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Summarizing 27 Failures:
[Fail] [] ConfigMap [It] should be consumable from pods in volume with mappings as non-root [Conformance]
[Fail] [] SchedulerPredicates [Serial] [BeforeEach] validates that NodeSelector is respected if not matching [Conformance]
[Fail] [] Port forwarding [] With a server that expects a client request [It] should support a client that connects, sends data, and disconnects [Conformance]
Summarizing 22 Failures:
[Fail] [] DNS [It] should provide DNS for services [Conformance]
[Fail] [] EmptyDir volumes [It] should support (root,0644,tmpfs) [Conformance]
[Fail] [] Networking [It] should function for intra-pod communication [Conformance]
Summarizing 6 Failures:
[Fail] [] DNS [It] should provide DNS for the cluster [Conformance]
[Fail] [] DNS [It] should provide DNS for services [Conformance]
[Fail] [] PreStop [It] should call prestop when killing a pod [Conformance]
pkgs="nginx apache2"
for pkg in $pkgs; do
apt-rdepends nginx --print-state | grep NotInstalled | cut -d' ' -f4 >> depfile
cat depfile | sort | uniq > depfile.txt
mkdir /tmp/debs
cd /tmp/debs
for i in $(cat depfile.txt); do apt-get download $i ; done
# Gopkg.toml example
# Refer to
# for detailed Gopkg.toml documentation.
# required = [""]
# ignored = ["", ""]
# [[constraint]]
# name = ""
Release new nodejs runtime image
Packages found only in None
Packages found only in None
Version differences:
package main
import (
kind: EventBinding
# Reference to the knative/eventing Source
name: myGithubRepo
# PipelineResources to create/delete based on data in the event source
# This assumes the event data looks something like:
var severityName = []string{
infoLog: "INFO",
warningLog: "WARNING",
errorLog: "ERROR",
fatalLog: "FATAL",
dlorenc /
Last active September 5, 2019 14:11

FileSet Pipeline Resource

Today in Tekton, tasks that consume files must operate on a typed Input resource, usually of Type Git or Storage. This leads to a few problems:

  • Tasks must choose which to support, when both should be equivalent
  • Pipelines of Tasks that operate on specific files must invent out-of-band mechanisms to specify which files to operate on

Ideally, Tasks that operate on Files would have a more generic type of resource that can be populated from various sources, and Tasks should not need to communicate about file paths or names out-of-band.

This proposal details a FileSet Pipeline Resource designed to achieve these goals.