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How to install a man page into a node.js app

How to install a man page into a node.js app

Cuttlebelle man page

Installing a man page is not easy as there are little infos out there about it.

After a lot of trial and error, google searches and alpha publishing my app I finally have a collection of things I need to do to get it working:

  1. Create a roff file
    > Cuttlebelle - The react static site generator that separates editing and code concerns
    `cuttlebelle  [init]  [-i]  [docs]  [-d]  [watch]  [-w]  [--no-generate]  [-n]  [--silent]  [-s]  [--version]  [-V]  [--verbose]  [-v]`
    Cuttlebelle is a react static site generator that separates editing and code concerns.
    For a full example look at
    • Name the file the same as your bin command. So if your bin command is cuttlebelle the name of the file should be cuttlebelle.1
    • A handy npm script would be:
       "scripts": {
       	"prepublish": "npm run man",
       	"man": "cd man && marked-man --version 'v1.0.0' --manual 'Cuttlebelle Help' --section 1 > cuttlebelle.1"
  2. Test your roff file locally
    • cd into your man folder and run man ./cuttlebelle.1 to see what it looks like
    • Tweak until pretty :)
  3. Add your roff file to your package.json
    • Derived from others you need to add below to your package.json:
       "directories": {
       	"man": "man"
      (We assume here you placed your roff file into the ./man folder.)
    • Do not add the man array or anything else man related
  4. Test your man page locally
    • After you saved all files above rerun npm link. This will and should make the man page available to you locally before publishing.
    • If it does not work recheck everything above
  5. Publish
    • Perhaps publish via an alpha tag first to make sure. Do via changing your current version to x.x.x-alpha.1 and run npm publish --tag alpha. Plublishing an alpha version and tagging it will prevent anyone from getting this version unless they secify that tag
    • Now install your app globally by specifying the version or tag: npm i -g yourapp@alpha
    • Try man yourapp
    • If successful change your version to x.x.x and run npm publish
    • 🔥 done!
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