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Check for compromised passwords outside of search/api

pwned password check

Checks the compromised passwords database for a given hashed password without sending said credential across the wire.

Get Password Data

  1. Install p7zip if you don't have it: brew install p7zip
  2. Download large 7zip pwned passwords file (SHA-1; I downloaded by prevalence):
  3. Extract pwned passwords file: 7z e pwned-passwords-sha1-ordered-by-count-v4.7z

Search Password Data

  1. Get SHA-1 hashed version of your password and make it uppercase: echo -n "<password>" | openssl sha1 | awk '{print toupper($0)}'
  2. Timed search for compromised password (mine took ~9 minutes when no result): time sed -n -e '/<hashed password>/{=;x;1!p;g;$!N;p;D;}' -e h pwned-passwords-sha1-ordered-by-count-v4.txt (Shows line before and after result...check out for other output options)
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