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Dom dominicphillips

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dominicphillips / nginx.conf
Created Nov 6, 2017 — forked from mjumbewu/nginx.conf
Simple SSL-enabled nginx config to serve static files
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server {
listen 80;
return 301 https://\$host\$request_uri;
server {
listen 443 ssl;
ssl_certificate [PATH_TO_SSL_CERT];
ssl_certificate_key [PATH_TO_SSL_CERT_KEY];
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javascript:(function()%7B(function() %7Bvar Bookmarklet%2C__indexOf %3D %5B%5D.indexOf %7C%7C function(item) %7B for (var i %3D 0%2C l %3D this.length%3B i < l%3B i%2B%2B) %7B if (i in this %26%26 this%5Bi%5D %3D%3D%3D item) return i%3B %7D return -1%3B %7D%3BBookmarklet %3D (function(window%2C %24) %7Bvar APIKEY%2C scope%3BAPIKEY %3D "77C853DB4B659459004A1387AC365A03"%3Bscope %3D %7B%7D%3Bscope.init %3D function() %7Bthis.injectCss()%3Breturn this.render()%3B%7D%3Bscope.injectCss %3D function() %7Bvar css%2C entry%2C style%3Bcss %3D " .hotitem-bookmarklet .hot-overlay %7B transition%3A all 1s ease-in%3B display%3Ablock%3B position%3A absolute%3B top%3A 0%3B left%3A 0%3B width%3A 100%25%3B height%3A 100%25%3B background%3Argba(0%2C0%2C0%2C0.5)%3B z-index%3A 9998 !important%3B %7D .hotitem-bookmarklet .close-button %7B transition%3A all 1s ease-in%3B padding%3A 10px 20px%3B position%
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phantomjs runner.js [url-of-your-qunit-testsuite] [timeout-in-seconds]
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// Project configuration.
qunit: {
all: ['test/**/*.html']
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test("awesome test", function() {
ok( STYLIGHT.isAwesome() === true, "You know it, bro!" );
dominicphillips / gist:3124620
Created Jul 16, 2012
off python facebook sdk
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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2010 Facebook
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
dominicphillips / supervisord-example.conf
Created Jun 8, 2012
Example configuration file for supervisord.conf
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file=/tmp/supervisor.sock ; path to your socket file
logfile=/var/log/supervisord/supervisord.log ; supervisord log file
logfile_maxbytes=50MB ; maximum size of logfile before rotation
logfile_backups=10 ; number of backed up logfiles
loglevel=error ; info, debug, warn, trace
pidfile=/var/run/ ; pidfile location
nodaemon=false ; run supervisord as a daemon
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