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domgetter / gist:fbc4b99b80f13da4f45e5321b99ad3fd
Created June 10, 2020 08:53
Chrome highlight search scroll setting fragments
Enable Text Fragment Anchor
This is the setting in chrome://flags to disable the asinine highlighting and auto-scrolling of search results AFTER you click them. What were they thinking??
domgetter /
Created August 2, 2019 02:12
Readable Twitch chat


  • Download the Stylus extension (custom CSS)
  • Download the Tampermonkey extension (custom JS)
  • In Stylus, create a style for, and copy the stylus_chrome.css lines into it, and click save
  • In Tampermonkey, "Create a new script..." and copy the tampermonkey_chrome.js lines into it, and click File->Save (in Tampermonkey on the top left)
  • Refresh the twitch page, and chat should now look a lot better.


domgetter / useful.txt
Created January 2, 2019 21:39
maybe worth looking at first sentence of man page
# running this in irb in tmux on WSL on Windows 10 (then you have to ctrl-c) causes segfault
# ruby version ruby 2.3.1p112 (2016-04-26) [x86_64-linux-gnu]
# /etc/lsb-release
def gen(r); o = ->(n) { n == 1 ? 1 : r**(n-1) + r*(-> o {o[r**(n-1)]}[o])}; end
two = gen(2)
[Event "MANY SPRINGS 104 (201709160932)"]
[Site "North Richland Hills Library"]
[Date "2017.09.16"]
[Round "2"]
[White "Muller"]
[Black "Crane"]
[Result "0-1"]
[WhiteElo "Unrated"]
[BlackElo "1523"]
[ECO ""]
domgetter /
Created October 12, 2017 23:42 — forked from StephenBerkner/RPN Calculator
Reverse Polish Notation Calculator Written in Java
import java.util.*;
public class RPNCalc {
private static Stack<Integer> stack = new Stack<Integer>();
private static Scanner input = new Scanner(;
public static void calculator() throws Exception {
System.out.println("Welcome to the RPN Calculator program!");
(ns mandelclj.core
(sun.java2d SunGraphics2D)
(javax.swing JFrame JLabel)
(java.awt.image BufferedImage)
(java.awt Dimension Color Rectangle)
(java.awt.event ActionEvent
class Thread
class TimeoutError < StandardError; end
def self.timeout(n)
temp_queue =
work_thread = { temp_queue << {return: yield} } # wrapping in a hash guarantees uniqueness of output
timeout_thread = { sleep n; temp_queue << :timeout }
if (ret_val = temp_queue.pop) == :timeout # this pop is blocking, so it either waits on the yield or the timeout
raise TimeoutError
domgetter / definitions.txt
Last active June 10, 2016 17:15
Programming Definitions
Set: Unordered list of unique elements.
Array: Ordered list of elements.
HashMap: Unordered list of key-value pairs where the keys are unique.
(Note: this has many different names.
Hash in Ruby, Perl
Dictionary in Python (keys must be immutable)
Object in Javascript (value functions can introspect)
Map in Clojure
HashMap in Java
Associative Array in PHP,Perl,Wikipedia