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@dokicro dokicro/script
Last active Oct 25, 2018

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Automated Vue deployment to the server via ssh
echo "Building file"
npm run build
echo 'Compressing to dist'
tar -czf dist.gz dist
echo 'Cleaning temp folder and creating new'
ssh ${SSH_SERVER} "
rm -rf ${DEPLOY_PATH}-temp
mkdir -p ${DEPLOY_PATH}
mkdir -p ${DEPLOY_PATH}-temp
echo 'Transfering dist.gz to server'
scp dist.gz${DEPLOY_PATH}-temp
echo "Removing dist.gz locally"
rm -rf dist.gz
echo "Connecting to server"
ssh ${SSH_SERVER} "
echo 'Uncompressing dist.gz'
cd ${DEPLOY_PATH}-temp;
tar -xzf dist.gz
echo 'Deleting dist.gz on server'
rm -rf dist.gz
echo 'Renaming live server to old'
echo 'Moving temp file to live'
mv ${DEPLOY_PATH}-temp/dist ${DEPLOY_PATH}
echo 'Removing old dist'
rm -rf ${DEPLOY_PATH}-old
echo 'Removing temp'
rm -rf ${DEPLOY_PATH}-temp
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