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Last active Dec 17, 2015

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  • server for level: "taco-db"
  • timeseries graph that plays nice well with


  • async pre hooks (as discussed with @hij1nx and @rvagg) first draft is up on this branch:
    • need to evaluate this in terms of rvagg's level-ttl module.
  • "hydrate" methods in multilevel manifest - for level-scuttlebutt, etc. also, reconnecting


  • master-master replication
    • scuttlebutt style
  • optimize scuttlebutt so that use a hash to represent an "Archive" of old update.
  • optimize level-master so that bundles "Archive" data into zip, so first time replication is fast.
  • improve level-master so that slaves can keep enough data to be masters also.


  • pluggable ranking for level-inverted-index

  • "universal index" for json, like in

  • way to declare patterns in keys so that you can do traversals of leveldb as a tree? (kinda like jQuery)

  • generate prettier search stubs in level-inverted-index


  • add through/streams2.js to through.
  • mux-demux for binary - with redis protocol?
  • add to reconnect.
  • fix JSONStream bug on large deep objects (say, all npm - if I try to traverse to _attachments.length it breaks)
  • JSON based alternative to tar.

mad science

editor bed

  • add collaborative editing to - DONE
  • highlight matched parent
  • highlight declarations when caret over a var / vice versa
  • 1:1 compile to js language, that automatically inserts commas and has terser function syntax.
  • "tree-query" - jquery for the file system, etc. - basics: done.


  • efficient npm-install and npm-publish (fewer round trips)
  • background npm-cache-add


  • use regular-stream for testing async systems (realized that we can use parser formalisms to specify async systems - basically, "parsing" the events and states)
  • make up something kinda like TAP for this... --DONE
  • actual examples. lift example?


  • "nodedrop" with git.


  • bit torrent for npm?
  • speakable programming language / learn lojban
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