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Nerding out on code

DJ Mason djmason9

Nerding out on code
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Created Feb 17, 2020 — forked from AGWA/
Enable and disable the HDMI port on the Raspberry Pi: `rpi-hdmi on` to turn on, `rpi-hdmi off` to turn off. X is properly reinitialized when re-enabling.
# Enable and disable HDMI output on the Raspberry Pi
is_off ()
tvservice -s | grep "TV is off" >/dev/null
case $1 in
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Hardware & OS

Running on Apple Mac mini Dualcore i5 2.8GHz (MGEQ2FN/A) OSX Yosemite: 10.10.1

UPDATE Nov 3rd 2015: Upgraded to El Capitan caused my Jenkins to stop working. I had to apply the file permission fix for the log folder again (see known issues at the end of this gist). I also had to reinstall legacy java support and load the jenkins daemon again with launchctl. I took the time to update all the components mentioned in this gist when I did the upgrade. So the Android sdk/ndk, nodejs (0.10 -> 0.12), Titanium and Java. Beware that there is a new command-line tool for titanium (appc from the 'appcelerator' package).

User account setup

I installed and setup the new Mac with 1 main administrative account. In the scripts below it is assumed you are logged in as this administrative user. Changing to the jenkins user is done using sudo su - jenkins.

Required accounts