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GridBook, Large Scale Othello


This is a project where I am intending to do a large-scale distributed calculation of an opening book for the board game Othello. Positions are stored in a relational database (I have chosen PostgreSQL) using NHibernate object/relational mapper.

The project is still in its infancy, but the goal is to use Edax, a very good Othello engine, to calculate new positions. I am also intending to use a service bus, probably Rhino Service Bus, to distribute work to clients potentially all over the world.


The code is being developed in a Domain-Driven Design style. Here's the layout:

  • GridBook - This is the main assembly. It contains the Domain classes and service classes, as well as mappings for FluentNHibernate.
  • GridBook.Test - Tests for the domain classes. Uses in-memory SQLite to run database tests quickly.
  • GridBook.CommandLine - kind of service program that contains many subprograms for different tasks, such as conversion functions (book file to csv), etc. Uses Castle Windsor DI container for easy extensibility.


If you are interested in any part of this project, don't hesitate to contact me directly. My name is Daniel Lidström and you can reach me by email:


The code is licensed using the Boost license.

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