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MAST30026 Student areas of interest

Student areas of interest MAST30026 S2 2018

  • Physics, pure and applied maths, chemistry
  • Computer science, AI, physics
  • Physics
  • Pure math, fluid mechanics
  • Mathematical physics, puremaths
  • Physics, quantum physics, abstract algebra, category theory
  • Physics
  • Pure math, applied math, biology
  • Physics, pure math
  • Physics, special and general relativity
  • Probability, statistics, pure math
  • Physics, special relativity, general relativity
  • Applied math, physics, AI, mathematical biology
  • Applied math
  • Pure math
  • Algebra, group theory
  • Pure math, statistics, computer science
  • Engineering
  • Pure math
  • Pure math (number theory/algebraic geometry)
  • Pure math
  • Pure math
  • Pure math
  • Pure math
  • Physics and pure math
  • Physics, pure math and statistics
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