particular structure
Authors: DG Kim, W Lee
Publication: US Patent 5,731,856, 1998
Cited by: 3467
Cited by link:
Publication year: 1998
Title: Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, and flat panel display having the same
Authors: J Park, C Kim, S Kim, I Song, Y Park
Publication: US Patent 8,188,472, 2012
Cited by: 3347
Cited by link:
Publication year: 2012
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