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Draft 2

Postponement of the Blackheath Mini Rugby Festival 2018

After reviewing the conditions at Avery Hill Park, we've reluctantly decided to postpone this Sunday's festival. Please feel free to have Sunday morning in bed.

We were influenced by a number of clubs who told us they thought the journey would be difficult. While we expect roads to be open on Sunday it's clear that conditions in some parts of Kent might make attending our festival a bit of a challenge. Given the risk of frozen ground or even some remaining snow, it would be a pity to make families attempt a difficult journey only to find the pitches unplayable when they got here.

The festival is postponed until Sunday, 29th April. We'll be in touch to confirm your club's availability for that date.

We were very excited about the festival this weekend but we believe the extra few weeks and the better weather will make April's festival one to remember, for all the right reasons.

Thanks for your support and see you in April,

Yours etc.

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