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Created April 4, 2018 14:29
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type Trace {
repeated Span spans
type Span {
required string name
required int startTime
required int endTime
required SpanContext spanContext
optional Link link // should links be repeated? census: repeated links, only one "reference"
"links" to spans from other traces are allowed
"reference" only from the same trace
repeated AnyInfo infos // non-timed stuff
repeated Event events // timed stuff
type Link {
required LinkType type // childof, followsfrom TODO: other types of links (e.g. to other traces?)
SpanContext spanParent
type Event {
required int timestamp
repeated Map<string, AnyEventInfo> infos // bogdan: should this necessarily be a map?
type LogEventInfo : AnyEventInfo {
either {
string stringValue
int64 intValue
bool boolValue
// uniquely identifies a span
type SpanContext {
required int UUID
type HttpClientInfo : AnyInfo {
required string url
required string httpmethod
type DbClientInfo : AnyInfo {
required string statement
required string ...
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