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[scala] result code: either with some implicits 2
import scala.language.implicitConversions
import scala.util.Try
package object business {
implicit final class ModelOrResultFromOption[M](private val opt: Option[M])
extends AnyVal {
// converts Option to Either.RightProjection
def orResult[R](result: => R) =
opt.fold[Either[R, M]](Left(result))(Right(_)).right
implicit final class ModelOrResultFromTry[M](private val opt: Try[M])
extends AnyVal {
// converts Try to Either.RightProjection
def orResult[R](result: => R) =
(if (opt.isFailure) Left(result) else Right(opt.get)).right
implicit def toResult[R](e: Either[R, R]): R =
e.fold(identity, identity)
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