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@domenic domenic/Elements.js

Last active Dec 18, 2015
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class Elements extends Array
import { absolutizeRelativeSelectorList } from "";
// Assume JSIDL conversions have been applied already,
// i.e. we don't do `selectors = String(selectors)` manually.
class Elements extends Array {
query(selectors) {
return this.queryAll(selectors)[0]; // highly inefficient obviously, but clear semantics
queryAll(selectors) {
const absolutized = absolutizeRelativeSelectorList(selectors);
// TODO: instead of `querySelectorAll` possibly use `[[QuerySelectorAll]]` internal
// implementation, see
const finder = element => this.constructor.from(element.querySelectorAll(absolutized));
// `allFound` is now an `Elements` but it contains `Elements` instances; we need to flatten this out.
// My kingdom for an `Array.prototype.flatMap`!
const allFound =;
// Note that we are concating `Elements` with other `Elements` so it works fine.
const flattened = allMatching.reduce((a, b) => a.concat(b));
return flattened;
class Elements extends Array {
Elements queryAll(ToString selectors?)
Element query(ToString selectors?)

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rwaldron commented Apr 8, 2014

This is lovely

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