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* Only the releases of the stable versions are enumerated in principle. The releases of the unstable versions especially considered to be important are indicated as "not stable."
* The branches used as the source of each releases are specified, and the branching timing of them are also shown. BTW, before subversionizing of the repository, the term called "trunk" was not used, but this list uses it in order to avoid confusion.
* In order to show a historical backdrop, big conferences (RubyKaigi, RubyConf and Euruko) are also emurated. About the venues of such conferences, general English notations are adopted, in my hope.
* ruby_1_8_7 branch was recut from v1_8_7 tag after the 1.8.7 release becaouse of an accident.
* 1.2.1 release was canceled once, and the 2nd release called "repack" was performed. Although there were other examples similar to this, since the re-releases were performed during the same day, it does not write clearly in particular.
* Since 1.0 was released with the date in large quantities,
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// Generated by LiveScript 1.5.0
var observer, observable, render, react, btn, input, Main;
observer = require('mobx-react').observer;
observable = require('mobx').observable;
render = require('react-dom').render;
react = require('react');
btn = function(arg$){
var click, text;
click = arg$.click, text = arg$.text;
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# Logfile created on 2017-06-23 19:14:02 +0900 by logger.rb/54362
I, [2017-06-23T19:14:02.434168 #31256] INFO -- : #<BuildRuby:0x00000000ac7b28 @REPOSITORY="", @REPOSITORY_TYPE=:svn, @git_branch=nil, @svn_revision=nil, @TARGET_NAME="trunk-test", @SRC_DIR="/home/ko1/ruby/src", @BUILD_DIR="/home/ko1/ruby/build", @INSTALL_DIR="/home/ko1/ruby/install", @TARGET_SRC_DIR="/home/ko1/ruby/src/trunk-test", @TARGET_BUILD_DIR="/home/ko1/ruby/build/trunk-test", @TARGET_INSTALL_DIR="/home/ko1/ruby/install/trunk-test", @configure_opts=["--enable-shared"], @build_opts="-j12", @test_opts="TESTS='-j12'", @incremental=true, @steps=["checkout", "autoconf", "configure", "build_up", "build_miniruby", "build_ruby", "build_all", "build_install", "test_btest", "test_basic", "test_all", "test_rubyspec"], @quiet=false, @gist=false, @logfile="/home/ko1/ruby/logs/brlog.trunk-test.20170623-191402", @logger=#<Logger:0x00000000a55d70 @progname=nil, @level=0, @default_formatter=#<Logger::Formatter:0
from itertools import (chain, # catenation for enumerations
product, # cartesian product
from collections import deque
import string
def take(n, t):
it = iter(t)
for _ in range(n):
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//8 Methods to Iterate through Array
//forEach (Do Operation for Each Item in the Array)
[1,2,3].forEach(function(item,index) {
//map (Translate/Map all Elements in an Array to Another Set of Values.)
const oneArray = [1,2,3];
const doubledArray = {
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@echo off
:: Author: Rahul Thakare
:: Email:
:: Github:
:: Purpose: Easy change directory command for cmd
:: Created: 23062017
set Dir=%1


One test in 'Djiktra - complete' is not working but it's most likely a wrong test/a bug.

public void preProcess() throws InvalidInputException
    if(getGraph() == null || getSourceNode() == null)
        throw new InvalidInputException();
import requests
words = []
def get_data_from_gdelt():
url = '{}%20{}&output=urllist&dropdup=true'.format('wine', 'alentejo')
r = requests.get(url)
content = r.text.strip(chr(10));
arr = content.split(chr(10))
return arr