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Daniel Murfet dmurfet

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Last active Aug 10, 2018
MAST30026 Student areas of interest

Student areas of interest MAST30026 S2 2018

  • Physics, pure and applied maths, chemistry
  • Computer science, AI, physics
  • Physics
  • Pure math, fluid mechanics
  • Mathematical physics, puremaths
  • Physics, quantum physics, abstract algebra, category theory
  • Physics
  • Pure math, applied math, biology
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Last active Jun 11, 2020
Spaces of programs

Spaces of programs and synthesis

written in December 2018.

The practical development of deep learning and its associated infrastructure has initiated a broad re-examination of the practice of computer programming. In this document we briefly survey how this discussion has evolved over the past few years, and then describe our point of view on the underlying mathematics.

Program synthesis

We begin with some appeals to authority, in the form of the following references:

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Last active Apr 22, 2020
Interesting videos on AI
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======= (from 16:40 Hassabis on why DeepMind is unusual) (Shklyarov)
Higher education
================ (Clayton Christensen on disruption in higher ed)
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Last active Dec 3, 2016
Using Git and GitHub for collaboration on writing scientific papers

Getting started

First you'll have to install the Git command line tool on your machine, following these instructions. Then find the repository that you want to contribute to, copy its address from the green "Clone or Download" button, and on your local machine run e.g.

git clone

Committing changes

To see a list of what has changed (optional) run git status. Then

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Last active Nov 18, 2018
Sketch of hosting a personal research website using Digital Ocean

The Rising Sea HOWTO


Recently I have been posting videos of seminar talks and lectures online to a YouTube channel. The equipment and software that I use:

  • Two Sony HDR-CX405 video cameras (around $300 in 2018) on cheap generic tripods (under $50).
  • Sennhesier ClipMic digital lapel microphone (around $200 in 2018).
  • An iPhone (which the ClipMic digital records to).
  • A bunch of 32Gb microSD cards.