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Let's go!

Robert Stinnett dmxrob

Let's go!
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//syncSMS by dmxrob - | ssh:// | telnet://bbs.dmxrob
//Code for Error Handling by Kirkman - &
// Setup some color variables
var gy = "\1n\001w"; //Synchronet Ctrl-A Code for Normal White (which looks gray)
var wh = "\001w\1h"; //Synchronet Ctrl-A Code for High Intensity White
var drkyl = "\001n\001y"; //Synchronet Ctrl-A Code for Dark (normal) Yellow
var yl = "\001y\1h"; //Synchronet Ctrl-A Code for High Intensity Yellow
var drkbl = "\001n\001b"; //Synchronet Ctrl-A Code for Dark (normal) Blue