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PGCon 2019 list of talks
pentabarf_pgcon=# SELECT DISTINCT E.title, string_agg(,', ') as name
FROM event E, view_event_person P, view_mail_all_speaker S
WHERE E.event_id = P.event_id
AND P.person_id = S.person_id
AND E.conference_id = 15
and E.event_state = 'accepted'
and P.event_role_name = 'Speaker' and P.event_role_state_name = 'confirmed'
group by E.title order by 1;
title | name
A journey from Postgres enthusiast to committer | Amit Kapila
Advanced Authentication | Stephen Frost
An Introduction to Memory Contexts | Chris Travers
Assimilate the Elephant - A Partition at a Time! | Beena Emerson
Challenges of Concurrent DDL | Robert Haas
Deep Postgres Extensions in Rust | Jeff Davis
Essential Postgres Performance Tuning | Payal Singh
Generating distributed plan for PostgreSQL | Feng Guo
Graph Databases: Introduction, Standardization, Opportunities | Peter Eisentraut
Highway to Hell or Stairway to Cloud? | Alexander Kukushkin
How to get a feature committed? | Michael Paquier
In aid of RTFM | Corey Huinker
Intro to Postgres Planner Hacking | Melanie Plageman
Introducing PostgreSQL SQL parser through an experience of reusing it in other applications | Bo Peng
Let's (D)Trace Postgres | Mariusz Zanorski, Adam Wołk
PipelineDB | CB Bohn
Pluggable Storage in PostgreSQL | Andres Freund
Pluggable table access methods (pluggable storage) | Haribabu Kommi
Postgres for All Your Data | Bruce Momjian
PostgreSQL and Disaster Management | Rizwan WAHEED
PostgreSQL bottlenecks | Alexander Korotkov
Rank and Highlight Your Results | Jamey Hanson
Running your own buildfarm server, and testing your own patches | Andrew Dunstan
Standby in production: scaling application in second largest classified site in the world. | Konstantin Evteev
Temporal Databases: Theory and Postgres | Paul Jungwirh
Testing PostgreSQL Performance | Jeremy Schneider
The Future of Postgres Sharding | Bruce Momjian
The lost art of plpgsql | Robert Treat
Toward Implementing Incremental View Maintenance on PostgreSQL | Yugo Nagata
Tower of Babel or How to turn an elephant into a polyglot | Pavlo Golub
Transaction Logging | Thomas Munro
Transparent data at rest encryption in PostgreSQL | Masahiko Sawada
Tuple Locking redesigned | Kuntal Ghosh
Understanding and implementing PostgreSQL High Availability with Patroni | Oleksii Kliukin
VeniceDB | Min Wei
Viva, the NoSQL Postgres ! | Oleg Bartunov, Alexander Korotkov
WAL for DBAs: Everything you want to know | Devrim Gündüz
nbtree: An architectural perspective | Peter Geoghegan
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commented Mar 14, 2019

Hey @dlangille, Understanding and implementing PostgreSQL High Availability with Patroni training is delivered together by Oleksii Kliukin and Alexander Kukushkin. Could you, please, add him as well.

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