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yum -y install centos-release-openshift-origin epel-release
yum -y install wget git net-tools bind-utils iptables-services bridge-utils bash-completion origin-clients docker ansible htop
sed -i '/OPTIONS=.*/c\OPTIONS="--selinux-enabled --insecure-registry"' /etc/sysconfig/docker
# Fix shenanigans between subscription-manager-rhsm-certificates and python-rhsm-certificates:
# -
# -
# -
# -
# etc
# Manually set up certificate from
wget -P /etc/rhsm/ca
systemctl enable docker
systemctl start docker
# Stand up a test OpenShift cluster with the "public" IP of my test node
# This is important because you'll be reaching Tower through a route
oc cluster up --public-hostname=
# TODO: Figure out exactly which privileges Tower needs...
# - Error from server (Forbidden): "privileged" is forbidden: User "developer" cannot get at the cluster scope: User "developer" cannot get at the cluster scope
oc login -u system:admin
oadm policy add-cluster-role-to-user cluster-admin developer
cat <<EOF > /tmp/extra-vars.yaml
create_preload_data: false
admin_username: admin
admin_password: password
nginx_http_port: "80"
nginx_https_port: "443"
# pg_host: ""
pg_port: "5432"
pg_database: tower
pg_username: tower
pg_password: password
rabbitmq_port: "5672"
rabbitmq_vhost: tower
rabbitmq_username: tower
rabbitmq_password: password
rabbitmq_erlang_cookie: cookie
# Needs to be true for fqdns and ip addresses
rabbitmq_use_long_name: false
openshift_pg_emptydir: true
openshift_host: ""
openshift_project: tower
openshift_user: developer
openshift_password: developer
openshift_skip_tls_verify: true
secret_key: secret_key
tar -xzvf ansible-tower-openshift-setup-3.3.0.tar.gz
pushd ansible-tower-openshift-setup-3.3.0
./ -e "@/tmp/extra-vars.yaml"
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